Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Invest in 2024

ai stocks to invest in

AI seems to be trending across most sectors in the US in the new quarter. It’s been quite some time since AI dominated the business market. Let’s find out about ai stocks to invest in.

So, the massive interest in AI stocks among investors is not unnatural. 

AI stocks are noble value stocks. They can be favorable growth stocks as well. Notably, the value of the US AI market will be USD 594 billion before 2032.

So, let’s find out the best ai stocks to invest in through robust market research. 

We will focus on various niches responsible for the popularity of AI stocks. Let’s say some Ai stocks will return stable earnings growth. At the same time, others may give grand returns. 

Best Ai Stocks to Invest In

AI stocks were the most sought-after investment trend in 2023. The legacy continues in 2024, too. 

This list includes stocks that:

  • Gave the highest returns, 
  • Had a strong portfolio in AI ETFs and 
  • Were popular among WSJ analysts



Symbiotic market cap is $24.15 billion. It is a manufacturing company. They produce AI powered automatic product moving platforms for warehousing. 

You can upgrade your traditional warehouse by installing their AI powered robots.

Symbiotic saw steady growth recently. They reported a prosperous 78.59% Y-o-Y growth. As a result, they have a P/E ratio of 89.8. 

Why Symbiotic’s stock will be valuable?

They are improving revenue growth for consecutive years. They have big names like Walmart in their clientele. They are also eager to achieve business growth by adding new verticals. 

The only downside is their net loss of $45 million. However, steady revenue growth will help Symbiotic to surpass the issues. 



MicroStrategy, trading as MSTR, is an even bigger company. It is one of the plausible ai stocks to invest in. Their market cap is $28.71B.

MS produces analytics software. AI is the basis of their MicroStrategy ONE platform for business analytics. 

However, the company is planning to diversify AI use. The integration of MS’s analytics capabilities with MS Azure’s OpenAI platform will boost their service quality. 

Eventually, their revenue and, hence, stock values will increase. 

I feel that MS will be a potential growth stock. 

There are more reasons why I say so. 

MicroStrategy has more than 158,000 bitcoins, as stated in their balance sheet. It makes them the most significant corporate investor in Bitcoin in 2024. 

With a P/E ratio of 805.32, MicroStrategy is an already investible stock. 

However, it would be better to treat it as a growth stock. 

The revenues from software licensing grew 23% in 2024. It is likely to grow further. 



It is one of the most discussed AI stocks in which to invest. NVIDIA has an unparalleled market cap of $2.82T. 

It is a big tech company that is also recognized as one of the famous blue chips. To learn more about the benefits of investing in blue chips. Read the article on the 10 Best AI Companies In The World. 

How is NVIDIA related to AI?

The company mainly manufactures semiconductors. 

Again, semiconductors contain powerful AI chips. 

Experts say that AI processing software and AI powered apps need volumes of processing power. 

Why do I consider it one of the ai stocks to invest in?

In May 2023, NVIDIA’s shares grew by 23% in just one day. 

So, it is a potential stock whose value is appreciated in the existing market. However, they can improve their revenue in many ways. For instance, they are building resource silos for manufacturing AI powered chips. These chips can, however, make AY driving easier and safer. 

I always believed that NVIDIA could be an excellent long-term investment stock. Now, let’s see the main reasons behind my thinking. 

NVIDIA already shows long-term revenue growth trends. 

The company is also diversifying to the PX self-driving sector. They are the forerunners here. 

NVIDIA already has a P/E ratio of 32.15. 

I feel their stock prices will be scalable till 2035. 

Meta Platforms

Meta Platforms

Wondering why Meta Platforms Inc did not come earlier?

Well, that’s a valid thought. I agree it is one of the best ai stocks to invest in

Nevertheless, Meta is also one of the best AI stocks in which to invest. Like NVIDIA, they also have a significant market cap of $1.20T. At the same time, their social media platforms are unique and irreplaceable. 

The average business scale of Meta increases by 5% Y-o-Y. 

The single platform Facebook has over 2.5 billion users daily. So, I have no doubt that their revenue channels will stay equally strong or even evolve. 

Recently, Meta has topped the chart of AI investors. Moreover, meta built an AI powered custom silicon chips.

AI can also help Meta expand the reach of its services across more customers globally. 

The recently introduced Discovery Engine powered by AI microdata is an excellent step in that direction. 

It will help social media advertisers and improve content targeting. 

Considering all factors, I feel Meta is valuable as a growth stock. It is still scalable and an undervalued stock. 

Their ad revenue is growing steadfastly. At the same time, user engagement is increasing due to AI integration. 

A P/E ratio 20.55 is a token of investors’ trust in the brand and its ability to scale stock prices higher. 

Artista Networks

Artista Networks 

One of the AI stocks with disruptive growth prospects is Artista Networks. They are an AI powered networking service provider. They are also one of the most reputed clients to cloud network providers in the US. 

Artista’s clients are companies with big data centers. So, their revenue returns are assured. It also makes Artista one of the best ai stocks to invest in.

To match my claim, I want to show that Artista claimed 80.5% of revenue returns in the last year. 

Their 3-year EPS growth is also 49.9% on average. They are also fixated on a 5-year EPS growth goal of 19.4%.

Cloud Consensus

Cloud Consensus

It is an AI powered digital information agency. They are also one of the biggest providers of cloud fax technology. At the same time, they have a scalable platform for SaaS services. 

They are trading at 18.87 USD. Their stock prices are growing after a steady fall in March and April. For instance, the price peaked at 20.23 USD (on May 20th). It marked 52 weeks low. 



JOYY is one of the best content trading firms. They are leveraging the potential of AI in their content management, big time. 

The undaunting use of AI on social media platforms like Likee, Hago, and others has made the brand famous. 

JOYY’s stock is appreciated globally. They are now trading at USD 31.11. 

After a turbulent April, their stock prices are stable now. The YTD curves show overall stability in stock prices. As a result, they are more investable than sudden gainers. 

Opera Ltd.

Opera Ltd.

This web application developer is a global brand. They design, build, and maintain web browsers. However, they mainly make mobile-friendly browsers. 

The use of AI designing and coding has increased the delivery and reception of their orders. However, the addition of ChatGPT on their platforms was a masterstroke.

After that, Opera received brilliant customer responses. They are currently trading at USD 14.19 USD. This means that their April peak price (USD 16.57) slightly slumped.



Alphabet is revolutionizing the market with its own AI platform, Gemini. 

Gemini overturned the threat to Google from ChatGPT. It means that their stock prices will also see a favorable change. With a current stock price of 173.56 USD, Alphabet is easing the market. 



Amazon integrated eminent AI algorithms in their product search feature. At the same time, Amazon developed a voice-activated AI algorithm to make product searches easier. 

Amazon also flourished its AI network by investing in Anthropic’s AI platform. Currently, Amazon is trading at 179.32 USD.

Wrapping Up…………..

There are many disruptive AI stocks to follow up on. I have invested in the popular ai stocks to invest in.  However, all listed companies don’t reflect an equally high stock price. A mix of growth and value stocks is also suitable for your portfolio.

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MNPR Monopar Therapeutics Inc. Stock Forecast And News

Are you thinking of investing your money in MNPR stocks? If yes, you must know about the company and its product line before investing in it. Without the complete knowledge of any company, if you invest money in their stocks, it can be a total disaster for your money, time, and investment. Before you invest your money in Monopar Therapeutics Inc Stocks, you need to understand the company profile to make an informed investment at your end. Monopar Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on producing pharmaceutical drugs for cancer patients to make their lives easier. MNPR ( Monopar Therapeutics Inc): Company Overview Monopar Therapeutics Inc Or MNPR is a biopharmaceutical company that comprises clinical-stage certification for developing proprietary therapeutics drugs for cancer patients. The main objective of this drug is to extend life or improve the quality of life for cancer patients. The MNPR is preparing for a drug development pipeline to acquire and license the therapeutics development of drugs in the oncology branch. The main objective of this new product development is to reduce the chances of risk for the candidates who take the heavy dosage of cancer drugs for a better cure. Reasons To Invest In MNPR Stocks Price There are several reasons to invest in MNPR stock price. But before that, you need to know the MNPR stock forecast to make reasonable investments in the initial stock prices to ensure a better growth rate in the future. 1. MNPR  Upcoming Projects Can Leverage Its Stock Prices The MNPR Stock news has positive news for its investors. This fact is that this company targets producing drugs with a high unmet medical necessity. Some of the core briefings of this project are as follows:- The oncology indicates in the making to no FDA approved treatments. It has arranged the fast track designation for the candidate who needs the lead drug candidate. You can enjoy orphan drug designation for the candidate who belongs to the second disease category.  2. Comprises Of  Diverse Pipeline Across Multiple Oncology Indications    MNPR will launch diverse medicines for the range of patients who are suffering from various cancer diseases. Some of the core medicines and the disease for which they are targeted are as follows:- Validive is a medical drug used to treat Chemoradiation for induced voice trials ongoing in the US and EU. Camsirubicin is a drug that is prepared by MNPR for the treatment of advanced Soft tissue sarcoma. MNPR 101 RIT is a drug used to treat Advanced Solid Cancers for severe COVID-19 diseases. MNPR 101 will be used for the treatment of solid cancers. MPPR 202 drugs will be used for the treatment of solid cancers. These are some of the drugs that you can use while treating cancers. As a result, these drugs and medicines will be in high demand in the upcoming years, and their stock prices value will be in higher order.  3. Strong Management Team For Developing Needy Drugs For Patients The strong management team that possesses the industry expertise and experience will deliver quality drugs for cancer patients in the time to come. Cancer patients are increasing over time in the USA and the European nations. MNPR stock prices will rise in the years to come. As a result, the demand for their drugs needs to be higher in the market. The management team understands the market’s demand and designs its products according to it. For the past few years, the demand for pharmaceutical products has been on a hike in the world market economics. 4. Cash Burn Is Changing Over Time    The Cash Burn of the MNPR is changing over time. You may have the question in your mind what is cash burn. The cash burn means the company is moving towards its business development, and the good news for the investors is that MNPR has shown a 73% cash burn rate in the last year. It simply implies that the company is growing faster, and the investors can expect to get better returns from their investments. If you wish for better returns from your investments in stocks, you should watch out for the cash burn situation of the company. In the next few years, the company is expected to grow significantly as the growth is due to the new drugs that it will launch in the market for cancer patients.  5. Debt Position Of The Company The company’s Debt Position is Zero and will remain the same over time. The current cash worth of the company is US$24 million, and the last cash burn is $5.9 million. Hence, the company has zero debt and maximum chances of growth over the upcoming years.     All these aspects indicate that the company’s growth chances are pretty huge, and you can expect that prices to remain on the higher side. The cash balance is changing over the years, and it is likely to grow in the right direction all the time.  6. Monopar Can Easily Raise Cash   Monopar Therapeutics can quickly raise the expected cash run within a short time frame. Therefore, it can help your business move in the right direction if you focus on investing the cash amount. Work out the plans that can positively impact n the business’s cash position. The market capitalization rate is relatively high, and you can get a better return from your investments. Work out the plans with the help of accurate information to increase the chances of better returns from your investments in MNPR stocks. Final Take Away Hence, if you are planning to make your investments in MNPR stocks, you are not making any mistake because the prices will rise in near future. Try to make your choices in the right direction to increase the chances of better returns. MNPR stocks in the upcoming years will show a significant growth rate, and the current position of the stocks of this company is quite high. The possibility is there that you can get better returns from your investments.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   Is Monopar Therapeutics Is The Right Buy Now?    The three-wall street of the research analyst believes in buying, selling, and holding the MNPR stocks right now as they have the chance of providing better returns from your investments. How Covid -19 Impacted MNPR Stock Prices? Post COVID-19, the prices of the MNPR stocks are improving and will grow in the upcoming years. Read Also: Is An Investment Banker A Good Career Choice? Why Create A Powerful Business Continuity Plan? Is Southeastern Steel Detailing Inc A Good Company To Invest?


Upwards Review: Is This India’s Best Instant Loan App?

Getting instant personal loans for paying off dues, medical bills, wedding expenses, smartphone purchases, and more can be a boon to many. Therefore, salaried people in India have started applying for Upwards personal loans to get quick loans without much documentation and requirements! To learn more about this instant personal loan provider in India, read this post till the end. Here, I have explained what personal loan you can get, along with its eligibility criteria and step-by-step application process. Upwards: Company Background When it comes to getting personal loans in the quickest and simplest way in India, Upwards is the best one. This company was established in 2017 and is a registered loan provider as per the RBI (Reserve Bank of India). Its Instant Loan App became popular in India. This company got popular in the last few years for providing personal loans to salaried employees. However, the primary reason they became popular was that they provided these loans quickly - within 48 hours after applying for the loan. In some cases, people even got their loans on the same day they applied for it! Read Also: Create Invoices Online With Upwards Personal Loan: Overview Providing personal loans to customers is the primary service provided by Upwards. No matter what reason you have for taking a loan, you can get a personal loan instantly using this app. This makes it similar to Fullerton India, and Dhani. But what is a personal loan? A personal loan is a type of loan that is unsecured. This means that there is no security against non-payment of loans. Therefore, there is no collateral against the loan that the bank or loan provider can claim in case of failure of payment. Typically, personal loans are short-term loans that also have a lesser amount compared to a secure loan. In regards to Upwards, they can provide you with personal loans up to INR 2,00,000 (Rs. 2 lakhs). The company also offers personal loans for a repayment period of a maximum of 60 months (5 years). Regarding the interest rates that you have to pay for your personal loans, they will be based on various factors.  These factors are all stated in the Upwards loan eligibility criteria, which I will explain below. The minimum interest rate for this personal loan is 9%. Key Takeaways The main highlights of this personal loan are: The minimum amount that you can borrow is Rs. 20,000, and the maximum amount that you can borrow is Rs. 2,00,000. If you apply for this loan, you will not require any paperwork of any kind. The interest rate on this loan is pretty affordable, starting from 9% only! This personal loan is free of any collateral. No matter what purpose you have, you can use the loan money for anything and everything. The approval and disbursal system is instant, happening on the same day as you applied or the next day. Applying for this loan is hassle-free since it requires only a few documents. Also, the entire process is online. If you get this loan and repay it on time, then your credit score will increase! Upwards Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria If you wish to know whether you are eligible to apply for an Upwards personal loan, then you are in the right place. There are a few eligibility requirements that you must meet before you can apply for a loan, unlike LazyPay. These requirements are: You must be a resident of India with all legal certifications to prove your Indian citizenship. Regarding your age, you must be at least 21 years of age to apply for an Upwards personal loan. You must be under current employment and should have a base salary of INR 20,000 per month. When it comes to your credit score, it must be above 600. How To Apply For Upwards Personal Loan? If you wish to apply for an Upwards instant personal loan, there is a simple process to follow. In addition, you must also provide some basic necessary certifications. Documents Required The documents that you must show before you can apply for a personal loan are: Address Proof: Any ID card (like a Voter ID card or Aadhar Card) that can prove your current address. PAN Card: Your PAN Card is required for checking your credit score and more as per RBI (Reserved Bank of India) regulations. Bank Statement: You must present a printed or digital form of your bank statement to show whether your account is legit or not. Salary Payslips: When requested, you must showcase your salary payslip for the last three months as proof of employment. Application Process The Upwards personal loan application process is pretty simple and hassle-free. Here are the steps that you need to follow: First, you must learn how to manage upwards loans. You can do so through the Upwards app. Download it for free from the PlayStore (Android) and App Store (iPhones). Next, you must Upwards login by using your GMail account or Facebook account. After you have done so, open the app and click on Apply Now. Here, you must upload digital copies of the necessary documents, like your Aadhar Card, PAN Card, salary payslips for the last three months, and your bank statement. Now, you must fill in the application form. After you have filled out the form, click on the Submit. After you have filled out the application form and providing all necessary documents, you must wait for approval. You will get an approval mail within the same day if your application gets approved, that is. If you do get the loan approval mail, you will be contacted by an Upwards executive. You now have to agree on the loan terms online over the phone. After an agreement is reached, you will receive your personal loan money within 48 hours! If you do not receive the money, then you must contact Upwards customer care immediately. Benefits Of Upward Personal Loan There are several benefits of the Upward personal loan. It can help you in different means. You must know the facts perfectly while attaining your objectives with complete ease. Ensure that you follow the correct process in this regard. Some of its key benefits are as follows:-       1. Structured Repayment Option Upward personal loans typically come with fixed monthly payments over a set period, making it easier to budget and plan for payments. You need to get through the complete process that can make things easier for you in attaining your requirements with ease. 2. Offers Flexible Loan Amounts  Borrowers can often access a range of loan amounts, allowing them to borrow what they need based on their financial requirements. The flexible loan can sort out your financial needs when you require it the most. Once you follow this process, things can become easier for you. 3. Predictable Interest Rates These loans commonly have fixed interest rates, providing predictability in monthly payments throughout the loan term, even if market rates change. You must get through the predictable interest rates that can boost your brand value to the next level. 4. Builds The Credit History Consistent, on-time payments on an upward personal loan can positively impact credit scores, contributing to an improved credit history. Once you have a trusted credit history things can become easier for you to get the loans on time. 5. Quick Access To Funds Depending on the lender, approval and funding for upward personal loans can be relatively quick, allowing borrowers to address financial needs promptly.  You will get quick access to the funds to make things happen in your favor. 6. Variety Of Uses These loans can be used for various purposes, such as debt consolidation, home improvements, major purchases, or unexpected expenses, providing flexibility in how the funds are utilized. The loan amount you can use for a variety of purposes. Remember that while upward personal loans offer numerous benefits, borrowers should carefully assess their financial situation and ability to repay before taking on any loan. Understanding the terms, fees, and potential impact on credit is essential in making informed borrowing decisions. Conclusion: Is Upwards Legit? If you think Upwards is fake, then you are wrong. This company is 100% legit. However, the only difference you will find is the time taken to receive your personal loans. While the Upwards website claims that you can get your loans in the same day, it actually takes more time than that. Read Also: Navi: Information, Eligibility Criteria, Interest Rates, Review & More Fullerton India Review: Things To Know Before Taking A Loan! What Is Stockinvest? Is It Legit And Working?

investing in stocks for dummies

A Beginner in Stocks? Learn Investing in Stocks for Dummies 

Beginners! Please don't send money immediately to brokerage accounts. Please don’t visit random websites and buy stocks in a frenzy. Let's understand investing in stocks for dummies. Firstly, you must know what stocks are.  Stocks are securities that indicate you have percentile ownership in a company. However, your share of profit in the company is decided by the value of the shares bought.  First, you choose a stock. After that, decide how many shares of that stock you want to buy.  Experts say that stocks offer better financial returns. In comparison, the returns from bonds, mutual funds, or other securities are lower.  But you must know that the stock’s share value might also deplete over time. In that case, you will lose a percentage of your invested money.   Therefore, you must invest in stocks to avoid losses and increase your wealth steadily.  Understanding the Basics A knowledge of investing in stocks for dummies is necessary. It increases your awareness of which stocks to invest in.  Recognizing The Elementary Basics of Stock Investing You don’t need to brainstorm much. Trust me! Just do detailed research on the companies that you find suitable for investment.  Are you getting where to find company data? You will get publicly traded companies' balance sheets and income statements from the internet.  That’s an excellent place to start.  After that, you must have four other basic ideas. These are: ElementsSynopsisEarnings Your preferred company should earn at least 10% more compared to last year. Sales The number of sales should be higher than last year too. DebtDebt should be lower than the current assets of the company, you are planning to invest in Equity Equity must also be higher, compared to the last year Significance Of Staying Informed About the Fundamentals It's simple. You must know the fundamentals to predict the impact of supply and demand on commodity prices. After that, you can detect or project the intrinsic value. As a result, it becomes easier to have an outlook for the stock's future value.  Concepts Of Risk, Volatility, And Financial Assessment The most significant risk of investing in stocks for dummies is that stocks are volatile. So, invest money only when you can afford to lose it. The main factors that help in deciding your risk tolerance are: The current stage of your life What are your financial objectives? And how much you can afford to loss Secondly, you must know what volatility is. It indicates the rate of increase or decrease in the value of a stock over time. Most Americans failed to assess the volatility of stocks in 2022. As a result, the net loss of investors in 2022 was $9 trillion (about $28,000 per person in the US).  Data research by finds that 90% of people lose money in the market. But what’s the reason? Their non-disciplined, reckless behavior shows a lack of proper financial assessment.  I feel that as a beginner, your financial assessment should rest on the following factors: Trying to avoid individual stocks Having a diverse portfolio while investing in stocks for dummies Be ready to lose the first time  Staying committed to long-term investment  Approaches To Investing and Considering ETFs  Most beginners think that mutual funds are the best. Well, you are not wrong there. Experts say that an ETF is your best buy here. ETFs are traded like stocks only. However, you can purchase an exchange-traded fund (ETF) for as little as $100.  Getting Started Now you know most of the basics of investing in stocks for dummies. But is that all?  Importance Of Research Before Investing in Stocks Before investment, everyone wants to ensure that they get the best gain. Neither beginners nor pros wish to go through a loss. So, research deeply.  But what shall I research? Have you ever faced this issue? Well, I am here to help.  Firstly, do deep-digging on how much money is a safe investment amount for the first time. Then, learn how to manage your stock portfolio.  After you know how to do these, identify the best long-term stocks that suit your portfolio.  I suggest that you learn what technical and fundamental analysis is. Read this article to learn more about-Technical analysis vs fundamental analysis: what’s the best way to analyze stocks? Clarification Of What a Stock Is and Its Types (Common and Preferred) The essential thing about investing in stocks for dummies is knowing the kind of stocks. You must also understand how you can pick winning stocks. We must deal in two types of stocks: Kinds of StocksBasic IdeasCommon stocks For these stocks, you can vote during shareholders’ meetings. You can earn a percentile of any dividend released by the stock issuing company. Preferred stocks If you buy preferred stocks, you will get paid before the common stockholders get their payout Strategies for Success You must know some fundamental definitions and logic to start trading successfully.   Determining Investment Goals (Appreciation Or Income) What are you trading for? Monetary gain. But, as I told you, stocks can give you higher earnings than the other average securities.  Most investors indulge in the stock market for two reasons. These are: Appreciation, also known as capital gains  Income (dividends) Primarily, investors earn from capital gains. But what are capital gains, in simple terms? You earn capital gain under one condition only. Your capital assets (bulk of stocks or real estate) must be sold at a price considerably higher than the price during purchase.  Dividends are primarily for stockholders. When a company earns profit, it is distributed as per the share price and number of shares to stockholders,  Timing Buys and Sells Effectively Experts say the best time for stock buying and selling is the first 2 hours after the market opens.  You will learn more tactics about timing with experience. But I suggest you stick to the basics of investing in stocks for dummies.  Utilizing Technical Analysis for Decision-making It's the easiest method you can try while investing in stocks for dummies. In simple terms, technical analysis analyzes stock chart data to detect price movements. You can also check the historical data of stock performance.  Then, decide if you want to buy or sell a stock.  Being Aware of the Big Picture and Global Influences  You must read global data to remain updated. For instance, read articles from websites like  Here you can learn about changes in the global economy, industry trends, and whatnot. You can also learn about the most favorite stocks in America.  Advanced Techniques Now you know the basics of investing in stocks for dummies. But you need a slight knowledge of some advanced techniques too.  Implementing Investing Strategies Like Trailing Stops and Limit Orders I recommend you learn the trailing stops technique of investing in stocks for dummies. This technique allows you to “lock in” your profit or reduce your loss when in a favorable position.  I will explain the phenomenon with an example. You can set a stop-loss at approximately 2% lower than the existing stock price and put the trailing stop at a further 0.5% down.  Your trailing stop can overcome the static stop loss when the share price increases.  Exploring Opportunities in International Stocks Now, you can easily access stocks outside the US market. Go to the international ETFs or ADRs to learn about global stocks.  Buying Stocks in Smaller Quantities and Utilizing Dividend Reinvestment Plans Now, you know that investing in stocks for dummies is not rocket science. However, there’s a formula you can follow when first trading in small stock values. Even if you lose, it won’t matter.  Then, use the dividend earned to buy stocks in more significant quantities.  Insider Tips Most successful stockholders can read between the lines. While investing in stocks for dummies, you can do that, too. Just be careful about:  Emphasizing the importance of observing actions over words Considering insider trading and company insiders' actions Financial Management Investing in stocks is like a chain reaction. Don't be carried away. First, protect your finances. Then aim big.  Maximizing Profits and Protecting Investments To ensure stable and assured profits, diversify your stock purchase. Buy one from Energy and the other from FMCG. You can also buy one from the current biggest gainers and another stock from a stable performer.  It is also essential to protect your investment. Learn the skills of trailing stops and limit orders.  Tips On Keeping More Of The Money Earned  Don’t gauge too much. To keep your earned money, invest time to monitor stocks regularly.  Also, remember to sell stocks immediately, if you think the prices are not good now. But don't procrastinate and lose your imminent earnings.  Conclusion For beginners investing in stocks for dummies, I recommend reading the book: “Stock Investing for Dummies.” You can also focus on first-time investing limits, research tips, and trailing stop concepts.  Indeed, you will want to increase your investment value gradually. However, the only tip I will give is continuous learning—research about your preferred stocks through fundamental analysis. Then, learn more techniques.  But remember that you must not let initial losses discourage you. 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