How To Run A Fast Food Restaurant Business At A Shoestring Budget?

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Do you want to commence your fast food restaurant business with a limited budget? If yes, then you have to think out of the box to create wonders in your niche. Do not just stay limited in satisfying your business needs; instead, focus on thinking and doing something “big.”

All delicious dishes are the weak point of every human being. Now, it’s your turn to encash it for earning your livelihood. You cannot make things happen in one day; instead, you have to change your work style to achieve your goals.

Take small steps to achieve bigger goals for your business.  Do not think about all the things all at a time instead, take smaller steps to achieve bigger goals. Application of the right channel bags can make things easier for your business.

What Is The Cost Of Opening A Small Fast Food Business?

If you are pondering an idea for opening a fast food business, you can implement specific ways to help you achieve your goals in the best possible ways. But, first, you must know the financial side that can impact you.

Whenever you attempt to open a fast-food restaurant, you have to consider several factors that can help you fulfill your dreams. First, however, there are certain fundamental aspects of the costs you have to consider while improving your business.

Some of the crucial investment factors you need to consider here are as follows:- 

  • The cost of staff maintenance.
  • Total rental costs.
  • Maintenance of Decor And Lavish Seating.
  • In most cases, the total amount of investments you incur is $67,333 for setting up a restaurant.

Different Ways To Run Fast Food Restaurant At A Shoestring Budget

There are multiple ways you can implement for running your fast food restaurant at a shoestring budget. In addition, there are different types of marketing strategies you can implement to run your restaurant in a profitable manner.   

1. Rental Costs

Rental Costs

There are two types of costs you have to incur while developing your fast food restaurant. The first one is the fixed cost, and the second one is the variable cost. Under the fixed cost comes the rent of the building or the apartment where you have opened the restaurant.

Now, certain key factors will dominate the expenses of your fast food restaurant business. The rent of your fast food restaurant depends on several factors. Some of the crucial factors are as follows:-

  • The location of the place. 
  • The ambiance of the kitchen that you are receiving for your restaurant. 
  • Amount of square feet space you are using for your restaurant. In most cases, 100- 500 square feet areas you can use for your restaurant are not more than that. 
  • How much-packaged food items you want to keep in your restaurant will also determine the rental cost of your restaurant.   

2. Kitchen Equipment

Advanced kitchen equipment forms an integral part of running your restaurant. However, you have to take care of several factors to improve your kitchen operation correctly.  Essential Factors to consider while developing your business for framing the kitchen equipment in the best possible ways.

Some of the core factors you have to take care of while you want to improve the services of your kitchen are as follows:-

  • Try to keep your operations with less amount of wastage. 
  • Consider the expenses of the equipment such as microwave, refrigerators, tandoors, ovens, cookers, and gas pipelines.   
  • You have to depend on the kind of cuisine that you are offering.   
  • The total cost of maintaining this equipment is Rs 2.5 lakhs that you have to bear while developing your business. 

3. Marketing Technique

Marketing Technique

Today, in this digital age where everyone is glued to social media and iPhones, you have to select the right channel to offer you better returns from your investments. There are multiple ways you can create and nudge your small fast-food restaurants.

There are several ways you can promote personal branding for your fast food restaurant. Some small steps you can take to achieve your bigger goals for your business. The branding technique is one of them.

  • Create a unique & eye-catching logo for your fast food restaurant. 
  • Spend some time inculcating the opinions of friends and families. 
  • Design a menu and the theme of your restaurant.   
  • Ensure that your website must be user-friendly and must meet the requirements of your brand.

After the education industry, the food industry is a business that is giving more profits to your organization.

4. Labour Cost

Labour Cost

The most important aspect of the food business is to maintain the labor cost. Here comes the challenge for maintaining the fast-food restaurant you have to follow specific facts that can work well in your favor. For a small, fast food restaurant, you have to retain 3-4 employees who must be present in the restaurant all the time.

2 Chefs are always required to maintain the food quality of the fast-food restaurant. You also need the employee near the counter responsible for maintaining the POS system in your restaurant. The use of basic uniforms, aprons, and hairnets costs you have to consider before running a fast-food restaurant.

The proper maintenance of the POS will help you track your Packaged goods’ orders to follow the orders of your Packaged goods for your restaurant. In addition, the use of suitable uniforms and proper use of the dresses can create a positive impression in the minds of your target audience.

5. Licensing

In most of the fast-food chains today, it requires several restaurants licenses to commence their business. Depending on the state in which you reside, you need to contact your local authorities to get specific permits for your food licenses.

These licenses are essential as you have to maintain trust with your target audiences. Keeping the food quality standard norms is a necessary part of the food licenses. An essential permit you need to maintain is FSSAI.

Fire safety and environmental clearance certificates must have to maintain the business standards of your fast food restaurant. Eating house license is valid for three years. It can help your business to grow at a rapid pace.

6. Food Tech

Food Tech

The food-tech industry is also growing at a faster pace in 2021. In the entire world, they have a very high demand. For example, some of the major fast-food chains that been growing in numbers recently. The most interesting fact here is that the food business is also booming at a faster pace.

Some of the best food app businesses multiplying in numbers are as follows with the price charts of their Food items.

                Food Apps Name                     Delivery Charges
                          DoorDush                                  $5.99
                          Grubhub            Delivery fee varies with the restaurants
                          Ubereats                                  $4.99
                          Seamless                                  $6.00
                          Postmates                               $1.99-$3.99
                              goPuff                               $1.95 flat offer 
                                  Varies with the restaurant 
                            Instacart                                  $5.99 
                          Muncharry                $8.95 membership you require 
                              Eat24           Keeps on Changing with the restaurants 

Hence, these are some of the popular food apps globally that can offer you delicious food services at reasonable rates. You can order them at your convenience. Do not make your choices in grey while you want to improve your fast-food restaurants. The application of your channel bags can help you to achieve your objectives correctly.   

7. Furniture And Fixtures

Furniture And Fixtures

The application of the furniture and fixtures forms an integral part of fast-food restaurants. You cannot neglect the fact that your table provides a sturdy space that has suitable lighting space.  Find out some of the decorative items that are suitable for your restaurant.

Here you have to make the space and cost calculations before installing them in your fast food restaurant. You cannot ignore these facts when you are planning to start your fast food restaurant business within a limited budget.

You can’t ignore the cost of it. Chairs, tables, and other utensils that are required for your restaurants will ensure one-time investments. But, for your furniture and the fixtures, you have to spend Rs 20000-Rs 25000.

8. Miscellaneous Expenses

You must be ready for the miscellaneous expenses you have to pay for your fast food restaurant. Keep aside some of the money for your fast food restaurant. Some of these core expenses are as follows:- 

  • Malfunctioning of the appliances. 
  • Repair and emergencies. 
  • Renovations and other extra expenses that you need to bear. 

Final Take Away

Hence, these are some of the factors you have to take care of while you want to improve your fast food restaurant business. Try to make the proper arrangement of the expenses in the correct manner. Do not make your choices in grey while you want to build your fast-food chains. And if you’re interested in venturing into franchising, looking for fast food franchise opportunities might be the right one for you. With franchising, you’ll get the brand’s operating support, name recognition, and it is easier to handle for first-time business owners.

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