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All Australians Need To Know About Construction Loans 

Having a piece of land or an existing property, are valuable asset to any Australian. They may be left for later development, or perhaps an extension to something already in place. Quite often, like many things in life, financing the idea may be causing the hold-up. Dreams and plans might have to go on the back burner for a while.

But that isn’t always the case. There is a way around it when speaking to professionals who can offer a solution. Like those who decide to contact an expert Construction loan broker in Sylvania. What is a construction loan and what does the broker do? Let us find out.

Contribution to the construction of the house A house a safety helmet and stacks of dollar coins

  • Where a construction loan differs from a home loan is that the payments are made in installments as and when required, to enable builders to get on with the next stage of development. This works perfectly to ensure that not everything is spent in one go, leading to the disappointment of being let down and being left with an uncompleted job. Before being accepted by a broker, they will want to see a valuation of the planned works from the builder chosen to work on it, which will include documents such as tax returns and payslips from those making the application.
  • Once accepted, the loans are forwarded to the builder from the financial institution after the lender receives a copy of the invoice from the builder. Any building team can be chosen to work on the construction on the proviso that they provide the necessary paperwork. The remaining balance is paid to the builder once the job is complete. The building might be used to open a plant-based restaurant.
  • Because there are a few extra steps entailed in securing a construction loan, it is wise to recruit the services of an experienced broker. They will be experts in the field and be able to provide the best advice and offer the best choice for securing the right loan at favorable rates from their portfolio.

Ideas for real estate, moving houses or renting real estate.

  • Once those wanting a loan decide that there is the need to speak to a professional broker, they will take them through the process hassle-free. Before an initial meeting, it makes a lot of sense to have made some calculations so that the financial expert knows what they need to search for on their client’s behalf. They will be provided with options of which financial institution to choose with accurate advice to help with the decision-making before the loan is finalized. Some indoor golfing fun might be a good way to celebrate the completion.
  • Before such a decision is made, it is always an advantage to have the opportunity to compare offers that are available from a range of lenders. This is only possible when speaking to brokers who can offer the most competitive rates so that the construction is financially viable.

A construction loan is a great way to add to buildings, with securing one made far easier when speaking to experienced professional brokers.

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Pipeline In Finance: What Is It, Working, Importance, And More

A pipeline in finance is a series of discrete stages that describe progress toward a long-term goal. However, the definition of the term changes with different organizations, as they have their own variations on the term. Based on the company, it can be a sales pipeline, R&D pipeline, acquisition pipeline, etc. The term also applies to those companies that faced restructuring so as to avoid double taxation. In this article, you will learn about pipelines in finance and how it works for businesses. Here, you will also learn about how different types of businesses deal with their own pipelines. Apart from that, we will also discuss the meaning of the sales pipeline and the various stages of the sales pipeline in business. Hence, to learn more about pipelines, read on through to the end of the article. What Is Pipeline in Finance? Investopedia states – “In finance, the term pipeline is used to describe progress toward a long-term goal that involves a series of discrete stages. For example, private equity (PE) firms will use the term “acquisition pipeline” to refer to a series of companies they have flagged as potential acquisition targets. This pipeline would include several stages, such as industry research, lead generation, negotiations, due diligence, and closing.” The pipeline works as per the pipeline theory. The theory works with the idea that any investment firm or a company that passes all its returns to its clients must not pay taxes like regular companies. This theory is also known as conduit theory, and these types of companies are called conduits. For example, if a particular investment firm passes its income directly to its investors, then the investors pay taxes like individuals. Hence, if the government (or IRS) taxes the company again, then it would be taxing the same income twice. The pipeline theory states that those companies must not be considered for taxation. However, in other cases, regular companies face double taxation. They pay taxes in the case on the company’s income and also the income on distributions they pay to shareholders. Hence, this issue comes under considerable debate from time to time. Pipeline in Finance: How Does It Work? As already discussed, in most cases, the company’s pipeline in finance works as per the pipeline theory. According to Investopedia, “The pipeline theory sustains the idea that an investment firm that passes all returns on to clients should not be taxed like regular companies. Capital gains, interest, and dividends as returns are key concepts to understand the pipeline theory. The pipeline theory is also referred to as the conduit theory.” Companies that seek tax advantages as per the pipeline theory are also called pipeline companies. If the company passes all its returns to its shareholders, they must not come under taxation like regular companies. If a company adheres to this standard, they get an exemption from corporate income taxes. The premise they use is that they are effectively an investment pipeline. This is because the company passes its income directly to its investors. In other cases, experts use the pipeline as a metaphor for describing the progress of a company toward achieving its long-term goal. Hence, it describes the ongoing process of the company. Consider the acquisition pipeline of a private equity firm. In this case, the pipeline might not end because it is always facing new deals once the old ones face completion. What Is A Sales Pipeline? (A Popular Pipeline In Finance) According to HubSpot.com, “A sales pipeline is a representation of how a prospect moves through every stage of your sales process. A prospect moves through your sales pipeline by completing specific actions which are depicted visually in your CRM.” For every company, there sales processes are different. The processes also change with differences in products. Hence, every company needs a unique sales pipeline that reflects the buyer’s journey in the best way possible. The company makes each prospect move through the sales pipeline at different rates. They do it by considering the level of urgency, interest, and the amount of research behind a product or service. In some cases, certain prospects even skip stages in the pipeline. In cases like these, you will need to skip stages to deal with the prospect as well. Hence, with the help of a proper sales pipeline, you will also be able to determine what stage of the sales process your prospects are at. Furthermore, you will also be able to find out the number of sales you will be able to close within a given timeframe. Here, the sales pipeline allows representatives and managers to forecast revenue better. What Are The Stages Of Sales Pipeline? The following are the major stages of a sales pipeline: 1. Prospecting: With this process, the business lets potential customers discover the company and its products and services. The business uses ads, promotional activities, and public relations. 2. Lead Qualification: The company offers resources and information to the lead to move them downstream. If the prospect wants to learn more, the company offers more lead magnets. 3. Demonstration or Meeting: Later, the sales reps schedule a demo or meeting with the prospect of the product or the service. Here, the business evaluates whether there is a strong case for the business to close the sale or not. 4. Proposal: Here, the company makes its case about how it can address the needs and demands of the customers. 5. Commitment and Negotiation: Here, the company discusses the expanding or shrinking scope of work. In this case, the company adjusts prices to manage expectations. The goal is to come to an agreement at last. 6. Closing the Sale: Here, the salesperson closes the sale and makes way for order fulfillment. 7. Post-Purchase Interaction: This includes offering exceptional service even after the sale, like customer service or asking the customer for feedback and other services. Wrapping Up Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of how a pipeline in finance works. You can see that the term has different meanings in different cases, based on the situation of the business. Do you have more information to offer? Consider sharing them with us in the comments section below. For More Business Related Article Click Below!! NetReputation Reviews: Is It Good For Your Business? What Are Distribution Channels In The Context Of Business? What Is Wholesale Distribution? – Importance, Benefits, And Examples

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SRNG Stock – Present Price, Forecast, Statistics – Should You Invest In It In 2022?

Are you looking for the most accurate analysis of SRNG stock? Then you are at the right place. This guide is dedicated to all those audiences who are planning to invest or have already invested in this Stock. So stay tuned with us and read till the end to get the answer to the question you are searching for - Is SRNG Stock A Worthy Investment Option In 2022? What Is SRNG Stock - The Background SRNG comes from the company named Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp. (now acquired by Gingko Bioworks). Harry E. Sloan, Jeff Saganskym, and Eli Baker founded this company for the purpose of the capital share exchange, effecting a merger, share purchase, asset acquisition, etc. To learn more about the health of SRNG, read the guide till the end. What Happened To SRNG Stock? In the early days of 2021, several speculations were hovering about the SRNG merger. So basically, Gingko Bing works, a Boston-based entity in biological engineering completed the merger with a special purpose acquisition company, SRNG Corp. In September 2021, the company started trading publicly on the NYSE. And it happened as well successfully. The organization did a prestigious job of presenting the prospects and financial forecasts in one of its business presentations. Current Price Of SRNG Stock The present SRNG price, which is on June 3, 2022, is USD $12.180. Prediction Of SRNG Stock Price The segment below presents the stock forecast with both historical data and future predictions. I hope the dataset below would give you a rich idea of how the stock would behave by the end of 2022. Take a look. 1. Historical Data DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price2021-09-17Open: $12.180Close: $12.180Low: $12.180High: $12.1802021-09-16Open: $10.714Close: $10.714Low: $10.714High: $10.7142021-09-15Open: $10.047Close: $10.047Low: $10.047High: $10.0472021-09-14Open: $9.987Close: $9.987Low: $9.987High: $9.9872021-09-13Open: $9.293Close: $9.293Low: $9.293High: $9.2932021-09-10Open: $9.909Close: $9.909Low: $9.909High: $9.9092021-09-09Open: $9.921Close: $9.921Low: $9.921High: $9.9212021-09-08Open: $9.897Close: $9.897Low: $9.897High: $9.8972021-09-07Open: $9.969Close: $9.969Low: $9.969High: $9.9692021-09-03Open: $9.983Close: $9.983Low: $9.983High: $9.9832021-09-02Open: $9.972Close: $9.972Low: $9.972High: $9.9722021-09-01Open: $9.968Close: $9.968Low: $9.968High: $9.9682021-08-31Open: $9.969Close: $9.969Low: $9.969High: $9.9692021-08-30Open: $9.960Close: $9.960Low: $9.960High: $9.960Source: https://walletinvestor.com/stock-forecast/SRNG-stock-prediction  Analysis: From the historical price chart of the SRNG Merger above, you can see a dataset for 2021. From 30th August 2021 to 17th September 2021, the opening price, closing price, maximum and minimum price are found to be on an increasing trend. This indicates a long-term profit potential of SRNG price. 2. Predicted Future Data SRNG Stock Price Forecast for 2022July 2022Open: $12.534Close: $12.568Min: $12.397Max: $12.568Change: $0.27 % ▲August 2022Open: $12.431Close: $12.505Min: $12.431Max: $12.603Change: $0.59 % ▲September 2022Open: $12.537Close: $12.646Min: $12.474Max: $12.646Change: $0.86 % ▲October 2022Open: $12.509Close: $12.543Min: $12.509Max: $12.680Change: $0.28 % ▲November 2022Open: $12.577Close: $12.617Min: $12.552Max: $12.715Change: $0.32 % ▲December 2022Open: $12.649Close: $12.758Min: $12.587Max: $12.758Change: $0.85 % ▲Source: https://walletinvestor.com/stock-forecast/SRNG-stock-prediction  Analysis: The monthly SRNG forecast table above indicates that the price will be on a rising trend from July 2022 to December 2022. So, that’s also a positive aspect of this Stock in terms of the growth potential. 52 Week High And Low Of SRNG Stock Price The 52-week high and low values of the SRNG merger are here. I have given both historical and forecast values so that you get a clear idea of the yearly trading difference. 1. Historical Data  52 Week High52 Week LowUSD $14.25USD $8.9 2. Predicted Future Data  52 Week High52 Week LowUSD $12.629USD $12.043Source: https://walletinvestor.com/stock-forecast/SRNG-stock-prediction   How SRNG Stock Is Going To Perform By 2027 Source: https://walletinvestor.com/stock-forecast/SRNG-stock-prediction Analysis: The diagram above denotes that SRNG price is going to rise from June 2023 to June 2026 at a steady rate. SRNG forecast 2025 and 2026 is sufficient enough to make you understand how prosperous the long-term earning potential is. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Q1. What Is The SRNG Stock Price Today? Ans: The present SRNG price, which is on June 3, 2022, is USD $ 12.180. Q2. Will SRNG Stock Price Go Up? Ans: Yes, the SRNG price could go up from USD $ 12.180 to USD $ 12.629 USD in a single year. Q3. Is It Profitable To Invest In SRNG Stock? Ans: According to SRNG Forecast, the long-term earning potential is +3.68% in a single year. Q4. What Will Be SRNG Stock Price In 5 Years? Ans: As per the SRNG Stock forecast, the expected SRNG price within the coming 5 years is USD $ 14.326. Is SRNG Stock A Good Buy? That’s all about the SRNG forecast. It’s quite evident from the stock review that it's definitely investment-worthy. Due to a high long-term earning potential, you can expect better profits by 2025. It’s noteworthy that after the Stock merger, its performance has gone up. Hence, there are considerable chances of ROI in the future. Have Any more queries on it? Let’s meet in the comment section. For more similar reviews on stocks like this, stay tuned with us. 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Tax Bill

What Will Happen If You Do Not Pay Your Tax Bill? What Are The Next Steps?

There's a saying in life: only two things are certain – death and taxes. Yet, while everyone knows they need to pay their taxes, some people either cannot or choose not to do so. What happens if you don't pay your taxes, and what are the next steps if you find yourself in this predicament? In this blog post, we will explore this issue in depth. Initial Notices And Letters If you haven't paid your tax bill, the first thing you'll receive is letters from the tax authority in your country (the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the US, for instance). These letters are typically polite reminders telling you that you owe taxes and providing instructions for payment. Should you fail to respond to these reminders or choose to ignore them, the letters will progressively become more serious and insistent. Don’t underestimate the importance of these letters – they are an official record of your debt and could have severe legal implications down the line. It's best to consult a tax professional or attorney if you receive these letters to understand what your next steps should be. Remember, you can always find out here about dealing with these notices. Interest And Penalties It's not just the initial tax bill you'll need to worry about if you don't pay your taxes. The amount you owe will continue to grow due to penalties and interest. The IRS, for example, typically adds a failure-to-pay penalty of 0.5% of the total unpaid taxes for every month or portion of the month the tax is left unpaid. Furthermore, this penalty can build up to as much as 25% of your entire unpaid taxes. Tax Liens If your unpaid tax debt continues to grow and remains unresolved, the tax authority may place a tax lien on your assets. This means they have a legal claim to your property, including your house and car, which they can seize to settle your tax debt. A tax lien can wreak havoc on your credit score, making it difficult for you to secure loans or credit in the future. Wage Garnishment And Asset Seizure In extreme cases, if you continue to ignore your tax debt, the tax authority has the power to garnish your wages or even seize your assets, such as bank accounts, to pay off the debt. This is a last resort measure and usually follows several attempts by the tax authority to collect the debt voluntarily. Criminal Charges While rare, it's possible to face criminal charges for not paying taxes. Tax evasion is a serious crime and can lead to fines or imprisonment. However, the tax authority usually reserves this for egregious cases or when they suspect deliberate fraud. Next Steps If You Can't Pay Your Tax Bill So, what can you do if you're unable to pay your tax bill? Don’t panic – there are several options available. 1. Installment Agreements Many tax authorities, including the IRS, offer installment agreements for taxpayers who cannot pay their tax bills in full. This lets you pay tax debts over time in smaller, more manageable amounts. 2. Offer-In-Compromise An OIC or Offer in Compromise refers to an agreement between the tax authority and a taxpayer that stabilizes the tax liabilities of the taxpayer for a reduction from the complete amount owed. However, this is not a guarantee, as the tax authority will take into account your ability to income, pay, expenses, and asset equity. 3. Temporary Delay If the tax authority determines that you're unable to pay the tax debt you own, they may temporarily delay collection until your financial condition improves. In Conclusion While not paying your tax bill can lead to serious consequences, there are options and resources available if you find yourself unable to pay. Remember, the worst thing you can do is ignore your tax bill. It's essential to communicate with your tax authority and seek professional advice if you're having trouble.  Remember, the sooner you address your tax issues, the less severe the penalties are likely to be. So, take action now before a manageable issue turns into a financial nightmare. Read Also: Maximizing Tax Refunds: Tips And Tricks For Canadians Seven Potential Tax Credits Available To Small Businesses In 2023 Business Deductions And Tax Planning: Two Critical Steps To Save Money


LoanTap: Information, Eligibility Criteria, Interest Rates, Review & More

Why does anything have to wait?  Especially when you need personal emergency loans for medical urgency; or to meet your business or lifestyle goals.  LoanTap is the perfect assistant that gets your loan application approved within 30 minutes, and you get the fund within 6 hours. Sounds interesting? Well, it is. I know it is urgent, but you cannot just take a loan from an outright stranger for a loan provider. Yes, we have our trust issues. But that is what we call being careful and vigilant. So, here is all the info you need to know on LoanTap. What Is LoanTap? LoanTap is a personal loan company that offers instantaneous loans to loan seekers within 24 hours of their application. The process is simple. First, you have to download their application on your device. Then, upload all the documents they require to approve your loan, and the money gets transferred to your account. Does that sound complex? No? They offer customized options for different amounts of loans. And the higher amount and the tenure of the loans actually benefit the applicants in so many ways. Applicants also have the benefit of flexible repayment. You can apply for personal loans, holiday loans, EMI-free loans, house owner loans,  rental deposit loans, wedding loans, credit card takeover loans, two-wheeler loans, premium bike loans, electric two-wheeler loans, MSME loans, and more. The process is quick and only a few clicks away. Here, go through the features of LoanTap to understand more about what they have in store for you. Read More: mPokket: Information, Eligibility Criteria, Interest Rates, Review & More LoanTap Features LoanTap is great for instant loans. You will have different advantages for your personal loans applied on the platform User-Friendly Services There is no need to worry if you have zero prior experience of getting a loan. The platform is super easy to use, and you can easily apply for a loan there. People with lower levels of experience and knowledge about borrowing money should have no problem using the platform. No Hidden Charges Associated The whole process of borrowing money from LoanTap is easy and transparent. Borrowers do not have to pay any hidden charges. Once your application is approved, you will not have to go through any additional fees than what is already mentioned. Minimum Documents Required When applying for a loan at LoanTap, you do not have to provide them with lots of your personal documents. They only collect some minimum document requirements for processing your loans. Also, the interest rate for different loans on LoanTap range between 15% p.a. to 24% p.a. However, it also depends upon the applicant’s eligibility. Long Tenure The best part of LoanTap loans is that they offer their borrowers the chance to repay within a long tenure. This flexibility provides the users with long tenures and smaller amounts in payable EMI for the loans. Yes, you will get your loan disbursed within 24 to 36 hours of application. High Loan Amount The disbursement range for the loans you apply for is high. You can apply for different amounts based on your requirements. There are also different types of loans you can apply for. However, the loan amount you can apply for depends upon your income, age, credit score, occupation, employer, work experience, Quick Loan Approval & Disbursement The process for application, approval, and loan disbursement is effortless. You can get your loan transferred with only a few simple clicks. You have to download the LoanTap app and then fill out the information required and wait for your application to be approved. Flexible Repayment When Flexible repayment options are there, you can repay your loan of outstanding amounts after a few months of the amount’s disbursal.  You can repay your loan within 6 to 60 months of getting your loan. Eligibility For Loans On Loantap Credit Products Private Limited If you want to avail a loan from LoanTap, you need to fulfill several eligibility criteria. Here are those criteria – The borrower must be 23 years old or older. The maximum age of the borrower is 58 years. The borrower must be a citizen of India. The borrower needs to be a salaried worker at a reputable organization. The borrower should also have a minimum of Rs. 30000 per month. The borrower should also have a minimum of 2 years of experience. Benefits of LoanTap Personal Loans There are many benefits to getting a loan from Loantap funding. Here are some that you might want to know – Loantap pays a high amount in loans. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, they will disburse the amount you have applied for. Also, you will be able to repay the loan within flexible tenure. Online loan eligibility on the LoanTap platform will let you check whether you are eligible for the loan or not. The process is simple and only takes you a few minutes. You can use the loan calculator and check the interest rate, processing fees, and all the necessary information about the loan you want. There are many repayment options for you to choose from. There are switch, accelerated, and enhancement options for loan repayment. The loan processing time is very instantaneous, meaning you will get your application reviewed, and approved and the loan transferred within a short period of time. The loan application process is basic. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it even easier.  The process starts with the borrower downloading and using the LoanTap app on their phones. These are unsecured loans. As a result, they don’t require you to provide any third-party guarantee. But the company might ask the borrower for third-party collateral under specific circumstances. Read More: Dhani Loans & Services Limited – Background And Services Bottom Line Yes, there are other personal loan providers you can opt for. But LoanTap is among the best when it comes to high-amount loan disbursal under short notice. The quick and simple loan payment process makes it easy for borrowers to get money instantly. However, many borrowers might feel otherwise about the interest rates. But the long tenure and flexible repayment almost makeup for the high-interest rates. If you are thinking of getting a personal loan, you can definitely think of LoanTap. However, you can also call LoanTap for more information through the Loantap customer care number (+91 788 804 0000). Read Also: NIRA Instant Personal Loans: Are They Really Instant? FlexSalary: Information, Eligibility Criteria, Interest Rates, Review & More StashFin Personal Loan Review – Interest Rates, Loan Amount, Eligibility, And More