Sudden Demise Of Sylvester DaCunha Makes Shocked The Nation

Sudden Demise Of Sylvester DaCunha

Legendary Amul Mascot Maker Sylvester DaCunha died in Mumbai in 20th June. The ad campaign was launched in 1966 and became very popular among the people of India. “Utterly butterly delicious.” Now most of his fans like to know the exact reasons for Sudden Demise Of Sylvester DaCunha and why such a a great person suddenly died. Now in this news, you will get the answer to all your queries.

He was the managing director of the ASP organization Sylvester, the art director of the famous Amul mascot of a little girl. Her polka-dotted frock got most of the attention within a specific period of time.

Reasons For The Death Of Sylvester DaCunha   

Amul Girl

There are several reasons for the death of Sylvester DaCunha. In this article, you will get the complete answer to this question with complete ease. Some of the key factors which you must notice here are as follows:-    

  • He died due to cancer at the age of 80’s. He was suffering from it for a long time. On the last 20th of June, he passed away, leaving behind a great legacy of his memorable work.
  • Amul India, GM of Marketing, has also shown their Condolence about his work. You need to take care of these facts when you want to know about this great man.
  • For almost three decades, the mascot of Amul was used by this organization. You need to take care of this fact while you want to talk about this great man.

Hence, his demise is not just the end of a legendary ad maker but also the end of the great creativity which he takes along with him. You need to know and understand this fact while you want to get things done in the correct order. You can feel free to share your views with us in this regard.

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