Paramount CEO: ‘We’re Pulling All These Levers’ To Keep Content Flowing Amid Hollywood Strike

Content Flowing Amid Hollywood Strike

Paramount is moving on a fine line as it works to move forward on a fine line. The ongoing Hollywood actors, as well as the writers, strike on it. You have to get through the complete news that can make things happen in their favor.

Paramount CEO BOB Bakish says to Yahoo to keep pulling off the levers as it keeps the people entertained and it can keep the entertainment compelling all the time. You have to complete the process that can make things easier and more effective for your brand.

Most of the time, Hollywood writers are on strike as Writers Guild of America. It represents thousands of television and movie writers to keep the content compelling. They failed to reach any kind of agreement on the studios’ production.

Why Hollywood CEO Pulling All The Levers?

There are several reasons why Hollywood CEO is pulling all the levers amid the strikes to make the content flow. You have to keep things in proper order while you want to get things done in perfect order within a specific time frame.    

  • Hollywood writers have been on strike while thousands of television and movie writers have failed to reach all the agreements with the production studios.
  • Hollywood actors joined the writers on the line of strikes to keep their demands constantly fulfilled.
  • They try to seek better compensation, and streaming residuals offer more protection on the role of AI and entertainment sections.

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