Goldman Sachs Recommends 5 Stocks To Buy As It Updates About AI’s Role In The Music Industry

Goldman Sachs Recommends 5 Stocks To Buy

Goldman Sachs’s statements about the role of AI in the music industry in the future raise hopes for music shares. The investment company is optimistic about the structural change that is about to happen in the music industry.

Last month Goldman Sachs raised its estimates for the revenues regarding the music industry, where they predicted that the industry would be worth $94.9 billion by the end of 2023, and by 2023, it will be worth $153 billion. It described that AI would bring “significant opportunities” for the music industry in the next few years.

As per Goldman Sachs’ analysts’ claim on 28th June,

Generative AI will super-charge music creation capabilities and improve productivity.

Furthermore, regarding AI’s concerns in the music industry with fake syncing, the analysts claimed that many investors are overstating them.

AI in Music

The investment company named five stocks that are expected to remain in trend for a long time in the music industry. These are Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Live Nation, Believe, and NetEase. Goldman Sachs claims all five stocks as top stocks.

The Goldman analysts directed many eyes towards the music industry, as they added,

We believe the music industry is on the cusp of another major structural change given the persistent under-monetisation of music content, outdated streaming royalty payout structures and the deployment of Generative AI.”

The analysts at Goldman Sachs reported that the music industry is properly set up to protect its intellectual property rights. This is because there are three large companies on the list that have already established in the industry for a protracted time.

The hopes for the music industry are lofty, as the new technology systems coming with AI will reportedly change the perception and the processes of music creation.

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