Adani Sets To Become The Global Wealth Giant Over smarting Bill Gates In 2022

Adani Sets To Become The Global Wealth Giant

Yes!! You have heard it right Gautam Adani Sets to take over the global wealth giant Bill gates in 2022. The fortune of Adani has increased by $7.1billion in less than a week. Things can change drastically in world economics.

Gautam Adani’s wealth has increased to $129 billion in the last week. It has created and set a new landmark in the Indian industry. On the other hand, Ambani receives the Centibillionaire status.

Indian Industry will witness the next Billgates of the world as Adani’s wealth will make history in the upcoming times. So now we can expect some good news from the Indian business world in the upcoming times.

What Makes Adani Skip Over Bill Gates Wealth In 2022?

No one can become a multi-billionaire overnight; the same is true with Gautam Adani. There are many reasons which have made Adani the multibillionaire of the Indian Indian industry. Some of the core reasons are as follows:-

  • Within less than a week, Gautam Adani has crossed 7.1 billion, and his current standings in terms of wealth chart are $129 billion, which is a few 100 million behind Bill Gates’s wealth of $129.9 billion.
  • His wealth has increased due to the success of the Adani Enterprises and Adani Green energy, whose share prices are climbing at a rapid pace after they have announced raising their money.
  • Adani Enterprises’ share price has moved up meteorologically within six months from Rs 2190 on April 20 to Rs 2394 on April 26. Adani Green Energy shares prices climbed from Rs 1923 one month ago to Rs 2976 today.
  • Adani Wilmar Prices have also shot up from Rs 268 in February to Rs 803 within less than three months.
  • On April 20, Adani Power share prices were Rs 242.20. It has also soared up to Rs 43.45, and its current share price of Rs 285.65 on April 26.

Our Thoughts

Hence, chances are there that India and the world will witness the rise of another Bill Gates within 2022, whose name is Gautam Adani. Adani moved to the 4th spot overtaking Warren Buffet in the global rich list.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed to witness the formation of the history of the Indian Industry. The upcoming Indian business arena can hear some good news from this zone.

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