Reasons To Believe That Leaders Are Made Not Born


Are leaders made or born? It is a common question that arises in our minds. Psychology ensures that leaders are mostly made. 

To do proper leadership in any field, you need various skills and attributes. One cannot put all the pressure on a particular person, and leaders ensure the balance within a team by motivating them in various ways. 

In this leadership process, a person tries to influence a large group of people to achieve some objectives. The importance of leaders in an organization is huge because they deliver coherent activities to lead the organization’s goal in a particular way.

Reasons To Believe Leaders Are Made:

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There are various reasons we can discuss that will suggest the presence of made leaders. Believing that leaders are born, not made, can be dangerous for anyone. If a person or an organization believes in born leadership, they will stop nurturing skills and attributes. 

This will ultimately harm the person or the organization with no development. If you want to nurture your leadership abilities, you can take help from professional leadership coaching.  

1. Natural-Born Leaders Are Not Common

If the leaders are only born leaders, then what about the people who have average intelligence and who are introverts? Are all of them not capable of being a leader? Certainly not. 

Suppose you want to be a good leader; you need to embark on some tough tasks to achieve the abilities of a proper leader. Always try to be the leader you want to be rather than focusing on inborn skills. 

Through self-development plans, you can look into things you can make for yourself to be a better option as a leader in this competitive market. 

2. Lead By Example

Sometimes it is considered an inborn quality, but if you want to be an example, you must have that experience.

When you are leading a team, there are people who might want you to be their hero in the first place. In that case, you need to focus on helping others and giving them what they want. 

In addition, try to follow the needs of your followers and understand the obstacles present in front of you to become an example to others. 

You cannot ignore the timing of being an example. There will be particular phases where you need to be more accurate and skilled to be a prominent example. 

3. Right Thing To Do

If you are doing the right things for your team, you will get support as a leader. There is no exception to being self-aware and courageous. 

Again the timing becomes important for you as a leader. Right things have the right times to consider. As a leader, if you want to polish yourself, you should know the right timing and things.

Leaders Are Made Not Born

Leaders Are Made Not Born

4. Nonstop Learning 

There is always room for learning to develop yourself as a leader. If you want to be an expert on this platform, you need to constantly take on new challenges that can enhance your knowledge. 

Do not just lean on general things after settling in a place because prospering in life is a part of leadership attributes. 

5. Introvert Vs. Extrovert

Between an introvert and an extrovert, the first choice for a leader will be an extrovert. For instance, being bold, risk-taking as well as assertive can be added as positive skills. But if you nurture these skills on your own, you can be a good leader. 

Intelligence is not all. Often it has been seen that intelligent people are unable to empathize, which is a part of leadership. 

Through emotional intelligence, you will gain the upper hand in provoking your team to work effectively by understanding the importance of the situation. Understanding the social situation can be promising for your leadership career. 

To Conclude

What do you think? Do you have all these abilities inborn? Or do you have to gain them? The answer lies within the question, and you have to make yourself a leader somehow.  Attributes like values, character, beliefs, and ethics are all in the same place for a proper leader, but you have to travel through all of these to gain what you want as a leader.

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