Boris Johnson: UK’s Top Political Leader and Sitting PM Resigning From His Service

Boris Johnson

Boris Jhonson is standing down as the conservative party leader. And he submits his resignation letter. The news of his resignation is spreading like a fireball. He has already presented his resignation announcement. This is a concise time frame. Within this short period, other PM elections are tough. So until another election process is not taking place, Boris Jonson will carry on the prime ministership.

Mr.Jonhson will also stay in the down street until the new leader replaces him.

The gossip is that Boris Jonson is taking this decision after multiple senior staff are submitting their resignation notes. Most of them are blaming the display impression of PM Borrois Jonson’s cabinet. Of course, we all know about the scandalous cabinets. But this is the ultimate step Jonson is taking.

This is a critical time for the UK’s politics. And as the next prime minister is not elected, the time is becoming politically critical. Even this time, any political chaos can grip the entire country. From the PM’s cabinet, the news of his resignation was announced. And this decision of resignation is proof of how much Boris Jonson is losing his confidence in the MP ships.

After his resignation first, the parliamentary elections will decide his fate. Still, if the government is going to lose the game, then the general elections will sort out the issue. So there is no doubt hir sudden resignations will certainly divert the whole country into political chaos.

Let’s see how the country can recover from this moment of national crisis.

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