Entrepreneurship  – Definition, Meaning, Scope, And More


Entrepreneurship is a dream for many, but it is a certain type of professional discipline that one cannot properly define. There are a variety of challenges and opportunities that an individual faces in entrepreneurship as they start working on their new business. Although there are some major risks in this field of profession, there are some big rewards as well that act as major motivations.

In this article, you will learn about entrepreneurship in varied ways. First, we shall discuss what entrepreneurship is and who is an entrepreneur. Then you will learn about entrepreneurship’s importance and scope in today’s world. Finally, you will learn about some of the major types of entrepreneurship. Hence, to learn more about this topic, read on through to the end of the article.


What Is Entrepreneurship? – Definition

What Is Entrepreneurship – Definition

According to Oberlo.com, an online Shopify branch,

Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business or businesses while bearing all the risks with the hope of making a profit.”

However, this definition is limited since we explained earlier that one cannot define entrepreneurship.

In the modern world, the definition of entrepreneurship also means the process of transforming the world while at the same time offering solutions to big problems. These entrepreneurs try to bring social change as well, as they create an innovative product, with the help of which they challenge the way people live on a regular basis.

In short, the way an entrepreneur sets up a business and runs the business and the process is known as entrepreneurship. To understand who an entrepreneur is, check this subsection below.

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Entrepreneurship: Who Is An Entrepreneur?

Who Is An Entrepreneur

According to the definition given in Investopedia –

Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bring new ideas to market. Entrepreneurship that proves to be successful in taking on the risks of creating a startup is rewarded with profits and growth opportunities.

An entrepreneur is an individual who takes up a major role in the discipline named entrepreneurship. The individual creates a new business and is responsible for taking up most of the associated risks in the business. On the other hand, due to that person taking the most risks, he/she enjoys most of the rewards.

The entrepreneur takes on the risk of starting a new business and creating a new firm to implement their own idea or an already existing idea. To earn a profit, the individual uses capital and labor for the required production of goods and services in the market.

The Importance Of Entrepreneurship At Social And Individual Levels

The Importance Of Entrepreneurship At Social And Individual Levels

A century ago, the scope of entrepreneurship was quite less. If someone did not have the major skills to run a business or capital to maintain the business, the individual was out of luck in no time. However, fast-forward to 2023, there are nearly 600 million entrepreneurs in the world. This huge rise in the number of entrepreneurs in the last few decades is only because of a higher number of opportunities.

The following are some of the major reasons that make entrepreneurship an important factor for an individual as well as for society at large:

  • Entrepreneurship helps in creating more jobs in the economy. First, entrepreneurs take the initial risk of employing themselves. However, with time, as their businesses grow, they create more jobs with the rising need for businesses.
  • Entrepreneurs focus on innovating and know how to use innovations to use in society. They are problem solvers. When they see a problem in society, they try to solve that issue at hand and make a profit out of it.
  • Although there is a prevalent notion that rich entrepreneurs and selfish and greedy. It is not always the case, as most entrepreneurs focus on the greater good of society too. As they make more money, they do more tax returns too.
  • Entrepreneurs are the ones that keep the wheel of the economy moving, as they contribute a lot to the national income. They help in generating new wealth in the economy.

One of the major requirements of entrepreneurship is the mindset of the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur requires, in most cases, a bullet-proof mindset, where he can identify with the problems before him, learn from their failures, and make the most out of the opportunities in front of them. No matter what or how big the challenge is, the entrepreneur makes the most out of it.

What Are The Major Types Of Entrepreneurship?

What Are The Major Types Of Entrepreneurship

As already discussed, the mindset of an entrepreneur is one of the big assets of society. According to the University of Michigan,

Research shows that an entrepreneurial mindset is highly sought by future employers, can improve academic results, and is essential for creating new business ideas.”

The type of entrepreneur you are can be disparate from someone else. Also, your environment, society, problems, life, challenges, and other factors influence your choice of entrepreneurship. The following are the major types of entrepreneurship:

  • Social entrepreneurship that includes giving back to the community by offering solutions to big social problems.
  • Scalable startup entrepreneurship focuses on growing and bringing new and innovative ideas while expanding their business and generating more profit.
  • A small business entrepreneur focuses on creating and running their own business, either with a small number of people or with their family.
  • Innovative entrepreneurs try to develop their businesses with the idea of bringing new products with innovative ideas to solve an existing problem while earning profit.

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Bottom Line

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of what entrepreneurship is and who is an entrepreneur. You can see from this article that entrepreneurship is an essential part of society, and the importance of entrepreneurs in society is at the helm.

They are the ones that bring new ideas to the market, and by fulfilling the needs of the market, they make a profit. Do you aspire to get into entrepreneurship? Share what you think is the need for entrepreneurs in the future in the comments section below.

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