Exclusive Huawei Unit Shipping Chinese Made Surveillance Chips Shows A Sign Of Fresh Comeback

Exclusive Huawei Unit Shipping Chinese Made Surveillance Chips

A Huawei Technologies Unit has been shipping new China-made chips for surveillance cameras, showing a sign of a fresh comeback after four years of U.S. export controls as per the briefings of two sources.

The shipments started this year from the HiSilicon chip design unit of the company, one of the sources said. A third source– familiar with the industry supply chain – confirms the same. One of the source’s briefings on the unit confirmed that at least one of the customers is Chinese.

In recent weeks, Huawei also unveiled their new smartphones with advanced chips. According to analysts, these chips are domestically made in China. These developments suggest that the Chinese tech giant is indeed bouncing back and overcoming the U.S. export control. The U.S. export control has been barring the company from obtaining necessary technology and components from the U.S. firm without any approval. But the recent developments show that they are overcoming those bars.

“These surveillance chips are relatively easy to manufacture compared to smartphone processors,” 

A source familiar with the surveillance camera history noted, also adding the return of HiSilicon can potentially change the market.

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