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Money Tap Loan App: Information, Eligibility Criteria, Interest Rates, Review & More

Money Tap Loan App Information, Eligibility Criteria, Interest Rates, Review & More

Online loan apps are getting more popular day by day, as they are easy to use, and getting a loan is easier, provided that there are many lenders available through these apps. Furthermore, with mobile loan apps, you can also get quick loans at low rates of interest. Money Tap is one of those apps where you have the option to get quick and instant Money Tap loans up to ₹5 lakhs ranging from 2 months to 3 years. Furthermore, the documentation process is also quick and easy.

In this article, you will mainly learn about the Money Tap loan app and its major highlights of it. Apart from that, we will also show you the Money Tap loan eligibility criteria, as well as the types of personal loans that Money Tap offers you. Lastly, we will also give you some honest customer reviews of the Money Tap loan app.

Money Tap Loan Review: Highlights Of Money Tap Loan  

The following is a highlight of the Money Tap loan app and the types of loans that it provides to borrowers in India:

Loan Highlights Of Money Tap
Loan AmountFrom ₹ 3000 to ₹ 5 lakh
Money Tap Interest RateStarting from 1.08% p.m. or 36% p.a.
Eligible Applicant Age    23 years to 55 years
Loan Tenure      Minimum 2 months and up to 36 months
Minimum Monthly Income₹30,000 per month for both salaried and self-employed
Types of Personal Loans               – Wedding Loan
– Travel Loan
– Medical Emergency Loan
– Home Loan
– Debt Consolidation Loan
Loan Processing Fees (Every time you withdraw money from the app, you are charged a nominal processing fee + GST only on the amount that you use.)2% on the amount of loan cash transferred.
₹ 3,000 – Rs. 199 + GST
₹ 5,000 – Rs. 399+ GST
₹ 10,000 – Rs. 499 + GST
₹ 25,000 and above – 2% of the borrowed amount + GST 
Late payment fee15% of the principal amount overdue
One-time Line Setup Fee₹499 + GST

You can also use the Money Tap loan calculator available on the website to calculate the EMI rates and the interest rates based on the loan amount that you take.

Money Tap Loan Eligibility Criteria  

Money Tap Loan Eligibility Criteria

The following are the major eligibility criteria you have to clear if you want Money Tap personal loans:

  • You must be either a salaried professional or a self-employed individual (that is, a businessman, lawyer, or doctor).
  • Your monthly income should be at least ₹30,000 per month.
  • Your age should be at least 23 years, and you must not be more than 55 years old to get a loan from Money Tap.
  • As a salaried professional, you should be working in your current job for at least 6 months while you are applying for the loan. You must have an overall work experience of at least 2 years.
  • If you are a self-employed individual, you should be running your business for a minimum or be in practice (for lawyers and doctors) for at least 3 years.

Money Tap Loan: Documents Required  

Money Tap Loan Documents Required

To apply for a personal loan from Money Tap, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • You should have passport-sized photographs stuck on the duly filled application form.
  • You should share a copy of your PAN card.
  • You should also share your address proof by scanning them and sending them through the app. Some of the major documents you can use in this case include – Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, Driving License.
  • You should have your ID Proof scanned: Voter ID Card, Passport, Driving License, or Aadhaar Card.
  • Your income proof will consist of Payslip, Form 16, Certified P&L statement/Balance Sheet, etc.
  • You should also show some other documents as and when the lender requires them from you.

Types Of Personal Loans Offer By The Money Tap Company  

The following are the types of personal loans that you will be able to avail of from Money Tap:

1. Personal Loans for Wedding

2. Personal Loan for Medical Emergencies

3. Personal Loan for travel-related expenses.

4. Loans For Home Renovation

5. Loan to get a laptop and mobile.

6. Personal loan for consolidation of debt.

To learn more about the loans offered by Money Tap, you can contact Money Tap customer care. You can ask all loan-related doubts, and they will probably clear them.

Money Tap Loan App Review By Customers  

Money Tap Loan App Review By Customers

You should always check reviews of any app, especially the ones related to finance and loans. The following are some of the major reviews of customers related to the Money Tap loan app:

Customer Service is not poor… It’s NIL. I paid 35/36 instalments properly but when I asked for further loan there is no response in spite of several mails

By – Lakshmibharthkumar

Review Source

I suggest all not to apply here as this site is a harassment site. They don’t understand your problem even if you are having a serious and true problem.”

By :- soumyaa1994chaudh

Review Source

If your credit score is good definitely you will get money. My credit score is 816. I got Rs. 62000 to my account. One executive came and take one Adhar card Xerox and one cancelled cheque. After one week I got a call and confirm.Please provide good Documents and Also Repay the payment correctly your credit score coming up.”

By – kumargowda6096

Review Source

The app securely connects with the banking systems to give them not only an instant approval but also a credit limit, depending on individual credit history with real-time data from CIBIL.”

By :- jaiswal181

Review Source

Summing Up  

As you can see from the reviews above, Money Tap is an average place to take loans from if you are looking for personal loans since it has both good and bad reviews. Apart from that, the types of personal loans available at Money Tap are also great. With low-interest rates and many different loan options, Money Tap is a good app platform to go to if you want instant personal loans. What do you yourself think about the Money Tap loan app? Share your reviews with us in the comments section below.

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Demographic Shifts In USA

Demographic Shifts In USA: Essential Things To Know Its Impact On Workforce

Demographic shifts in USA are creating a bigger impact on the workforce of this country. Now, how is creating the difference the billion-dollar question? You need to go through the facts well while meeting your objectives with complete clarity. Sometimes, a country can flourish if the workforce is young and energetic. It imbibes the chances of a better working environment. You should follow the process that can help you in attaining your objectives with ease. Once you know the process to tackle the scenario well, things can become easier for you. Without proper and perfect planning, things can become difficult for you in the long run. Top expert network companies can help your business to grow perfectly. Impact Of Demographic Shifts In USA There are several impacts of the demographic shifts in the USA that you must take care of while attaining your goals with ease. Some of the key impacts of demographic shifts in the USA are as follows: - 1. Economic Impacts Labor Force Changes: As the population ages, there may be a decrease in the size of the workforce, potentially affecting economic productivity. This can lead to labor shortages in certain industries. This is one of the vital issues in the USA. The country needs to import skilled manpower from the other nations of the world. Consumer Behavior: Changing demographics, such as the rise of millennials as a dominant consumer group, can influence market trends, spending patterns, and the demand for certain products and services. Consumer behavior will alter with the passage of time due to long-term economic impact. Although, you should follow the perfect solution to make things work better for you. Additionally, it can make things better for you in the long run. 2. Healthcare System Aging Population: An aging population often results in increased demand for healthcare services, especially for chronic and age-related conditions. This can put pressure on healthcare infrastructure and resources. The healthcare industry is working on it. However, you must prepare yourself to face the upcoming challenges. Healthcare Workforce: Demographic shifts in the USA impact the healthcare workforce, with potential shortages in specific healthcare professions. There may be a need for adjustments in training and recruitment strategies. Most popular social media in the US are of the same opinion. 3. Housing Market Demand for Housing: Changes in population size and composition affect the demand for housing. Urbanization trends, preferences for different types of housing, and generational shifts can impact the real estate market. However, a proper pipeline in finance can solve this problem. The housing market is in high demand in the USA nowadays. However, it lacks a quality workforce that can help your business grow massively. The changes in the housing market patterns need a quality workforce that can offer buyers the right guidance when selling a home. 4. Education System School-Age Population: Demographic shifts in USA influence the size of the school-age population, affecting educational infrastructure and resource allocation. Changes in student demographics may require adjustments in teaching methods and curriculum development. The pattern of skill development requires a proper education system that can train the young population. A proper education system can help business grow in the right direction. It can boost the chances of your brand development. Additionally, the education system can enhance the growth of the US economy as well. 5. Political Landscape Voting Patterns: Demographic shifts, such as changes in the racial and ethnic composition of the population, can influence political dynamics, voter behavior, and electoral outcomes. Politicians often tailor their messaging to appeal to specific demographic groups. To get the votes, they may trigger a certain set of the population whose quantity is high but whose contribution is low towards the economy. This can be the major drawback that you need to counter from your end while starting your enterprise in the USA. 6. Cultural Diversity Cultural Influence: As the population becomes more diverse, there is a potential for increased cultural exchange and the blending of traditions. This can lead to a richer cultural tapestry but may also pose challenges related to inclusivity and understanding. You need to diversify your process, which will assist you in reaching your requirements with ease. Without proper cultural diversity, you cannot boost your workforce to work collaboratively in the workplace. 7. Social Security & Retirement System Aging Population Impact: An aging population puts pressure on social security and retirement systems. There may be discussions about the sustainability of these programs and potential reforms to address demographic challenges. Free Alongside ship can make things easier for you. Demographic shifts in USA can make the planning for social security easier in the long run. Sometimes, social security and the retirement system can make things more complicated for US economy. How Do Demographic Shifts Impact The Workforce? There are several reasons why demographic shifts impact the workforce to a great extent. Without effective planning, things can turn worse for you in the long run. Still, demographic shifts can create a significant implication in the workforce. Changes in population size, age distribution, and diversity can impact labor force dynamics, availability, and composition. Here are several ways demographic shifts are influencing the workforce: 1. Ageing Workforce The population aging, particularly the baby boomer generation, has led to more retirements. This can result in a loss of experienced workers and potential skill gaps in certain industries. The aging workforce is creating skill shortages in the USA. This is one of the prime reasons why USA corporates must import the best talents from around the globe. This increases their cost of delivery for the services. 2. Labor Force Participation Rates Demographic shifts, including changes in birth rates and aging trends, can influence overall labor force participation rates. Understanding these trends is crucial for predicting potential changes in workforce size. Once you have the proper labor force participation rates, it can contribute to the steady growth of the economy. Without an effective plan, things can turn worse for you. You need to identify the best strategy that can help you in reaching your goals with ease. 3. Generational Diversity Generational diversity is one of the biggest problems in the USA. You should be aware of it while attaining your needs with complete ease. The presence of multiple generations, including baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, and Generation Z, brings diverse skills. Along with it, perspectives and work preferences of the workforce. Managing and leveraging this diversity is essential for effective collaboration. Your organization needs to collaborate with the required skill sets to meet your needs with ease. 4. Skill Shortages & Surpluses Sometimes, the skill shortages and surpluses of the workforce can make things too complex for you to reach your requirements with ease. Skill shortages can trigger the lack of workforce to be present in the economy. Skill shortages can lead to long-term impacts on the workforce. It can make things more complex for you if you do not make your selection incorrectly. Follow the right process that can make things lucid for you in the long run. 5. Changing Workforce Expectations The young generation of the USA may lead to demographic shifts, especially in the workplace. You should know the situations to build your business in the USA smoothly. Younger generations often prioritize work-life balance, flexible work arrangements, and a sense of purpose in their careers. Employers need to adapt to these changing expectations to attract and retain talent. New talent demands new types of jobs. Now, creating such job facilities on an immediate basis is quite difficult. You should be aware of the situations, as it will help you attain your requirements easily. 6. Impact On Industries Demographic shifts can lead to changes in the demand for goods and services, influencing the growth or decline of industries. For example, the healthcare and technology sectors may see increased demand due to an aging population and technological advancements. You may have to face the adverse impact on industries that can make things too complex for you in all possible manners. Without effective planning, things can turn worse for you. Ensure you follow the best process from your end. Organizations need to create inclusive environments that celebrate differences and foster collaboration. 7. Diversity & Inclusion Diversity and inclusion are another major issue for the US workforce. You must know it. Increasing cultural diversity within the workforce necessitates a focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives. Organizations need to create inclusive environments that celebrate differences and foster collaboration. Certain demographics become scarcer in the workforce. The scarce demography in the workforce may form an important part of the management or the organization. So, creating the real bench strength is the challenge for US corporates. What Is The Best Solution For Demographic Shifts In USA? The demographic shifts in the USA have cons, but at the same time. They also offer the best solution to the US economy as well. You need to follow the best options that can assist you in attaining your requirements with complete ease. 1. Making Investments In Education & Training Prioritize education and training programs to equip the workforce with the skills needed for evolving industries. Foster partnerships between educational institutions and businesses to ensure that curricula align with the demands of the job market. Once you go through the perfect solution, things can become easier for you to attain your objectives with ease. Investments in education and training will help you in capitalizing on the demographic shifts in the USA. Although the process is difficult, not as easy as it seems to be. 2. Promoting Lifelong Learning Encourage a culture of continuous learning and upskilling. Implement policies and programs that support individuals in acquiring new skills throughout their careers, especially in response to technological advancements and industry changes. The US government offers lifelong learning opportunities to its workforce to ensure the stable growth of the country. You need to identify the best process that can make situations work perfectly well in your way. 3. Facilitating The Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Workforce diversity and inclusion can result in facilitating better solutions that can offer you the best options within a specific time. Facilitating workforce diversity can help you reach your requirements with complete clarity. Embrace diversity and inclusion initiatives to create an inclusive work environment. Foster a culture that values and leverages the unique perspectives, skills, and experiences of a diverse workforce. 4. Flexible Work Agreements The carrot and stick principle will not work in the case of the modern workforce. You require flexible work agreements. This will attract new generation employees in the USA. Freedom in the workplace is liked by all. No one likes to be dominated. Everyone likes to work under a leader, not under a boss. Every individual is now highly educated. You can convince them, but you cannot force them. Ensure that you follow the best process from your end. 5. Support Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foster an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. Support small businesses, startups, and initiatives that drive economic growth and job creation, particularly in emerging industries. Without making innovation in the process of entrepreneurship, you cannot stand out from the crowd. So, keep on changing systems and processes. It will help you in attaining your goals with ease. FAQ!! (Frequently Asked Question): Q1. What Is The US Demographic Transition? Ans: Demographic transition refers to the process of population change over time in a society or a country. It is characterized by shifts in birth rates, death rates, and population growth, typically observed as a country undergoes economic and social development. Q2. What Is The Current Demographic Shift? Ans: Demographic patterns can change over time due to various factors such as economic conditions, public health issues, government policies, and cultural shifts. Some of the key factors that you should know here are as follows: -> Aging population.• Global Population Growth.> Urbanization.• Migration Patterns.> Fertility rates. Q3. How Can The Population Shift In USA?  Ans: Population shifts in the USA can occur due to various factors, including natural demographic processes, migration patterns, economic conditions, and policy changes. You need to take care of these factors here. Final Take Away Hence, if you want to know more about demographic shifts in the USA, then you must take care of the facts to have a better idea of it. You must take care of the mentioned situation in attaining your requirements with ease. You can share your opinions and views in our comment box. It will help us to know your take on this matter. The experiences of the experts and your opinions are highly appreciated. If you place your opinion in the content, we will understand your take on this matter. Implementing these strategies will require coordinated efforts from government, businesses, educational institutions, and communities. Flexibility, adaptability, and a forward-thinking approach are essential to navigate and harness the opportunities presented by demographic shifts in the USA. For More Business Related Articles Click Below!! How Does The Procurement Process Work? Essential Things To Know About It What Is A Distribution Channel? Essential Things To Know About It Supply Chain Risk Management: Effective Strategies To Reduce It

Free On Board

What Is Free On Board? Essential Things To Know About It

Free On board is a term for shipment. It states the position in the supply chain where the buyer and seller are responsible for supply of the goods. Most of the time, the buyer or seller responsible for the process of transportation. Most of the time, the purchase order between the seller and buyer specifies the terms of FOB. It helps to determine the ownership, transportation cost, and risk. Consider the power of the distribution channel in this matter. The FOB origin and FOB shipping point means that the buyer accepts all titles of goods. During the point of the shipment, the buyer accepts this title in his name. At the time of the transit, the seller is responsible for damage or the loss of the goods. What Is Free On Board? "Free On Board" (FOB) is a shipping term indicating the point at which the seller’s responsibility for the goods ended. At this point, the buyer assumes ownership and liability. FOB terms are commonly used in international trade and can apply to various modes of transportation. It includes sea, air, rail, and truck. What FOB Quotes Include? The Free On Board Pricing includes some of the essential fundamental aspects of pricing that you must know at your end. Some of the key factors that it includes in this regard are as follows:- The cost of the actual goods includes the seller’s profit. Packaging of the goods. Export and commercial documentation and customs formalities. Loading, as well as complete transportation from the location of the seller to FOB port. The goods that you load in the ship. Any kind of inspection regarding Pre-shipment. The amount of export fees as well as taxes that you need to pay. Tips For Buyers For Free On-Board Shipping There are several tips for buyers for free on-board shipping. You need to know the facts well to have a better insight into it. Some of the key factors that buyers must remember before seeking the Free on Board services are as follows:- 1. Research & Compare Don’t settle for the first option. Compare prices, shipping times, and customer reviews across different platforms or suppliers offering free on-board shipping. To ensure you’re getting the best deal. You need to get through the deals of various companies. It will offer you clarity on whether you are getting the best deals or not. You should not make your selection and the choices in grey otherwise, things can become complex for you. The procurement process and sellers' concession here makes a vital contribution. 2. Understand The Terms Of Shipping For Free On Board Different sellers might have varying definitions of "free on-board shipping." Understand what this entails—whether it covers only certain regions, specific delivery times, or any limitations. Clear communication with the seller or platform is key. You must cross-check the terms and conditions of the FOB shipping. It will help you make sound decisions regarding the shipment of goods from distant places. 3. Check The Credibility Of The Seller Ensure the seller or platform offering free on-board shipping is credible. Look for reviews, ratings, and feedback from other buyers to gauge their reliability in delivering products on time. You need to know whether the shipment company delivers the goods in the proper condition or not. Try to check the credibility of the seller. It will help you to make the right selection for the seller from your counterpart. You must have a clear market orientation. 4. Read The Policies Of Shipping For Free On Board Pay close attention to the seller’s shipping policies. Understand their return and refund policies, insurance coverage, and procedures in case of damaged or lost shipments. You must ensure that you go through the policies of the shipment in the right order. Effective knowledge of your shipping policies can help you to make the right selection of the sellers. 5. Tracking All The Shipments Utilize tracking services provided by the shipping carrier. This helps you monitor the progress of your shipment and stay informed about any potential delays. Once you monitor your shipments, you can calculate the chances of your delay in the process easily. It will make things easier for you to understand the exact reasons for the delay in taking necessary actions. Try to find out the root causes for the delay in the processing of your free on-board shipment. 6. Inspect Upon Arrival Upon receiving your shipment, inspect the package for any damage or discrepancies. Document any issues and contact the seller immediately if there are problems with the delivered product. You must properly inspect the goods once they arrive at the port of destination. It will help you to know whether the goods are in the right condition or not during the process of transit. 7. Plan Ahead Free on-board shipping might take longer than expected options. Plan your purchases ahead of time. Especially if you need the item by a specific date or for a particular occasion. Do not make any kind of delay in this process if you want to get the products on time. It will make things easier for you in the long run. Try to figure out the chances that can make things easier for you. 8. Consider Customs & Duties If shipping internationally, be aware of customs duties or taxes that might apply. Some sellers might not cover these fees, so factor them into your overall cost. If the delivery boy charges you more than the printed price of the goods. Then consider the customs & duties at the time of transit. Try to make the process as simple as possible from your endpoints. Final Take Away Hence, if you want to achieve your objectives as per the plan, then you must consider the terms and conditions of FOB. You need to identify the correct process that can make things easier for you in the long run. Once you follow the correct process things are going to be lucid for you. You can share your opinions and experiences in our comment box. It will help us to know your take on this matter. FOB can offer you numerous benefits. But you must know the areas where you can seek the advantages from it. Get More Business News By Clicking Below!! What Is Seller Credit And How Does It Work? 2-1 Buydown: Essential Things To Know About It What Is Mortgage Buydown? Essential Things To Know About It

business continuity plan

How To Create A Powerful Business Continuity Plan?

p Are you planning to do your business more effectively than ever? If yes, then you must consider several important aspects in the light of this matter. You can continue your business with a super flow if you have the right plan in place. Disruptions in the business policy can lead to disaster in your marketing policy. In the Forbes study, the importance of the business continuity plan is highlighted several times.   Your business continuity plan can help your business to grow in the right direction. If you want to continue your business in the best way, you need to plan three things with the best possible efforts, like your marketing, finance, and supply chain system. Apart from these, other ways are also there that you can employ from your end.     Tips To Create Powerful Business Continuity Plan  There are several factors that you must consider while you frame your business continuity plans from your end. Therefore, let’s explore the facts one after the other to get a better insight into it.  1. You Must Identify The Objectives And Goals Of The Plan  You must identify the objectives and the goals of your business plans in the best possible manner. It can help your business to grow in the right direction. Setting the long term objectives plays a crucial role in developing your business.   If you want to achieve success in your business, your plan must be accurate enough to accomplish that goal in the best possible manner. You must not consider things for granted. You must change your working process as per the needs of the situation.  The more effectively you can frame your policy, the better you can earn from your business. The only thing that you must consider here is to make the right plan to achieve your business objectives in the best possible manner.    2. Establish An Emergency Preparedness Team  You must create an emergency preparedness team that can help you combat your company’s challenging situation. Select some cross-sectional managers and leaders who can bring valuable ideas to the table at the crisis time. You must follow some of the essential factors in the light of this matter. Different ways to select an emergency team  Select your high performing team members.  Select the best members of your team who can handle the contingencies in the best possible manner.  Boost up the skills of your team members in the best possible manner.  You must consider a business continuity plan sample to develop your business.  Identify the team’s leaders who can guide you to take the right decision at the right point in time.  These are some of the factors that you must consider while creating an emergency preparedness team from your end. Proper development of the strategy here is very crucial in developing your brand image.    3. You Must Perform Risk Assessment & Business Impact Analysis  You must perform the risk assessment plan in the best possible manner. Develo the right business impact analysis plan to develop the right strategy for your business. You must not consider things for granted here.    Discuss the major issues with your teams and prepare a plan to overcome these crucial circumstances in the best possible manner. Make proper research and analysis in this regard. You must develop your risk assessment plan to reduce, modify, and eliminate essential services and functions.    If you want to develop your business continuity plan, you must have the right policies to help you achieve your business goals in the best possible manner. A good business continuity plan sample can help your business to grow in the right direction.  Your business continuity plan can help your business to grow in the right direction. You must have the right strategy that can help your business to grow in the right direction.  4. Identify Your Essential Business Services  You must divide your business services into two categories. First is the performing services, and the second is the non-performing services. You must develop your business services in the best possible manner to get the required services at the right point in time.  Your business services will determine the fortune of your business. So if you want to continue your business, you must stop your nonperforming assets and services that increase your business wastage.    Here, inventory management, social media branding services, and customer care services of your brand play a vital role from where you can decide which services you must invest and on which services you will not invest your money.     Essential Benefits Of Business Continuity Planning  Several benefits of business continuity planning can help your business to grow in the right direction. The main factor here is that many of us do not have the right idea of where you must invest and how you can invest your money to get the maximum returns.    Therefore, let’s explore the essential benefits of the continuity plan one after the other to understand it better.    It will help you to maintain proper business operations.  It can help you to build proper customer confidence in the best possible manner.   It can help you to preserve the reputation of your brand in the best possible manner.  It will help you create your business USP, and you can gain a better competitive edge for your business.    It will help you to meet the financial contingencies of your business in the best way.  The importance of the supply chain system is discussed clearly in the Economic Times Report.  Hence, without business continuity planning, you cannot develop your business in the best possible manner. You must have plan B ready to combat the business’s critical situations in the best possible way.     Conclusion  Hence, if you want to continue your business smoothly, you must have the backup plan ready. It will help you to develop your business in the right direction. It can help you to achieve your business goals in the right way.  If you want to develop your business plan, you must seek the best person to help you achieve your business goals in the best possible manner.     Your business policies must be correct enough to help you develop your business plan in the best possible manner. The only thing you must consider here is making the right business plan to help your business grow in the best possible way. Proper planning for your business is very crucial. It can help your business to grow in the right direction. Read Also:  How to Start a Business in 2021 – Best Business Strategies How To Make Money Fast – 5 Strategy To Follow In 2021