Is Integrated Oil Companies A Good Career Path

Is Integrated Oil Companies A Good Career Path

Is integrated oil companies a good career path? Which are the best paying jobs? Are you looking to get into an integrated oil company?

Then this article is for you. Here, we will talk about integrated oil companies, is integrated oil companies a good path or not, the best paying jobs, and other important information. So, if you are planning to start to switch your career to integrated oil companies, then go through this article.

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, the career path is very lucrative. The industry has existed for a couple of hundred years. But, the industry is changing with the change of every year. The main reason is technological advancement. So, with time there are so many new oil and gas companies are emerging. And this opens a lot of job opportunities. And there is no doubt that the industry is one of the best-paying jobs. 

Integrated Oil Companies

Integrated Oil Companies

Before getting into the topic, let’s discuss which companies are integrated oil companies. First, you need to understand that these companies are responsible for everything in the industry. From extracting oil to transport, these companies do everything. Here are the things that an integrated oil company does.

  • Oil and Gas Extraction 
  • Oil and Gas Refining
  • Land Exploration
  • Surveying
  • Production 
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Marketing

So, now you can understand that integrated oil companies are responsible for almost everything in the oil industry. 

Is Integrated Oil Companies A Good Career Path?

Is Integrated Oil Companies A Good Career Path.

If I have to answer the question in one word, then the answer is Yes. A career in an integrated oil company is good. First of all, the jobs are really highly paid. Secondly, there is an opportunity to explore new areas, locations, and countries. So, if you are someone who likes remote places and adventurous locations, then this career is best suited for you. 

Also there are several benefits and features that you will also find in the industry. Also, the jobs are challenging, and you will find exciting work. And with the growing industry, there are a lot of different opportunities. So, if you think about switching your current company, then finding another company will not be hard.

Now, coming to the cons of working in the industry. First of all, you need to work in a remote location and away from your family. There are also hectic schedules that you need to maintain. Sometimes, you also need to travel a lot between places. 

So, if you can sacrifice these couple of things, then there are a lot of perks and benefits to working in the industry. All you need is to have a bachelor’s degree if you want to work in the industry. But, a degree is not necessary as there are so many different roles. 

Integrated Oil Company: What Is Required To Get Into The Industry? 

Integrated Oil Company What Is Required To Get Into The Industry

If you are in the beginning stage and planning to get into the industry, then here are the basic or, you can say, minimum requirements that you need.

There are roughneck or entry-level jobs in the industry. And for these jobs, you don’t need to have a bachelor’s degree. A high school diploma or certificate program is enough to get a job in the industry. There are also jobs like technician, electrician, and welding, and for these jobs, you will only need certifications and proper skills.

And for higher posts like project manager, drilling engineer, mining engineer, sales representative, and other related jobs, there is a need for a bachelor’s degree. Otherwise, you will not be applicable for these jobs. If someone has a university degree in a related field, then that is an advantage in both work and salary. 

Integrated Oil Companies: Best Paying Jobs

Integrated Oil Companies Best Paying Jobs

So, which are the best paying jobs in the industry? Here is the list.

  1. GeoScientist ($90,000- $125,000)

Geoscientists usually conduct different experiments on mining grounds. They record, analyze, and conduct experiments in different locations. 

  1. Drilling Engineers ($75,000- $115,000)

If you want to work outside in the fresh air and atmosphere, then the role of a drilling engineer suits you. The drilling engineers oversee the drilling process during oil and gas extraction in the integrated oil industry. 

  1. Petroleum Engineers ($90,000- $130,000)

Petroleum engineers are responsible for designing equipment for underground gas extraction. They also work on plans to drill different gas fields. 

  1. Senior Landman ($80,000- $120,000)

Landman Draft usually works to get permission to drill new wells for gas extractions. 

  1. Rig Welder ($50,000- $80,000)

These professionals work to reinforce the infrastructure the industry needs to extract oil and mining gas. 

  1. HSE Manager ($75,000- $95,000)

They are responsible for developing safety management policies to coordinating different training programs. 

  1. Pipeline Manager ($80,000- $110,000)

Pipeline managers troubleshoot different problems related to pipelines during oil mining. 

  1. Rig Workers ($40,000- $70,000)

Rig workers usually operate different heavy machinery while working at oil rigs. 

  1. Lease Operator ($45,000- $70,000)
  1. Chemical Engineer ($75,000- $130,000)
  1. Crude Oil Truck Drivers ($45,000- $75,000)
  2. Oilfield Sales Representatives ($60,000- $120,000)
  1. Mechanical Technician ($40,000- $70,000)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some interesting questions and answers that most people tend to know.

1. What Is An Integrated Oil Company?

Ans: So, what is an integrated oil company? In simple words, an integrated oil company means a company that is across the entire petroleum value chain. These companies are responsible for oil exploration, then production or upstream, refining the oil, after that they transport and finally marketing or you can say it downstream as well. 

2. Who Are The Top 5 Oil Companies?

Ans: I will tell you, not the top 5 oil companies. Instead, I will mention the top 10 oil companies in the world.
⦿ Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (Saudi Aramco)
⦿ China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (SNP)
⦿ PetroChina Co. Ltd. (PTR)
⦿ TotalEnergies SE (TOT)
⦿ Chevron Corp. (CVX)
⦿ Valero Energy Corporation (VLO)
⦿ Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM)
⦿ Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC)
⦿ Philips 66 (PSX)

3. Is Oil & Gas Production A Good Career Path?

Ans: When it comes to oil and gas production, the career is really good. So, if you are confused about whether oil and gas production is good or not, then the answer is simple. The average pay is better than expected, and there is a huge opportunity to grow and visit remote locations in different countries. There are also other benefits that you will get for sure. So finally and most importantly, the industry has prospects, and you will have a stable and secure job. 

Final Words

Is integrated oil companies a good career path?

So, after knowing almost everything, what do you think? Can you do the job? 

If you can sacrifice a couple of things, then there is a huge opportunity to grow. The industry won’t die, and you will have a safe and secure job for many years. Also, there are other perks and benefits of working in integrated oil companies. I hope you have got your answers. If you still have any queries, please let us know in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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