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Baishakhi Halder is an SEO executive having experience in SEO for more than one year. She is very passionate about growing her career in the Digital marketing industry. She is also passionate about updated technology.
signs your boss doesn't like you

10 Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

Life is no average cringy sitcom. Yes, your boss does not like you. But, it does not mean they have to make it obvious....
Main Types Of Logos

Main Types Of Logos: Why Is It Needed?

The logo of a company is the singular most important aspect of brand image. Branding itself in its root form is about establishing an...
Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani Becomes The Third Richest Person In The World Surpassing...

Gautam Adani of the Adani group and industries becomes the third richest person in the world, surpassing Bernard Arnault. Gautam Adani is the chairperson...
Meta’ Stacy Malone

Meta’ Stacy Malone Becomes The New Vice President Of Pinterest

Pinterest has recently appointed Stacy Malone of Meta as the vice president of the company. She previously worked in Meta as the senior director...
Global Demand For Shipping Containers

Maersk Confirms A Dropdown In Global Demand For Shipping Containers

Maersk, considered a barometer for global trades, has predicted an expected dropdown in demand for global shipping containers. Amid weakening supply chain and consumer...
India Signs Pact With 116 Countries

International Flights Likely To Get Cheaper As India Signs Pact With...

The Government of India has signed a bilateral pack regarding air service with several countries. The airfare pact is made to improve connectivity with...
property damage

Property Damage Claim: When To Involve An Attorney

Do you intend to claim damage to your property? When you damage your property, you come into an unpleasant situation. Hiring an attorney for damage...
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: UK’s Top Political Leader and Sitting PM Resigning From...

Boris Jhonson is standing down as the conservative party leader. And he submits his resignation letter. The news of his resignation is spreading like...

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How To Text Your Boss You Can't Come In

How To Text Your Boss You Can’t Come In

If you are a working professional, then from time to time, you need to take a day or two off, either due to personal...
Signs You Are Been Groomed For Promotion

10 Signs You Are Being Groomed For Promotion

There comes a time in everyone’s professional career that they are doing good work and are getting noticed by the higher authorities. It may...
how to tell if your married boss likes you romantically

How To Tell If Your Married Boss Likes You Romantically?

It is usually not that uncommon for your married boss to notice the employees, but when it gets more than just noticing becomes something...
Dual Citizenship

Obtaining Dual Citizenship: What Are The Offshore Investment Benefits A Second Passport Brings

It is no secret that the world has changed tremendously compared to the past. Through globalization and the Internet, more and more people are...
signs your boss likes you

10 Signs Your Boss Likes You | Must Read

When you are working in an office work environment, it is important that a healthy work environment is crucial, and it mostly depends on...