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International Flights Likely To Get Cheaper As India Signs Pact With 116 Countries

India Signs Pact With 116 Countries

The Government of India has signed a bilateral pack regarding air service with several countries. The airfare pact is made to improve connectivity with other countries worldwide. Due to the agreement, the foreign carriers are now ready to add more flights to the metropolitan cities of the country.

On August 1, Monday, the Minister of State for Civil Aviation Gen VK Singh (Retd.) informed the Indian Parliament that “India has signed bilateral Air Services Agreement (ASA) with 116 foreign countries.”

The Minister Of State For Civil Aviation added:

“Any designated foreign airline can operate to/from a point in India if it is designated as a point of call in the bilateral Air Services Agreement (ASA) signed between India and the country which has designated the airline.”

In response to such a move by the Government, the Director of Group Business Development, STIC Travel Group, Anju Wariah, said:

“It is good to have bilateral air service agreements with countries to increase seat capacity and have an open sky policy for foreign carriers as it will benefit passengers.”

On being questioned about why the Government has not granted the same benefit to the non-metropolitan counties, Minister VK Singh mentioned the imbalance in the amount of point of call. This is why India is not granting a new point of call regarding foreign carriers to non-metropolitan cities.

Some countries with which India has signed the ASA include countries in Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

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