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Jeff Bezos
Name: Jeffrey Preston Bezos 
Age: 58 years
Business: Amazon, Elemental Tech, The Washington Post, Blue Origin, IMDb
Net Worth: US$146 billion in June 2022

It was in 2017 that Jeff Bezos surpassed the $100 billion milestone. After that, he never looked back and soared to the peak of success. After that, Forbes listed him as the wealthiest person in the world in 2018, with $112 as his net worth.

Bezos is the founder of the largest e-commerce platform Amazon and is the former CEO of the same. He is also the founder of a space company named Blue Origin. In addition, Bezos acquired The Washington Post and has other companies like Bezos expedition.

Bezos also holds significant investments in different industries and real estate companies. In addition, his charitable donations and funding of several educational projects reflect his generous side of him.

But how did Bezos become so rich? How was the journey to rise to the top of the Forbes List? Here is a brief overview.

How Did Jeff Bezos Become Rich?

How Did Jeff Bezos Become Rich

Bezos had difficulty establishing Amazon as the biggest e-commerce behemoth as we know it. He could be an employee in one of the biggest companies like Intel, Anderson Consulting, and Bell Lab. Instead, he chose the path of entrepreneurship and built Amazon.



Bezos did not choose to be an employee; instead, he ventured into a business. But there is a short story before that. Bezos initially wanted to start a business in news-by-fax service with CNET founder Halsey Minor. Unfortunately, his venture failed. He then became the youngest vice president of a Hedge Fund called D.E Shaw.

He proposed his idea of starting up an online bookstore to the CEO of D.E.Shaw but was rejected. In addition, in 1994 the internet saw a massive boom, and Bezos and Bezos wanted to use it to make his biggest business venture Amazon.

Jeff started his business from a garage, and put $10,000, he had into starting up the company. Jeff had no one but his wife and two other programmers during the start of amazon. He also took the $300000 that is received from his parents and invested it in Amazon.

He thought that Amazon could go bankrupt. Instead, it only grew, and Bezos had to expand the product list from only books to selling music and videos. Amazon became the largest eCommerce company in the world in 1999.

Formerly Bezos was the CEO of Amazon, and the seat currently belongs to Andy Jassy. Although, Bezos owns 12.7% of Amazon stock. In 2021 he sold $8.8 billion worth of stock of the company he founded.

Jeff Bezos – Blue Origin

Blue Origin

You are mistaken if you think that Elon Musk’s SpaceX is the only capable space flight tech company. Bezos also has a deep curiosity about space, and he put his money into that curiosity, starting up Blue Origin in 2003. Blue Origin is a startup company for human spaceflight technology.

By the end of 20914, his spending in Blue Origin was around $500 million. Bezos sells $1 billion worth of his own amazon share to fund his space venture with Blue Origin.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos has an LLC holding company named Nash Holding LLC, and he holds The Washington Post through this holding. In 2013, Bezos announced that he had purchased The Washington Post for $250 million in cash. However, he even made some changes to The Post and increased the annual turnover for that company after three years of Bezos owning it.

Jeff Bezos – Bezos Expedition

Jeff Bezos is also a great investor like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. In 2005, he created Bezos Expedition to manage his investments. His investments include different types of businesses like real estate, technology, travel, media, charitable trusts, and different foundations and trusts.

He has shares in companies like Twitter, Airbnb, Stack Overflow, Uber, Workday, Business Insider, and General Assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some most popularly asked questions about Jeff Bezos. I have answered some of them to fulfill all of your queries.

1. Why Did Jeff Bezos’s Net Worth Fall?

Jeff Bezos, the man who once became the richest person in the world, dropped down to the third number on the Forbes list. In the mid of April 2022, the Amazon stock tanked after a downbeat earnings report. As a result, his wealth dropped down by $20 billion.

2. How Much Net Worth Did Jeff Bezos Lose?

To the downfall of the amazon sales report, the wealth of Jeff Bezos dropped down by $20 billion in 2022, placing him in the third position on the Forbes list.

3. Was Jeff Bezos Born Rich Or Poor?

Bezos was not born to rich parents. When his mother gave birth to him, she and his father were teenagers. They are 17 and 18 years old. However, Later Bezos’ mother married a Cuban immigrant, and Bezos was brought up on his grandfather’s ranch. He graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University in electrical engineering and started his career.

4. What Does Jeff Bezos Pay Himself?

Bezos only pays $81,840 to himself. According to different reports, Bezos does not take any bonuses or any stocks. But there are other compensations from where he earns 1.6 million. Aside from that, he donates money to many charitable foundations. However, he donated $100 million to the charitable fund of Barack Obama.

Final Words 

The current wealth of Jeff Bezos is around $150 billion. He stands right behind Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH. Bezos is currently the third richest person in the world, following Arnault and Musk. Bezos has left the position of CEO of Amazon, and he still ranks as one of the richest people in the world.

I think this article was sufficient to answer your questions about Jeff Bezos and his wealth. If there is any further query, you can ask us in the comment.

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