The Ultimate Guide To Academic Writing: How To Write With Clarity, Precision, And Authority

Academic Writing

You may be wondering what the style of academic writing means if you are a freshman. There will be many new activities in different subjects when you enter the new educational institution.

But you should not be scared about the new definition in your studies because we will explain to you what academic writing means. We will also tell you what the main styles of academic writing are and what is a style of writing.

What Is The Academic Style Of Writing?

Academic writing differs from other writing styles. It is pretty different from the ordinary essays you should have been writing in school. here you should stick to the formal style.

It means that all the contradictions like “ can’t/ don’t” are not allowed. Besides, you should add introductory words like “Generally, it is interesting that.” Writing the academic essay you should be formal and objective.

Academic style writing requires meticulous research and an explanation of your conclusions. It can be compared to the work of the researcher who is going to publish it in some scientific magazine.

How Can Academic Writing Style Manifest Itself?

There are many types of academic writing, but the main of them are descriptive, persuasive, analytical, and critical. All of them require adhering to formal academic writing; however, they are different.

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Descriptive Style

The descriptive style focuses on the description of something. It can be some event, theory, or idea. However, you should describe the event guided by scientific facts or popular ideas. The descriptive essay can be considered successful if the reader is immersed in your story.

Persuasive Style

Working with the persuasive style of the essay, you will need to pursue the reader in something. Your task is to pursue the reader that the specific research is valid and that he or she can trust it. Here, you will need to give many persuasive arguments.

Analytical Style

The analytical style of writing requires you to engage all your analytical capabilities. if your task is to write an analytical essay you will need to compare the two ideas or enterprises and compare them using valid facts and evidence. Your main goal is to prove the liquidity of something by finding good arguments.

Critical Style

You will not need to critique anyone writing in a critical style. The main goal here is to make a deep analysis of certain research or scientific work. The critical style has a bigger volume and requires many persuasive facts. You will need to compare and analyze the opinions of different researchers to make your paper perfect.

Where Can I Find Academic Writing Style Examples?

We all want to know how to make academic writing perfect and to get the highest grade. That is why we will show you examples of different types of academic writing.

Descriptive Style

Let’s start with the descriptive style, where you need to describe some event or idea to the reader. The idea of this type of essay can be clearly seen in summaries, let’s look at the academic style writing example:

“To summarize, I wish to recollect all the stages of sewing clothes. Firstly, we need to make a pattern and choose the fabric. Secondly, it is necessary to sew all the cut parts of the clothes together.“

Persuasive Style

Your persuasive essay should include proving your point of view by giving convincing arguments. So let’s see how the part of the persuasive essay may look:

“Due to the research, there are no other civilizations in space. It can be proved by looking at the following statements made by the scientist. It makes us be sure that we are the only living beings in space”

Analytical Style

The analytical style requires proving how reasonable some idea or research is. Here we will need to use the swallowing introductory words:

“In this essay, we will examine the operation of two non-profit organizations. On the one hand, the first organization has a large client base. On the other side, the second organization has more positive reviews. Let’s consider other facts to make a conclusion.”

Critical Style

In the critical essay, you will need to analyze the specific research. It will require the analysis of the point of view of the author and your own:

“I disagree that each language has specific language patterns that are harder to understand for the non-native speaker. In my opinion, the comprehension of different language patterns can be the same if using valid materials.”

As you can see, different academic writing styles require different preparation. Writing in the analytical style you will need to think over your own opinion and the opinion of the researcher. In critical thinking, you should concentrate and flow from the opinion of the author to critique and analyze it using persuasive facts.

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