How Does The Procurement Process Work? Essential Things To Know About It

Procurement Process

The procurement process has been an essential part of the business since its existence. The process of buying the products and services for running the business smoothly forms an essential part of the organization.

You need to get the supplies at the lowest cost procurement while maintaining the bottom line in the business. The procurement team works in coordination with the other departments of the organization.  To get the necessary pieces of equipment essential for day-to-day work.

If you want to grow your business smoothly, you cannot ignore the importance of the procurement process. It forms an integral part of the business that can help your organization to grow. Seek the help of a strategy consultant if you face any difficulty in the process.

What Is A Procurement Process?  

What Is A Procurement Process

The procurement process refers to the series of steps an organization follows to acquire goods, services, resources from external sources. It involves everything from identifying the need for a product or service to the final payment. You need to be well aware of your organization’s needs.

How Does The Procurement Process Work?

How Does The Procurement Process Work

There are several ways the procurement process works in an organization. You need to be well aware of it while meeting your organizational goals with ease. Some of the key processes which you can employ are as follows:-

1. Identifying The Needs With Procurement Process

Departments or individuals within an organization identify the goods or services required. This might involve assessing inventory levels, forecasting future needs, or responding to specific project requirements. Here the seller’s concessions also form an important part. It can reduce your cost significantly.

2. Specification Development

Clear specifications or requirements and draft the details of quality, quantity, timelines, and any other specific criteria. It will help you to keep accurate records of the products that you are purchasing from the market. Furthermore, it will guide you in times of crisis if you face any legal complications.

3. Supplier Identification

Potential suppliers or vendors you need to identify through databases, market research, or by issuing requests for information (RFI). It is the third most important step in the procurement process that you cannot ignore from your end. Once you follow this step, things are going to be easier for you.

4. Request For Proposal Or Quotation

A formal document is sent to potential suppliers outlining the requirements and soliciting their proposals or quotes. This document includes information about the organization, its specific needs, evaluation criteria, timelines, and terms and conditions. It is one of the vital steps in the procurement process that you cannot ignore from your end. Follow the correct process that can make things easier for you.

5. Proposal Evaluation

Received proposals reviewed and evaluated based on various criteria such as cost, quality, delivery time, supplier reputation, and compliance. You need to be well aware of this step at the time of proposal evaluation of the procurement process. Even a single small aspect is not left out in this process. Try to know the complete process to have a better insight into it. Consider the capital expenditure in this regard seriously.

6. Negotiation With Procurement Process

Discussions take place with selected suppliers to finalize terms, prices, delivery schedules, and other conditions. This stage aims to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. The process of negotiation in the procurement process aims to offer a win-win solution to both parties. You cannot make your selection on the wrong end.

7. Contract Creation With Procurement Process

A formal contract is drafted detailing the agreed-upon terms, responsibilities, timelines, and any other pertinent information. Both parties review and sign the contract. The agreement signifies the fact that both parties agree on the terms and conditions of the procurement process. Once you follow the correct method, things are going to be easier for you in the long run.

8. Purchase Order

After the contract is signed, a purchase order is issued to the chosen supplier. The PO specifies the details of the purchase, including quantities, prices, delivery dates, and any other relevant terms. The PO is proof that both parties agree with the terms of the contract and that they can proceed with the procurement process. You need to know the complete process to make the process feasible for your business.

9. Goods & Service Receipts

Upon delivery, the organization receives the goods or services and checks them against the agreed specifications. Any discrepancies or issues are addressed with the supplier. Once you get the receipts of the goods and services, it will become easier for you to complete the process of procurement.

Types Of Procurement Process

There are several types of procurement processes that you must be well aware of. You must not make your choices in grey. However, when you follow the correct process, things will become easier for you at the time of procurement. Some of the key types of procurement process are as follows:-

1. Direct Procurement

This involves the acquisition of goods or services directly used in the production of a company’s offerings. For example, raw materials, machinery, or components for manufacturing.

2. Indirect Procurement

Indirect procurement involves acquiring goods or services that are directly not involve in the production process but are essential for business operations. This might include office supplies, IT services, marketing services, etc.

3. Service Procurement

This focuses specifically on acquiring various types of services rather than physical goods. It could involve hiring contractors or consultants or outsourcing specific tasks like cleaning, security, or legal services.

4. Strategic Procurement

This approach involves a more long-term and strategic view of procurement. It considers factors beyond immediate cost savings, such as supplier relationships, risk management, innovation, and overall value creation.

5. Sustainable Procurement

Also known as green procurement or responsible procurement, this type emphasizes the environmental, social, and ethical impacts of procurement decisions.

Final Take Away

Hence, if you want to develop the perfect procurement process in your organization, then you cannot ignore the facts mentioned. You should follow the right process in this matter. It will help you to make a perfect deal for your business. Share your experiences with us in our comment box. It will help us to know your feedback in this matter. Your feedback forms a valuable part of our content strategy. So, you must not ignore this fact from your end.

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The Best Free Lead Management Software In 2023   If you are looking for the best lead management software systems, you must consider a variety of factors before you make the purchase. These will help you to ensure that the software you are choosing is catering to the needs of your business. The first thing you must try to find in lead management software is flexibility and scalability. The software must be able to handle higher volumes of data. Furthermore, the software must be easy to use as well. Additionally, the software must come with all the latest features that are required from top lead management software and enable faster work processes. The following are the top lead management software options that you must look for in 2023: 1. Monday.com   Whether you have a small business or a large business, this platform is a great option for you. One of the best features of this platform is pipeline management. Furthermore, it comes with great flexibility and security. 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Apptivo CRM Review: The Most Versatile All-In-One CRM Tool

Apptivo is cloud-based software consisting of a series of apps designed to help businesses thrive, including a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This is a solid choice for small- to medium-sized organizations wanting to expand because to its user-friendly design and scalable capabilities. It also has enough complex features to entice bigger corporations. In this Apptivo review, I will assess how this CRM stacks up against some of the top CRM solutions available. Apptivo CRM Key Features   Some of the main Apptivo features are: 1. Contact Management   CRM is also known by the name "contact management." With the help of Apptivo, you can maintain your contacts and add new ones by capturing leads from emails or website forms. A customer-facing app may be customized in a number of ways to arrange your contact list based on your chosen information. Additionally, you receive contact conversion when they are prepared to become leads or customers who pay and redundancy rules to clean up your data. 2. Campaign Management   Apptivo is fantastic for advertising efforts and makes it simple for you to quickly generate stunning advertisements. Campaigns may be built using templates and themes that provide great visuals. Additionally, target lists assist you in determining the ideal demographic for marketing. 3. Email Marketing    Campaign management includes email marketing. Once your campaigns have been created using Apptivo email templates. You may set up the auto-scheduling feature to send them out at the appropriate time. Campaign trackers are also available to view statistics on click-through rates, email open rates, bounces, along with various other metrics. This is a fantastic tool to utilize in conjunction with the bulk emailing capability to ensure that you don't go over your allotted limitations is the email quota tracker. 4. Project Management   Individual task management kicks off a project, which may then be aggregated and categorized by the project or task assignee. You receive task-specific timesheet tracking, which also helps with invoice conversions. While most projects are shown as Gantt charts, certain project templates additionally include rapid automation actions that may be customized. The tools for project billing and reporting are the last two. 5. Lead management   Before they are opportunities, leads are contacts. This indicates that these leads have not yet fully started the sales process. A smart workflow planner will ensure that you communicate with leads at the appropriate times. Lead scoring by Apptivo provides information on the likelihood that a lead will become a transaction and enter the sales funnel. You may even create as many personalized fields as you like to keep organized. 6. Opportunities & Deals   To effectively remain on top of every single deal in the process, Apptivo enables you to integrate deal management with opportunity management. Directly from emails, you may gather information and develop new prospects. Sales force automation that follows leads along the sales funnel and automatically initiates actions like follow-ups helps simplify opportunities. Opportunities are frequently displayed in Kanban dashboard views, and along with that, pipeline reports are provided. 7. Invoicing   Several applications on Apptivo are classified as invoicing apps. These comprise ledgers, credit notes, estimation calculators, expenditure reports, tools for managing licenses and insurance, sales receipts, property management, and more. One of Apptivo's key selling factors is this feature set. 8. Supply Chains & Shipment Management   Apptivo's distribution management offers reliable supply chain solutions. Direct customer-distributor connections are possible. The processes connected to sales orders may start with these. Additionally, payment functions work with POS systems and cargo transaction management. 9. Competitor Management   A tool to help you manage and keep up with all your rivals sets Apptivo apart from other CRMs. Maintain track of lost sales, which competitors won, and why. You may create extensive lists with unique data. 10. Products, Goods & Services   There are approval processes for talking about fresh concepts for new items. You may monitor the progress of ideas as they materialize. Users may utilize Apptivo to pawn new patents for innovative ideas. Even the geographical range for patents is provided. 11. Knowledge Databases  Users may create knowledge, how-to, and other FAQ-related databases with the Apptivo Answers app. Natural language may be used to enter queries and answers; tags and categories can be used to keep things organized; and SEO phrases can be incorporated into the database of knowledge. Every time a new question is submitted, immediate alerts may be set up. 12. API Integrations   A vast collection of Apptivo login integrations are available for browsing. These may be broken into subcategories and sorted for API/Webhook usage, or they can stay in broad categories such as billing or productivity. According to investigated sources, the most well-known and significant connections are G Suite and Office 365, which both include Outlook. 13. Mobile apps   The Google Play and Apple App Store provide specialized mobile Apptivo applications for iPhones and iPads. You may manage contacts, financial matters, assignments, initiatives, and even customer service via mobile applications, all from a straightforward yet intuitive user interface. Work orders, projections, timesheets, and expenditure reports are all included. The mobile applications sync data automatically and in real time. Apptivo CRM Pricing Regarding Apptivo pricing plans, this CRM currently has three different subscription plans to choose from. They are as follows: 1. Apptivo Free   This is the free, basic plan of Apptivo. The only use this plan will provide you with is its access to lead and contact management features. 2. Apptivo Lite   Price: $10 (per month) / $96 (annual) Along with the Apptivo basic plan, this plan provides you with two other features: Opportunity Management Custom Dashboards 3. Apptivo Premium   Price: $15 (per month) / $144 (annual) Along with all the features of Apptivo Lite, this plan gives you access to the Mass emailing feature. Apptivo CRM Customer Service   Apptivo provides live chat, email, and 24/7 customer service on all paid plans in addition to a comprehensive knowledge library. On weekdays, it furthermore provides live phone help. I used the live chat feature of Apptivo and posed a few straightforward inquiries on the user interface to gauge the customer service team's responsiveness. I received prompt responses from a helpful and competent support representative, who provided clear responses and pointed us toward additional assets on the information hub. Apptivo CRM Alternatives   Value-wise, Apptivo's premium plans are difficult to match. Insightly, a rival has excellent project management capabilities and a wide variety of third-party connectors, but it is expensive and has fewer CRM functions on the base subscription. Having said that, Apptivo is renowned for its great reporting and offers better opportunity and pipeline management. This makes it ideal for bigger pipelines, where insights from sophisticated analytics might be useful. Zoho CRM is another strong rival that may compete with Apptivo in terms of customization. However, it costs more than Apptivo and has fewer project management options than both Insightly and Apptivo. The beginning plan of Zoho distinguishes it from Apptivo. While Zoho includes deal management, reporting, workflow management, and more, Apptivo's free solution is restricted to lead and contact management. Final Verdict: Should Your Business Use Apptivo CRM?   Ultimately, Apptivo is a formidable competitor in the SMB and enterprise CRM markets. Bulk emailing, workflow automation, numerous sales funnels, and customized dashboards are just a few of the powerful features it offers for a wide range of affordable prices when compared to its rivals. While starting out may be difficult owing to the variety of customization choices, it also delivers an excellent user experience through an easy and flexible interface. The platform is scalable and configurable for larger enterprises thanks to Apptivo's distinctive app structure, which lets you create a CRM that precisely meets your company's requirements. An Apptivo app may be used to provide project management tools, billing facilities, and marketing capabilities. Despite the fact that it would be wonderful to see Apptivo provide additional third-party connectors, it appears that the firm is quite proactive about upgrades, so they are probably in the works. Finally, when contrasted with many of its rivals, Apptivo provides some of the greatest customer care we've come across, including a live chat feature that lets you communicate with a support agent around-the-clock. For each of these factors, I suggest Apptivo as a flexible all-in-one CRM system that will expand your company and encourage teamwork to close transactions more successfully. 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CRM software Monday: Features, Price, Pros & Cons of Monday Sales CRM

If your company is looking for the best lead generation tool, then you can try the CRM software Monday.  The robust features for lead generation from different sources, nurturing them, and the highly customizable CRM tools by Monday are favored by different industry specialists. The dashboard has a perfect mix of different tools and columns users can utilize to categorize and manage leads under leads, qualified leads, and disqualified leads. The automation tech offered by Monday CRM also saves time. If you have a small business and you are thinking of using CRM software for better lead generation, nurturing, and conversion, then this is the tool you must use. But, before you use the CRM software Monday, here is a simple review you must go through. About CRM Software Monday It is time to say goodbye to the multiple makeshift tools you have been using for project management, lead management, and the like. Instead, say welcome to the Monday CRM software, a robust lead management tool that helps your sales team skyrocket and hit the bullseye on each of their sales goals. There is a core work management platform integrated into the software. Now, you can simply run and scale your sales team’s operations more smoothly. You do not need the help of any developer to customize the CRM software Monday. You can edit different deal stages, add the number of columns you need, and manage multiple sales pipelines at once. Monday CRM users can also communicate with their customers effectively. They also offer options to customize and personalize your emails for different clients. Read More: Dhani Loans & Services Limited – Background And Services Benefits Of Using CRM Software Monday Tailor your product and service promotion efficiently with the different lead tracking and managing tools of the Monday CRM. Here are some of the features of the CRM software Monday. These features will be beneficial for your sales team. Workforms For Better Lead Management The work forms of the CRM software Monday are one of the best features. This allows you to collect, organize and maintain your leads in one place. You can add information related to the lead scores, embed and prepare web forms, and get new customers. CRM Software Monday offers users a new business card-style overview of their deals and leads.  This includes contact information, owners, stage, value, and more data to help understand what should be the next step. Craft Your Columns Create columns that you need for your sales and lead management process. The tool offers a full host of customizable columns and crafts for your dream project. You can designate owners for different columns, calculate different deals, and set your custom priorities for different leads and statuses. Dashboards The CRM software Monday allows users to create new and different dashboards to create a visualized overview of the team’s efforts on different projects.  Yes, you can build a real-time dashboard with no prior coding experience. This should allow you to track the team’s performance and revenue growth at the same place. Use Automation Use sales automation to cut down on repetitive sales processes and save valuable time. With the help of automation, you can assign leads to your different team members and also set reminders, and more. Integrations What we love about the CRM software Monday is that it supports a whole bunch of integrations. You can integrate lots of tools and applications you already use for different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also get other essential tools like Gmail, Hubspot, and more integrated into the Monday CRM tool. CRM Software Monday: Pros And Cons Here are some of the pros and cons of the Monday CRM software. Pros   The Monday CRM is built for team efforts. You can use it with other team members, and the platform is suited for multiple users. All the users can have editing access to a list. Remote teams will have a good time working with the Monday CRM thanks to the messaging features integrated here for the team members to communicate. Users have a great tracking feature for different necessary metrics. The visual boards incorporated in the platform come with different color codes and elements, allowing users to grasp some information with a quick glance. The tool offers a great communication tool helping easily invite the guests and view the boards and the timelines. This goes for both internal and partners from outside the business. While doing so, the software also prevents any possible breach that could potentially leak valuable information. Cons The app does not have enough third-party integration, according to some of the users. Some users think there could be more options for third-party integration. Per-user pricing plan may limit the number of people who can use the platform. When adding more users and using the complete collaboration tools and permissions within the platform can cost users more. The time and expenses are difficult to track using the CRM software Monday. Some have difficulty measuring how much time each project takes on Monday. Also, there is no Gantt chart; there is also no additional option to add the Gantt chart. New users might find the dashboard too overwhelming, with too many features and tools unorganized and cluttered. CRM Software Monday Pricing The Monday CRM has four different pricing plans – basic, standard, pro, and enterprise – you can choose from. The basic plan starts with a per-person plan of $10 per month. The total package costs $30 per month and is billed annually. You can also opt for the $14 per month standard that costs $42 per month and is billed annually. The pro plan costs $24 per seat and costs $72 per month (billed annually).  You need to contact their enterprise-level plan, but that will require you to contact their sales team. CRM Software Monday Alternatives Here are some alternativs to Monday CRM software. Small businesses looking for an alternative option can opt for these as well -- Salesforce Sales Cloud Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM is one of the best in class among CRM software. It is a great alternative to Monday CRM software. It includes features like - Reporting - joined reports, filters, and history tracking. Permission - unlimited permissions and user roles. Sandboxes - 100 developer sandboxes Territory Management - Large organizations with multiple sales departments can use Territory management. Sales automation - The sales cloud has sales automation. More so, there are more features like real-time analytics, integrations, and more. The different levels of pricing points include Starter (at $25/user/month), Professional ($75/user/month), Lightning Professional ($80 /user/month) HubSpot Sales Hub Hubspot is one of the industry leaders when it comes to inbound marketing. It includes all the features you would need in CRM software. Generate leads Track sales & leads Build customer relationships Automate marketing tasks Attract visitors This is one of the best Monday CRM alternatives and one of the best software for operations, content management, marketing, sales, and customer services. However, Hubspot might be a little tough on the budget for small businesses. The Starter pack costs $45 per month, while the Professional package costs $1600 per month. The Enterprise package takes it a bit further and costs $4999.99 per month. Zoho CRM Small businesses and enterprises looking for budget-friendly CRM software can opt for Zoho. It is doubtlessly one of the best alternatives when it comes to pricing. Besides, Zoho fulfills different CRM-related needs of a business seamlessly. Some of their features include - Sales forecasting Sales analytics Email tracking & automation Mass emailing & tracking Custom CRM integrations Custom CRM automation Zoho is popular around the world. What’s more, they have a free edition allowing small firms to use it with up to three users. Additionally, the Standard edition starts from a $14/user/month price point. The Professional edition costs $23/user/month. The Enterprise edition costs $480 per year. ClickUp Another great alternative to Monday CRM is ClicUp. This CRM software comes with a clear idea of collaboration. ClickUp is one of the common productivity platforms that allow teams to collaborate on projects that require multiple teams to crossover. It offers a free plan with limited levels of features. But the contact management on this CRM is unquestionably good. The paid version with unlimited features starts at $5/month/member. The Business package costs $19/month/user annually. Pipedrive Another good alternative to Monday CRM is Pipedrive. It is one of the best CRM solutions with a plethora of features like – Contact & account management Task & activity management Opportunity & pipeline management Product & price list management Quote & order management Territory & quota management Lead capture The average pricing for this CRM software is $14.90/user per month. Read More: StashFin Personal Loan Review – Interest Rates, Loan Amount, Eligibility, And More Bottom Line Sales teams that are trying to streamline their sales processes and reach their goals can use the CRM software Monday. However, you must take the pros, cons, use cases, and pricing plans into account before making your buying decisions. I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you want us to answer any of your queries related to this topic, please reach out through the comment section. 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Freshworks – Best Features, Pricing, Pros, And Cons: Let’s Discuss

Freshworks offers you a CRM that helps to streamline your sales and customer service management. The best part is that you will not need to break the bank to do so. The CRM system comes with a variety of useful features as well as other software systems from the brand, which can be integrated easily with the system. Furthermore, it is one of the such CRM options that come with a variety of customization options as well. In this article, you will learn about the major products of Freshworks, along with a brief overview of Freshworks’ services. Then we will provide you with the pricing of the Freshworks CRM. Next, we will discuss the major features of the CRM system from which you can benefit. Finally, you will learn why the Freshworks CRM is a great option for your business, followed by some pros and cons of the software system. Hence, to learn more about this software system, read on through to the end of the article. Freshworks Products – A Brief Overview   Freshworks is a brand that comes with three different categories of products – Customer Service Products, IT Service Products, and CRM Products. The major CRM software from Freshworks is Freshsales. According to Forbes.com, “Freshsales is an all-in-one solution providing unified sales, marketing, chat and telephone capabilities. The Freshsales CRM works on a browser or mobile app, making it easy to reference or add to your contacts wherever you are. It’s also a fully customizable app, so you can change your dashboards to suit how you view your contacts or data.” Customer Service Products include Freshchat, Freshdesk Support Desk, Freshdesk Omnichannel, Freshdesk Contact Center, and Freshdesk Customer Success. IT Services Products include Freshservice for IT and service management, and Freshservice for Business Teams, for better-streamlining business processes. CRM Services include Freshsales and Freshsales Suite for the management of sales services and Freshmarketer for marketing and lead management. All the customer services products and the IT services products are included with the CRM services. Freshworks – What Is The Pricing?   One of the best things about the Freshworks CRM (Freshsales) is that there are three different plans based on the type of user that needs to work on the CRM. Here are the plans and their respective pricing: PlansPricingFree PlanNo payment (for up to three users only)Growth$15 per user per month (annual billing)Pro$39 per user per month (annual billing) Furthermore, there is an 'Enterprise' plan that is designed for larger businesses, having complex sales processes and lead management needs. This plan is for businesses that deal with higher volumes of sales. The features, customization options, control, and governance are many. There are other controls as well, which are extremely helpful for businesses. Moreover, you can also include many add-ons with Enterprise as well. Freshworks CRM – What Are The Major Features Of Freshsales?   According to the official website, “Freshsales leverages customer data in ways that help you personalize engagement, shorten the sales cycle, and focus on the leads most likely to sign on the dotted line. All automated, and powered by brilliant AI-driven insights.” Once you do Freshworks login into Freshsales, you will be greeted with an extremely useful and customizable dashboard. However, one of the best features about it is the fact that it is easy to use and simple at the same time. Here are the major features of Freshsales that you need to know about: There are an ample number of customization features that helps the Freshsales CRM fit your business in the right manner. The automation system can help in enhancing the productivity of the organization. With its multichannel communication systems, Freshsales can help better manage your customer relationships. With various sections that give you the view of customers, you can bring all the internal teams of your business along a single and shared view of the data associated with customers. With automated workflows, end-to-end personalization, behavioral segmentation, and more, you will be able to automate your marketing processes. The introduction of AI also makes things easier for you by providing you with helpful reports and insights. Why Can Freshworks Be A Great Addition To Your Business?   Being one of the best lead management software options, Freshsales is a great option for growing your business. Forbes.com, in its review of Freshsales, rightly puts it, "Freshsales is an easy-to-use CRM tool that’s priced low enough for small startups that need to budget wisely. The free plan is a great entry-level tool and as your business grows, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans for more usability.” Apart from that, if you want to do more collaboration, you can also integrate Freshsales with all the other software systems present in Freshworks. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Freshworks CRM Freshsales?   The following are some of the most essential pros and cons about Freshsales that you need to know before you make a purchase: Pros Of Freshsales   Here are the major pros of Freshsales: There is a free plan which you can use perpetually. The paid plans of Freshsales are affordable as well. You will get to use the chat, email, and phone features on all the plans. All the paid plans contain an AI-powered lead-scoring feature. There are many automation options available with Freshsales as well. There are customization options in the dashboards and reports as well. Cons Of Freshsales   The following are the Freshsales cons that you must consider before you make a purchase: Customer support is lacking and needs to be upgraded. In some cases, Freshsales customer support only works on weekdays. The free plan does not contain any reports. Final Thoughts   Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of Freshsales CRM, which is one of the major software systems produced by Freshworks. The best thing about this software system is the fact that many features are available for free. However, if you are looking for advanced features, you must consider subscribing to the paid plans. What do you think about Freshsales? Share your reviews about the software in the comments section below. Read More: Malpractice Vs Negligence – Let’s Find Out The Difference Is Startup Business Insurance Necessary For  New Businesses? What Is Commercial Insurance? And Its Different Types – Let’s Discuss