What is Pattern Day Trading? – Fundamentals of Pattern Day Trading

Fundamentals of Pattern Day Trading

What’s pattern day trading? Pattern day trading is a FINRA-authorized trading scheme. A person who follows this scheme while trading is a pattern day trader. But you must know what is pattern day trading in real?

Now, what is a pattern day trader? A pattern day trader performs at least four-day trades within five official days from the margin account.

The valuation of the day trades should be higher than 6% of the overall trade activity in those five days. 

 There are, however, some critical pattern day trading rules. Follow those rules to ensure your designation as a PDT is not canceled. 

Firstly, a pattern day trader must maintain a $25000 balance in margin accounts. 

Every pattern day trader has their respective day trading buying power. They can trade amounts that do not cross their buying power limit. 

In this article, we will learn more about the pattern of day trade rules and restrictions. We will explore what does pattern day trading means, in detail, also. 

What Constitutes a Day Trade?

What Constitutes a Day Trade

A day trade is the fundamental behind pattern day trading. So, it’s essential you know what constitutes a day trade. 

Buying And Selling the Same Stock or ETP Within a Single Trading Day

Did you know you can buy and sell the same stock on the same day? Yes, there are no regulations against it. Experts say opening and closing hours are ideal for buying and selling stock. 

Since we trade ETFs through the same stock market windows, the same rule also applies here. 

Opening And Closing the Same Options Contracts Within a Single Trading Day

 That’s what day traders do. Opening and closing the same options gives them incremental benefits. This method lets you gain from the slightest of price movements. 

But I recommend you know the dos and don’ts of this method. Otherwise, you can’t profit as a day trader. 

First, you must develop a concrete knowledge of options trading. Secondly, you should interact with other traders to learn about the risks and challenges of trading daily. 

Finally, you should be able to make the trade quickly. However, the most important part is managing the risk involved. Experts say that this kind of trading is very volatile and highly unpredictable. 

Pattern Day Trading Restrictions

Pattern Day Trading Restrictions

There are not many pattern-day trader restrictions. But you must always be alert to those restrictions. The ground rule is to have at least $25000 in your margin account. So, your minimum portfolio value should be the same. If your balance becomes lower, your trading will cease. 

You need to gain more knowledge of what pattern day trading is. It would help if you also learned how to use these restrictions to your strength. Secondly, you only trade through your margin accounts as a PDT. 

Applicable To Margin Accounts and IRA Limited Margin Accounts

The margin account used for trading will be flagged if FINRA sees four or more day-trading events within five days. Secondly, the net value of the four or more trades must be more than 6% of the net value traded within the 5-day bracket. 

Exemption For Cash Accounts

If you are trading from a cash account, you’re lucky. If you search for what is pattern day trading, you might have yet to come across this cash loophole. But I will tell you. 

There are no restrictions on at least 4 or whatever trades here. A cash account user does not need to trade specific times to be a pattern day trader. 

Wait, there’s a catch. You can only use the settled funds in your cash account for trading.  

Consequences of Violating Pattern Day Trading Rules

Consequences of Violating Pattern Day Trading Rules

There are dire consequences of violating the rules that I explained above. You better learn about those consequences. 

Flagging As a Pattern Day Trader

There are no immediate repercussions if you are flagged as a PDT. FINRA knows what is pattern day trading and what is general trading from the trading times and counts within those five days. 

However, you cannot open any new position if FINRA recognizes you as a PDT. At the same time, you must deposit more funds into your margin account. You must match the threshold value of $25000. 

Experts say that it becomes difficult to change position if you are flagged. So, invest typically until you gain enormous experience in trading. 

I recommend you start as a pattern trader when you are sure that you understand day trading in and out. Start by searching what is pattern day trading. 

Minimum Equity Call and Deposit Requirements

The pattern day trader rules are straightforward. However, they enjoy less flexibility in the market. For example, I must maintain $25000 as a minimum equity. 

You can deposit cash or any eligible security to ensure that you have the minimum equity value in your margin account.

How to Avoid Breaking Pattern Day Trading Rules?

How to Avoid Breaking Pattern Day Trading Rules

The basic rules I discussed above apply to PDT only. However, you might get a “day trade margin call” if you bypass any of these quintessential rules. 

So, I recommend the best way to avoid breaking the pattern trader rule is to trade through a cash account. I also advise you to trade from more than one brokerage account. It can also save you from the PDT rule. Here, I have also discussed other rules. 

Monitoring Day Trade Counter

What is a pattern day trader counter monitoring? 

You might raise this question now. It’s a healthy habit to ensure you are not breaking PDT rules. 

PDTs must monitor all training activities every day, if possible.

In the US, there are many brokerage platforms. These platforms offer various tools or analytics to track the day-trading orders. 

Options For Maintaining Portfolio Value Above $25,000

I recommend you deposit cash to make up for the minimum value of $25000. Or else, you can also invest in securities (permissible) to match the value. Above all, you should have a portfolio with a threshold value of $25000. That’s the first criterion you know of while searching for pattern day trading. 

One-time Courtesy Flag Removal or Switching to a Cash Account

 According to the new changes in the FINRA rules, you can request only one flag removal. You must contact your brokerage firm. They will raise a request for flag removal. 

Regulatory Guidance and Brokerage Policies

Regulatory Guidance and Brokerage Policies

Your brokerage firm will provide considerable regulatory guidance before you start trading as a PDT. 

FINRA Rules On Pattern Day Trading

The brokerage firm’s responsibility is to help you count the number of day trades. You must conduct at least four day-trades in 5 days. 

The second rule is the 6% valuation rule. You must ensure that the value of day trades must be more than 6% of the total traded value. But this percentage is for your margin account only. 

Brokerage-specific Consequences and Alternatives for Violators

If your brokerage has a relatively forgiving policy, then the consequences of one-time rule violation won’t affect you much. 

Maybe you did four trades without intention in a rolling period of 5 days. But you don’t want to be a regular day trader. Even then you might have to maintain the minimum value of $25000, if the brokerage demands. 

Importance Of Communication with Broker for Resolution

 When there is any chance of a trading ban against you, the best thing is to contact the broker. The person might suggest any alternative transactions to save you from the consequences. 

Educational Resources and Further Learning

Educational Resources and Further Learning

How can you become an expert day trader? You certainly know the pattern day trading meaning. Now, you must be more adept. 

Access To Educational Resources on Day Trading

I recommend you do ground research on day trading from or by searching what is pattern day trading. You will get all fundamental knowledge needed to successfully start PDT here. However, many of you are searching how to be a specialist in it. For them, I recommend joining any credible PDT trading in the US. 

With better knowledge and skills, you can ensure a financial gain every time, with PDT. You can also safeguard yourself from violating any regulations. 


You know what is pattern day trading? It has two basic rules only. Firstly, keep a minimum equity of $25000 through your margin account. Secondly, do day-trading four times in 5 days. That’s enough. You can read the whole article to know more about policies and restrictions applicable to day-trading. 

But I will recommend that you avoid getting flagged as a PDT (in sense of a defaulter). Be aware of your finances. If you cannot ensure profit from all four transactions, don’t indulge in pattern day trading.  A basic knowledge of what is pattern day trading is not enough. Be a day trader at first. If day trading is compatible for you, then indulge further.

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Fundamental Analysis of Stocks

Why do You Need Fundamental Analysis of Stocks?

Fundamental analysis of stocks refers to examining the security's intrinsic value by examining economic and financial factors. Are you new to the term intrinsic value? It refers to the investment value decided by the financial situation of the issuing company. It also depends on: Current market factors. The current economic condition of the company. Fundamental stock analysis helps to identify stocks that are undervalued or overvalued.  If you find that the fair value of the stock is more than the existing market price, then you recommend buying the stock. Key Takeaways Stock fundamental analysis helps to compare a stock's valuation against its fair market value.  Good stocks have a market value lower than their fair value. If the stock's market value is higher, you judge other market trends before selling it. Its value might not eventually go down, too.  If it's trending in the market, it will remain over-valued for some time Skilled fundamental analysts can detect such trends before recommending if you should buy, sell, or hold a stock. Understanding Fundamental Analysis You need to know about macro and micro factors first. These factors are the basis of fundamental analysis of stocks. Macro To Micro Perspective to Identify Mispriced Securities There are several macro and microeconomic factors impacting the trading environment. Please include all these factors during stock fundamental analysis. The main micro factors that you must consider during fundamental analysis of stocks are: Basic supply and demand comparison. Current taxes, as well as regulations applicable. There are some macro factors that you must consider, too. These are: Average GDP growth. Rate of inflation in your surrounding market.  Applicable interest rate that applies to your business.  You take all these factors into account during fundamental analysis in stocks. However, Investopedia says that you should mainly consider factors like: the current condition of the overall economy,  current position in the industry and the recent financial performance of the stock publishing company.   Sources for Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis of stocks is based on analysis of publicly available financial data from financial statements. This data is used to evaluate a specific investment's value.  You can find this publicly available data from the annual reports published by stock issuing companies. They also publish 10-Q reports, from where you can get their financial performance data.  You can also consult the 8-K reports during fundamental analysis in stocks. These reports refer to any significant events occurring in a company. You will know if a company is merging or being acquired from the 8-K reports.  If you find it challenging to access these public data, go to the investor relations sections of their websites. Most of these reports are published there. Combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis Both are common ways of evaluating stocks. You can select or sort the priority order of stock before investment with any of these.  Fundamental Analysis Focuses on Business and Industry Conditions Fundamental stock analysis includes an assessment of the broad industrial data. You must investigate the company's current industrial situation, economic condition, and condition. If you are investigating all these factors, you are probably looking to make a long-term investment. Therefore, most people invest in fundamental analysis stocks for a long-term period.  Some statistical calculations commonly guide you during the fundamental analysis of stocks. These are: Earnings per share of the company P/E growth in the company The company gives dividend during a period of the last 3 months or six months or one year  Technical Analysis Looks for Statistical Patterns on Stock Charts Fundamental analysis of shares is not the way to conduct technical investigations. Technical analysts mainly check the statistical trends in stock charts.  They use it to predict a stock's performance in the short term. They can also use this prediction to suggest probable stock prices in the future. Using Both Approaches Can Provide Valuable Insights for Investors Investors can use technical stock analysis to predict short-term trends. They argue that stick prices already reflect the financial status and the industry's condition.  So, you don't need to invest time in analyzing the company profile and business data. However, you cannot ignore these credentials if you plan to invest in a stock for the long term.  Growth Investor's Strategy Do you know how growth investors sort their stocks. If you want to follow the growth investment strategy, you need to know about it too. Focuses On Prospects of a Company Growth investors mainly check the condition of a company. Then, they decide if you can purchase its stocks. However, their approach to the fundamental analysis of stocks is highly applicable to new and emerging companies.  Often, we are confused while investing in stocks of any newfound company. The company might have returned high revenues from its inception. The fundamental analysis of shares of the new companies is based mainly on their revenue returns. It does not matter if they are profitable from day one or not.  Looks For Solid Revenue Growth and Innovative Products Fundamental analysis of stocks is very important for Growth investors. They will get scanty stock charts of a new company. So, technical analysis of the stocks is complicated. They focus on specific areas while evaluating the prospects of a new stock. These are: If the company has had a growing or stable revenue trend since the beginning If the company is innovation-based or solves a vital market gap Comparing business performance against other emerging companies in the industry Deciding if the company will scale in the future  Value Investor's Strategy Value investors have different objectives. They mostly try to gain as much short term gain Possible. Fundamental Analysis of Stocks Focuses on Companies Priced Below Their Fundamental Metrics The value investors always go by the book. They check the accurate financial health of the company first. They consider the company's financial health to be more important than its current stock value.  For instance, ba stock twits show Boeing stock will decrease in Q2. However, management decided to go slow this quarter despite pending orders.  It means that the slump in stock price that you see now is not the reality. Their stocks will perform better in Q3 and Q4.  Like Boeing, most companies that have passed their peak grossing years can also provide stable dividends to inventors. These companies will have a low P/E ratio.  But their investors will get good returns. Value investors inspect such stocks only.  Fundamental analysis of stocks is essential to learn about this kind of stock. Screening for Growth or Value You may want to invest in a stock for two factors: It's high yielding now It returns steady dividends for a long time  The former are called growth stocks, and the latter are value stocks. The stock you will pick depends on the goal and priorities that you have set.  Tools like help to screen stock according to these two parameters. If you aim at a fundamental analysis stock, you must buy the stocks rated A or B, as per the Schwab Equity Ratings®.  The stocks listed C, D, or E might give good dividends now. But these are not the most stable ones. Hence, these stocks are not suitable for your current investment plan. Use Stock Screening Tools To Narrow Down Quality Growth Or Value Candidates You already know how to select the value stocks. But which one will you mainly buy? Worried! I have already mentioned the factors that you must look for. The stock should have an above-average yield. That's the essential criteria of stock fundamentals analysis. At the same time, the stock should have a low P/E ratio. The low ratio suggests that the stock value will increase in the future.  But if you are looking for a growth stock, please focus on different parameters. You will consider the company's earnings growth in FY 2023-24. Then, consider the company's EPS growth ratio in the current year. Analyzing Stock Fundamentals What are the credentials that you must go through before investing? If doing fundamental analysis, make a note of all the necessary docs to check for. Examining Balance Sheet, Income Statement, And Cash Flow Statement Fundamental analysis of stocks is mainly for long-term investment. As I already mentioned. Do not forget to check the organization's health for the last 3 to 5 years.  You can check the same from documents like balance sheets, cash flow statements, and the income balance of the company.  Evaluating Assets, Liabilities, Revenues, Expenses, And Net Income  The balance sheet is an important document that helps project a company's future. Its current asset strength shows if the company can expand in the future. The liabilities also reveal essential things. For evidence, it shows whether the company has organic growth, or it has raised high investments to pose a big valuation.  The net income also shows if your business strategy or product has the potential to survive or not. A good product will earn you disruptive profits.  Conclusion Fundamental analysis of stocks is important for your long-term investment plan. A fundamental analysis of stock is more valuable to you. It will help you to boost your returns over time. You won't have to be scared about a sudden dip in stock prices or an abrupt loss. You will know that your stocks will pay fair dividends in 3 to 5 years.  Before fundamental stock analysis, be aware of the macro and micro factors to check. I have discussed all important macro and micro factors in this article. Please let me know if you need more advice on the fundamental analysis of shares. Comment on your query below. For More Informative Article Click Below!! 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Dual Citizenship

Obtaining Dual Citizenship: What Are The Offshore Investment Benefits A Second Passport Brings

It is no secret that the world has changed tremendously compared to the past. Through globalization and the Internet, more and more people are now connected in ways that make it difficult for any country to isolate itself. Governments have taken advantage of this shift in power by pursuing trade-friendly policies to increase national prosperity. Still, you, too, can benefit from globalization by seeking dual citizenship. Imagine the benefits of living in your home country while being able to travel the world without restrictions. It used to be virtually impossible to obtain dual citizenship, but now with offshore investments, you can apply for a second passport and enjoy all the benefits that come with it! Many programs can get you a second passport, one of which is Grenada citizenship by investment program. Why Apply For A Second Passport? There are many reasons to apply for a second passport. Most CBI programs bring advantages in regard to lower taxes, ease of travel, and business opportunities abroad. For more information about the best CBI programs in the world visit NTL Trust. Here are just a few of the major benefits dual citizenship can bring: 1. Better travel opportunities and more freedom Having a second passport from a country with good relations with your home country can help you travel to places they would otherwise deny you. It can also help you avoid costly visa requirements and fees. 2. Better financial opportunities Citizenship in a low-tax country can offer significant advantages when investing and doing business internationally. 3. Increased security In today's uncertain world, dual citizenship offers an added measure of security and peace of mind. If conditions in your home country deteriorate, you can always move to your other citizenship country. 4. A connection to another culture Dual citizenship allows you to deepen your connections to another culture and heritage. This can be especially useful if you have family roots in another country. How To Choose An Offshore Bank You should focus on a few important things when choosing an offshore bank. First, you should ensure that the bank is reputable and has a good history. You should also ensure that the bank is FDIC-insured and has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. Next, make sure the bank offers various services to meet your needs. For example, if you seek an offshore account to save for retirement, you should ensure that the bank also offers retirement accounts. Finally, make sure the fees associated with the account are reasonable. Offshore banks often have higher fees than traditional banks, but you should still be able to find a bank that charges reasonable fees. Choosing A Country: What's The Best Country For A Second Passport? There are some essential factors to consider when choosing a country to obtain dual citizenship. Below are the most important factors to consider when choosing a country for your second passport: A. The economic stability of the country: You should choose a country with a strong economy so that your investment is secure and you can live comfortably if you need to move there. B. The political stability of the country: You should avoid countries with volatile politics or unstable governments. C. The country's tax laws: Some countries have more favorable tax laws than others. If you want to minimize your tax burden, choose a country with lower taxes. D. The visa requirements of the country: Ensure you are familiar with the country's visa requirements before applying for dual citizenship. Some countries have stricter standards than others, and you want to avoid being in a situation where you can't enter the country because you need the right documentation. E. The quality of life in the country: This is important if you are planning to move to the country of your second passport. Consider things like the cost of living, climate, safety, and other important factors when making your decision. Countries That Offer Easy Dual Citizenship Opportunities Dual citizenship offers numerous benefits, and one of the most attractive is the ability to invest in offshore assets without worrying about restrictions or taxes. Various countries offer dual citizenship without requiring a considerable investment, which can be a great way to enter the world of offshore investing. Below, we present some countries that offer this type of arrangement. Dominica: Dominica offers a relatively low price of dual citizenship, making it a popular choice for those looking to acquire a second passport. No residency is required, and you can obtain your passport in as little as six months. Grenada: Grenada offers dual citizenship with no investment required, although the application process is a bit more complicated than in Dominica. You must provide proof of income and assets and undergo a background check. However, once they approve your application, you can receive your passport in as little as four to six weeks. Malta: The Maltese program is one of the most popular because it offers several benefits, such as visa-free travel to Schengen countries and access to quality healthcare. The downside is that it requires an investment of at least €250,000, which may be prohibitive for some people. Cyprus: The Cypriot program requires an investment of €2 million but offers several benefits. Apply For A Second Passport Now! Dual citizenship offers numerous benefits, including the ability to live and work in two countries, travel freely between the two countries, and access social benefits and welfare. In addition, dual citizens enjoy the offshore investment benefits of holding a second passport. These benefits include access to foreign markets, diversification of assets, and increased security. Read Also: International Flights Likely To Get Cheaper As India Signs Pact With 116 Countries Reasons To Believe That Leaders Are Made Not Born How To Navigate To Work?

Businesses For Sale

Why Businesses For Sale Make Great Investments?

Are you planning to make intelligent financial decisions by investing in businesses for sale? Then it can be a great choice for getting good returns if you choose a good business to invest in. You might be investing in a business for sale to diversify your portfolio or looking for growth opportunities. Whatever might be the reason you can definitely explore this route of investment for high returns. If you are not sure about this investment you can read this article. In this article, we will explore why businesses for sale make splendid investments. You will also find how this investment route can provide you with instant cash flow benefits.  From access to experienced employees to business operations, you can look for expansion for your business with the new business. Instant Cash Flow Benefits Investing in businesses for sale in the UK presents a unique advantage by offering the potential for immediate cash flow. This crucial benefit stands in contrast to the uncertainties associated with launching a start-up, where income generation may take considerable time to materialize. By acquiring an established business, investors inherit a pre-existing revenue stream, which can significantly mitigate financial risks. This existing revenue model provides a reliable income from the outset and ensures a degree of economic stability that is less common in new business ventures. Acquiring a business with a history of operations means stepping into a venture with a customer base that has been nurtured over time. Such companies have already traversed the initial hurdles of establishing customer loyalty and market presence, aspects that new companies typically need help with. The immediate access to a loyal customer base can facilitate sustained income as the acquired business continues to serve and expand its established market. This aspect is pivotal for investors seeking a venture that promises an immediate cash flow and a potential for scalability and enhanced profitability. Moreover, integrating into a business with an established brand identity accelerates market penetration efforts. An existing brand can often command a premium in its market, allowing for higher pricing strategies and better profit margins. This brand recognition is a valuable asset that contributes to immediate cash flow benefits and provides a competitive advantage from acquisition.  Benefiting From Existing Operational Systems Investors leveraging businesses for sale can also capitalize on the existing operational systems. These systems, refined through years of operational experience, support efficient business processes and can significantly contribute to the bottom line. The advantage of starting a business with a proven operational framework is extremely beneficial. An operational framework which has already made a business successful gives your business the added benefit.  You don’t need to guess to see the result of the process as you already know it. Not only does this proven operations framework show results but also increases your cash flow in business immediately. This helps you plan your future growth strategies making your business grow rapidly. Access to Experienced Employees One of the standout advantages of acquiring businesses for sale lies in inheriting a workforce with a wealth of experience. Their deep understanding of the business’s operational dynamics helps you. You will save a lot of time when you invest in a business for sale as you don’t need to hire a new workforce for your business. You see the existing business already has its established workforce that you can choose to keep the workflow smooth.  Since existing, experienced workforce already know the daily operations of the business ownership changes does not affect their work process. You can also choose to take their insights for future growth for the business and strategize your business accordingly.  Not just strategies but existing employees' intimate knowledge of the business landscape can improve your business.From customer preference to competitive challenges faced by the business all knowledge is acquired through experienced employees. So you can utilize existing expertise to innovate more strategies that help the business grow in time. Moreover, the presence of a seasoned team can facilitate smoother integration processes for any new systems or processes the new owner wishes.  Employees who are well-versed in the company's operations can offer practical feedback and suggestions. These feedbacks optimize making the transition towards new business models or markets more seamless. This collaborative environment not only provides improved company morale but also encourages a culture of continuous improvement and agility. Access to Existing Business Operations You will find that you can benefit from experienced employees in the existing business to create a positive relationship for the future business ventures. The experienced employees will also be knowledgeable about the existing business functions and can guide you in operations.  From establishing relationships with suppliers to clients, your experienced employees can help you develop future growth opportunities. Afterall, your investment in an existing business on sale is not only for financial gains but also growth of your business. You will see that the existing employees in your business will function as the map for your future growth with past knowledge. So, when you acquire a business with a competent workforce with experienced employees you are gaining a new team. This team will help you connect with other stakeholders and clients for your business. Your investment includes not only the assets but resources who will help increase your returns in the long run.  Potential for Rapid Expansion and Growth Investing in an established business offers a unique springboard for swift expansion and growth. Acquiring such a business means stepping onto a platform that is already solidified by a robust foundation, allowing investors to scale operations rapidly and venture into untapped markets with confidence. This strategic move can significantly enhance revenue streams and bolster the investment's value as time progresses.  Beyond merely acquiring a business, investors are granted access to various assets and resources pivotal to grow your business. These include tangible assets like existing inventory and state-of-the-art equipment and intangible assets such as intellectual property rights and established customer relationships. These elements play a critical role in supporting and fuelling expansion efforts. Furthermore, leveraging the acquired business's existing market position and brand recognition can open doors to new demographics and geographical regions. This can be particularly advantageous when entering markets where brand familiarity and trust are crucial for consumer engagement and loyalty. By building on the acquired business's existing strengths and reputation, investors can expedite market penetration to secure a competitive edge.  Therefore, strategic investment in businesses for sale not only encapsulates immediate access to a pre-established framework conducive to growth. It also offers a myriad of opportunities for diversification. Such a holistic investment approach can pave the way for sustained success in the long run. Your acquiring an existing business gives you a potentially lucrative venture with far-reaching benefits for astute investors. If you are seeking to maximize growth and profitability in their portfolios, then choose this investment option. Conclusion In summary, investing in businesses for sale presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking a combination of immediate cash flow. You get experienced workforce benefits, and substantial potential for rapid growth and expansion.  The unique advantages of stepping into an established operation equip investors with the tools necessary for success. You see the global market landscape is continuously evolving so looking for diverse businesses to diversify your investment is a great option. You can invest in an already existing business which has potential in the future. So that in future it can bring you lots of profits. So, take the risk and invest in existing businesses for sale to lay the groundwork for future innovation and success. Recommended Reading.. 5 Myths About Digital Selling In 2024 Essential Financial Strategies For Growing Businesses 10 Asset Management Best Practices For Businesses