How Quickly Should An Oil Spill Be Seen To?

When oil spills in the workplace

When oil spills in the workplace, you must bring in professional cleaners to contain and clear up the spill immediately. Otherwise, you could put your employees in danger, risk polluting the local environment, and disrupt business operations.

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that provides safe and effective oil spill clean up services. Its expert technicians can clean both surface and water oil spills, and discard any oil for you. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and can be on-site for several hours in an emergency.


Read on to find out why you must respond to an oil spill as soon as possible

1. Spills Can Harm People’s Health

Spills Can Harm People’s Health

The oil contains toxic chemicals, so when its vapors are inhaled, or the oil is touched or ingested, you can experience a range of health effects. Anyone near the oil spill – whether that is your employees or peopling living nearby – is in danger.

Short-term symptoms of exposure include memory loss, dizziness, headaches, and chest pain. The long-term health effects are far more serious and include organ damage and an increased risk of cancer.

If the oil is spilled on the floor, there is also the risk of physical injury as it could be very slippery and cause someone to fall. It is also highly flammable, so an open flame or heat source might start a fire.

2. It Can Cause Pollution

When an oil spill is not cleaned up quickly, it could spread onto the soil, contaminate water sources, or be washed into drains. This will have devastating consequences for the local environment.

The effects of oil spills on marine life are well known. Animals coated in oil might suffocate or could get poisoned, and birds that get it on their fur and feathers may lose buoyancy and drown. It can also reduce food sources, disrupting entire ecosystems. Freshwater habitats will see similar effects.

Should oil spill on soil, plants, and crops might be harmed as it can clog pore spaces, affecting water infiltration and stunting plant growth. Not responding quickly to a spill on soil or in water can prolong these effects and make the clean-up more difficult.

3. It Disrupts Business Operations

oil spill at work is cleaned upoil spill at work is cleaned up

The faster an oil spill at work is cleaned up, the sooner your team can get back to business. Spills may also damage your equipment or workplace, so they must be taken care of by professional cleaners when they happen.

ICE Cleaning’s oil spill cleaners have a lot of experience with oil spillage cleaning and can take care of gasoline, hydraulic oil, and diesel oil spills.

You can find out more about their range of cleaning services here.



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