What Is Stockinvest? Is It Legit And Working In 2022?


The human psyche always indicates that greed and wants will cost you much of your money. And the only way to keep multiplying your money is by investing in stocks. Have you heard about StockInvest? If you haven’t, it’s totally fine, because we are here to tell you all about the same!

But then greed can be so influential that when the price of your stocks goes up, your greed will only multiple, and you will definitely not want to sell your assets when prices finally go down. In fact, experts even say that only 1 out of every five traders makes it huge in the stock market. The only road to success? Play according to all the rules of the market and not against the same.

Scroll down to find out how you can play according to the rules of the market with the help of StockInvest.

What Is StockInvest?

What Is StockInvest

The year was 2016 when the website of StockInvest was launched in Vilnius, Lithuania. Run by the UAB Exigam, StockInvest us offers financial data and commentaries on stock analysis to nearly 30 thousand publicly traded organizations or companies. The goal of the website? The popular website aims to help investors make decisions related to selling and buying shares.

From working with 20 thousand independent stock traders to working with 60 thousand traders every month, the StockInvest website saw much growth during the above-mentioned time period. What started with the stock market in the United States later expanded to European exchanges, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange, and Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The best part? Individual traders can request predictions on stock prices from fellow traders. And that’s not all – traders could also take the help of list-building tools for generating ideas on stock trading based on their preferences and trading style. Moreover, the insights provided by the site are self-explanatory, easy to grasp, and deep for both trading professionals and newcomers.

Trade Better With StockInvest By Your Side:

Trade Better With StockInvest By Your Side

As we mentioned before, one out of every five traders makes it huge in stock markets. So if you have been investing for relatively a longer period of time, there are high chances that you will be that one lucky investor. But, again, as mentioned before, you can only play this game successfully if you play according to the rules of the market.

And how can you play according to the rules of the market while discovering what stocks to invest in? Only if you can grasp how to read and analyze financial and technical statistical data – your ticket to performing ten times better. This is where StockInvest steps in to save the day.

The value investor or trader will keep saying that the value is the sole truth. But if that’s true, then why did several big companies witness massive falls, in spite of making more money than ever? We will tell you why. This is because it is the market that decides on the price, it doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree.

Features Of StockInvest:

Features Of StockInvest

The features of the StockInvest app are as follows,

1. Lists

One of the best features of the Stockinvest website is all the many lists on the platter. The platform makes things pretty easy by dividing all the lists into two major categories – sell and buy lists. For instance, The Top 100 Buy list can help users quickly find out the top hundred scoring stocks depending on the algorithm of the platform.

Similarly, there is also The Top 100 Sell list that helps users to find out the top hundred sale setups depending on the platform’s algorithm. Finally, another list that every trader must check out is the Golden Star indicators. A more updated version of the Golden Cross, the Golden Star analyzes data worth 50 to 200 days for even defining a single technical signal.

2. Individual Stock Predictions And Ratings

What every trader loves about StockInvest is the plethora of data available on every stock page. After all, the StockInvest us predictions, as well as ratings, are exactly what people come looking for on websites like these. The stock viewer feature even enables users to access technical indicators like moving crossovers and pivot points.

Not only the platform provides plenty of information, but it also offers users the opportunity to request predictions related to stocks that are of interest to them in the StockInvest community. However, it must be noted that although experienced traders are not affected by these predictions, it is the newcomers who stand to benefit the most.

3. Customization Options

One of the best parts about using StockInvest is the easy and simple user interface with customizable navigation buttons and drop-down menus. In addition, although the website is not really a charting platform yet, it enables users to build custom watchlists, and that too in extensive numbers.

Naturally, such customization options provide users the benefit of getting each list reviewed by the algorithm of the platform. This is also inclusive of all the selling, buying, and holding recommendations.

StockInvest: Pros

StockInvest Pros

The advantages of using the StockInvest us app are as follows,

  1. The platform provides information and analytical data of nearly 8000 organizations or companies, all of which are traded on NYSE, Nasdaq, and similar stock exchanges.
  1. StockInvest provides predictions related to the future price of stocks which can prove to be very beneficial to newcomers.
  1. All users on the platform also enjoy the benefit of getting automated portfolios.
  1. The platform enables all users to create unlimited watchlists prioritizing technical indicators.
  1. The platform has a user-friendly interface that can be easily navigated.
  1. IEX provides data in real-time.
  1. The top sells and buy lists are one of the best parts of using StockInvest.
  1. The platform can be conveniently accessed from both mobile phones and laptops.

StockInvest: Cons

StockInvest Cons

The disadvantages of using StockInvest are as follows,

  • One of the minor disadvantages of StockInvest is the platform never reveals any information about the functioning of its algorithm.
  • Another disadvantage of the platform is it has not been designed keeping in mind the needs of experienced traders.
  • Thirdly, traders on the platform might need to use a charting software for verifying all the technical analyses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is The Cost Of Using Stockinvest?
Check out the table below for information on the StockInvest us price!

Pricing Features
Free (Trial period of five days) Ad-free browsing, Golden Star, automated portfolios, list builder, and the like.
15.92 dollars (Recurring every month) Ad-free browsing, Golden Star, automated portfolios, list builder, and the like.
159.20 dollars (Recurring every year) Ad-free browsing, Golden Star, automated portfolios, list builder, and the like.
2. Who Owns Stockinvest Us?
Exigam is an IT company based out of Vilnius, Lithuania. The company launched StockInvest in 2016 to help traders to make decisions about buying and selling stocks.
3. Is Stockinvest Legit And Working In 2022?
Yes, the platform StockInvest is reliable. However, the only disadvantage of this platform is how it fails to be of any use to experienced investors.
4. Who Is Stockinvest Us?
StockInvest us is a platform that helps new traders keep up with all technical and financial data related to stocks, keeping in mind all factors that work in stock markets.
5. What Is The Best Stock Prediction Site?
The best stock prediction sites are as follows, 

  • Zacks Investment Research,
  • Motley Fool Stock Advisor,
  • Trade Ideas,
  • Stock Rover,
  • Tim Alerts.

Wrapping Up: 

The StockInvest us reviews by so many users across the world always point out how good the site is for new traders. Yes, it is of no use to experienced investors. But at the same time, not every site is meant for every group audience. 

Thus, if you are new to the stock market, you can keep up with the market by following StockInvest. Forget about minor details like StockInvest us cost because the returns you will get after investing will automatically make up for all the costing you paid for. Don’t forget to let us know below in the comments what you think!

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