Rogue Ways Of Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business

In the middle of a cost of living crisis, every single penny that you spend on promoting your business needs to see a good return on your investment.

Markets are contracting, and your share of that market will contract with it unless you put yourself out there and make more noise. Getting rid of marketing spending in order to save money is a false economy.

A better approach as times get tough is to be more clever about your marketing. Turn the volume up, adopt new and different strategies, and push your own boundaries. Seek out activities that require very little cost but could elevate you above the general hubbub and give you the added exposure that is going to bring customers to your door.

While every business is different, we’ve highlighted some of the ways you can take your marketing to a different level with a minimal budget and potentially good return. Ultimately what you decide to do will depend on your particular sector, but we hope that these ideas will get you thinking outside the box and encourage you to explore different marketing paths.

Here Are Six Prime Ways Of Marketing Your Business

Ways Of Marketing Your Business

1. Newsjacking

Newsjacking is the art of taking popular and trending news stories and linking them in some way to your service or product on social media. This could be anything from wishing members of the Royal family a happy birthday, to having an opinion on the latest contestants of Love Island, to making jokes about the latest political shenanigans.

Newsjacking can generate more press, increase brand awareness, and attract new eyeballs to your business.

2. Customize ALL packaging

This is particularly important for businesses with a physical business – whether you are selling luxury high-end products or basic ranges, your packaging is a constant vehicle for brand awareness.

Going through the entire life cycle of a product, from design to delivery, every stage has opportunities to customize with more brand identity. From the packaging on the shelves to the plastic pallets that are used in transportation.

Customize ALL packaging

3. Sponsor a local artist to create a mural on your wall

Does your business have a physical building? Could you maybe seek out a local artist who could paint you a mural on a large empty wall? You need to pay the artist (they do, after all, need to make a living!) But not only does it create a show-stopping public visual representation of your brand and company for all to see, but it can also produce its own press and publicity as something interesting and unusual.

4. Do a TikTok dance video with employees

You may want to get your younger employees involved in this – but there’s usually a song and dance trending on social media. Set aside a few minutes each day to practice, and then make it a big social event among your employees for the actual filming. It’s a great team-building exercise.

TikTok dance video

5. Engage on social media

Do you regularly post on social media? Even if you do, you need to do more than just post. You need to engage – as this is your opportunity to talk directly with potential customers.

Take some time out each day to go through and engage with the posts of people you want to be targeting. Not only will this increase your presence in front of them, but it will also help with your own algorithms and get your own posts trending on more timelines.

6. Source support from your biggest suppliers

The better you do, the better your suppliers do – partner up with your suppliers on different marketing activities and seek both financial and practical help and support from the.

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The Significant Role of an SEO Analyst An SEO Analyst is responsible for improving a company's online presence by optimizing its websites for search engines. Their duties encompass researching and implementing keyword strategies, improving website ranking and traffic, analyzing performance through SEO tools, and generating reports to illustrate progress. They also work on website design to ensure it is user-friendly and often cooperate with content creators to incorporate SEO best practices. The overall aim is to increase visibility and conversions. An experienced SEO Analyst can profoundly impact a business website. Their expertise can optimize a website's visibility, increase its ranking on search engine result pages, boost organic traffic, and improve conversion rates. The analyst's ability to perform comprehensive keyword research, analyze competitors, and understand algorithm changes is vital to maximize the site's potential. Essentially, the expertise of an SEO Analyst can elevate a business's online presence and increase revenue. The impact of SEO on website visibility SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, plays a significant role in enhancing website traffic. It involves optimizing a website and its content with relevant keywords, enhancing the site’s visibility in search results. SEO not only helps in attracting more visitors but also attracts quality traffic with higher conversion potential. The more SEO-friendly a website is, the higher it ranks on search engines like Google, leading to increased visibility and consequently higher website traffic. Website ranking on search results is crucial for digital visibility and business growth. It directly affects the amount of traffic your website receives. A higher rank increases the chance of internet users finding and engaging with your business. It's also a sign of credibility and relevance to both search engines and users, contributing to user trust and brand reputation. Therefore, optimizing your website for search engine ranking is an essential part of online marketing strategies. Choosing the right SEO Analyst When hiring an SEO Analyst, consider their analytical skills, understanding of SEO trends, and proficiency in SEO tools. Experience in keyword research, content optimization, link building, and SEO audits is vital. They should understand your business niche and have a proven track record of improving website rankings. It’s also crucial that they possess excellent communication skills to effectively articulate strategies and suggest improvements. A certified SEO Analyst with technical expertise can drive your business's online visibility. When examining an individual's portfolio or previous work, look for consistent quality, creativity, and versatility. 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Network Marketing

What Is Network Marketing And How To Do It In 2021

Network marketing is a new trend in the global business arena. The central concept behind network marketing is it can help your business increase the sale of the products and services by building a network and community faster. Here the word of mouth and direct sales concept is widely prevalent.  The more accurate your planning is the better you can develop your network to increase your sales in the long run. You need to plan things properly to help you get the proper assistance to build your network marketing business in 2021. Here the more you can expand your team, the better commission you will get.     Tips To Become Successful In Your Network Marketing Business    You must follow several tips while you are planning to do a successful network marketing business. Let’s explore the facts that can help you to achieve your goals in a better manner.  1. Assess The Opportunity  The scope of the income in the network marketing is vast. The best thing is that you will get instant money from the client if you can crack the deal at your merit. You must assess the company, its products, services, and the demand for the product in the market.  Network marketing is all about creating demand in the market. It will help you assess your products and services’ right objective and services that can help your business grow in the right direction.  There are several questions you need to be very clear in your mind while you are doing the Network marketing business.    Do your product has the demand in the market?  What is the reputation of the brand?   What is the potential of your business in future  Do you have to create the demand for your product in the market, or is it already there?  All these questions you need to address very carefully while you plan to do network marketing and want to pursue your career in it.  2. Who You Are    You must know who you are in the market? What reputation does your brand hold in the market? Here you need to plan your strategy that can help your business to meet your goals. Proper planning can help you to achieve your goals effectively. Proper planning can help your business to grow in the right direction at the right time.  Network marketing can help you to create a broader appearance in the market. The more active and aggressive you are, the better you can handle your network and team to get the job done. Your planning and execution here play a vital role. It can help your brand to get things done in proper order at the right point in time.  3. Get Results      In any business, achievement of the results and the target holds the key. The same thing applies to network marketing. If you want to develop your business, then the network marketing application can effectively help you achieve your goals.    To achieve the desired results and achieve success in your network marketing business, you must understand that you must create a trust factor in your customer’s minds. It will help you to achieve your goals effectively. Proper planning can help you to achieve the common objectives of your team effectively. You need to understand the market and the people to get things done in your favor.  4. Develop Relationship Skills    Building a strong rapoo with your customers is the key to success in network marketing. It will help you to achieve your desired goals effectively. Relationship skills will help you to build a strong connection with your target audience. Relationship skills are the foundation of network marketing. You cannot bypass it while you are in the business.  You need to do a regular follow-up of your client. It will help you build confidence in your customer’s minds that they are not investing their money in the wrong place. In network marketing, the trust of your customers holds the key. You need to seek the best services that can help you to achieve your goals. Proper planning and execution can make things happen in your favor.     5. Master Mindset     Try to understand the mindset of your customers. You must understand what your customers expect from you and what your team members are expecting from you. You need to read between their minds to make a correct decision. Ensure that your client must show interest in your words while demonstrating your products and services to them.   In network marketing, the key is to understand the expectation of the customers from you. You have to play with the customers’ minds to gain the maximum profit for your team and your business. Here, you do not have the option to say no to your client if required; you can provide some lucrative offers and gifts to your clients to make them loyal to your brand.  6. Set The Foundation  Set a solid foundation of your brand in the mind of your customers. It will help your team members to achieve the desired objective of your business. You can multiply your business when your team performs well. You need to show your skills to your other team members to feel motivated to achieve the desired objectives.   Here one-man army concept will not work. You need to motivate your team and the team members to achieve the common objectives. Network marketing is all about the team game where you are as good as your team members are.  Conclusion  Hence, if you plan to achieve the desired goals for your network marketing business, you have to follow the above steps. The matter of fact here is that these steps are also not very hard to follow. You must not make your choices in grey. The more accurate your plan is, the better you can achieve your goals.  You must ensure that your team members must stay motivated and active all the time. It will help you to achieve your goals effectively. Proper planning and execution here can make you achieve your goals effectively. Ensure that you have made the correct choices of team members from your end. 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Market Orientation

Market Orientation – What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Most companies look to convince their target customers of the value of their products and services so as to sell the product. However, many companies use the Market Orientation technique. It is a process through which a business identifies the needs of its target customers and uses that data to create products and develop services. Learning this marketing approach can help you decide whether it suits your business or not. In this article, you will learn about the market orientation approach, how it works for businesses, and how businesses use this technique to market their products and services. In addition to that, we will discuss the major stages of the market orientation approach. Finally, we will share with you some of the major advantages and disadvantages of market orientation. Hence, to find out more, read on through to the end of the article. What Is Market Orientation? According to Investopedia, “Market orientation is an approach to business that prioritizes identifying the needs and desires of consumers and creating products and services that satisfy them. Companies that have a market orientation consider the opinions and needs of their target market as a critical component of their research and development (R&D) for new products.” In this concept, the company’s focus is on identifying the needs and preferences of its customers. With those needs and preferences, the company designs and develops its products and services with the primary objective of earning profits. In this marketing and product development strategy, the job of the business is to interact more with its customers and observe their needs and requirements. To become profitable, the business turns its focus to the preferences of the customers. The business makes use of its variety of resources to fulfill the needs of its target customers. The businesses that use this method are also aware of their competition in the marketplace. They make use of different techniques to identify different threats. The enterprises that follow the market orientation strategy invest a lot in innovation and product development so that they keep up with the changing demands of their customers. Read More: What Is A Venture Capitalist, And What Are Their Functions? How Does Market Orientation Work? Market orientation is a strategy for marketing that businesses use to focus on their customer base, and create and sell products on the needs of the customers. According to the Wall Street Mojo, “The strategy involves analyzing and researching the customers’ requirements, concerns, and suggestions concerning the particular product or service the enterprise deals with. This way, the enterprise will be aware of the trends in customer preferences. It will enable the company to modify or design its product or services according to customer preferences.” A company that follows this strategy first does market research to find out its customer preferences. They make use of data analysis techniques to predict the desires of their customers. However, businesses that are already established and have good sales of their products use this strategy to improve their products or expand their product line.  Apart from that, using this strategy helps businesses to address issues associated with customer retention. Today, most companies follow the market orientation approach, as it helps them understand the needs and demands of their target customers better. What Are The Stages Of Market Orientation? The following are the stages of the market orientation strategy: 1. Initiation In this stage, the business identifies all the potential threats for its business which might affect it. Apart from that, the business also researches what steps to take to handle the threats. 2. Reconstitution Here, the researchers present the plans for the initiation stage to the employees of the business. With the managers point out to the employees about what steps to follow. Here, the organization also needs to ensure that all employees are ready for the change to happen. 3. Institutionalization Here, the organization puts the plan into action. Here, they train employees and provide them with instructions on what steps to follow. This helps the employees to follow a pattern so that the business is able to cater to the needs and demands of the customers. Here, the plank is basically executed. 4. Maintenance In this stage, the business continues the process and meets the customer requirements and demands, as per the initial plan. Here, the business tries to ensure that the plan is effective and everyone follows it to meet the business’s goal. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Market Orientation? According to, “A market-oriented approach to business can help a company earn the trust and loyalty of its customers by showing them they're a priority and that the business exists to serve them. It contrasts with conventional marketing, which attempts to convince customers of a product's value while not necessarily prioritizing consumer preferences during product development.” The following are the major advantages and disadvantages of market orientation: Advantages Of Market Orientation Here are the advantages of market orientation: It helps to increase the overall revenue. The business sees an increase in the market. The customers are well-connected to the company. Helps in innovation and product development. It helps the business to enhance its market reputation, as the customers are happy with the products and services of the company. Disadvantages Of Market Orientation Here are the disadvantages of market orientation: Continuous change is required, as the needs of customers change with time. The company invests a lot in investment. Research gets difficult as it is difficult to predict the preferences of the market. Read More: Private Equity Vs. Venture Capital: Key Differences Final Thought Hope this article was helpful for you to get a better idea of the market orientation approach. You can see that it is really helpful for different companies to identify the needs and demands of their target customers. This helps them in developing new products and eventually sell them. Many top businesses use these principles to expand their products and services. Even some of the major impractical demands from consumers help businesses make decisions in the long term. Hence, market orientation helps businesses to plan for the long term. What do you think of the market orientation approach’s importance for business? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Read Also: Why Business Continuity Planning Is Essential For Your Company? Project Management: What Is It? – Major Types, Examples, And More What Is Risk Management? – Find Out How To Manage Risks in Business

Market Cannibalization

Market Cannibalization – Definition, How Does It Work, Example, And More

Market cannibalization is one of the worst things that a business can face with its products and services. It mostly happens when a company comes in with a new product for the market, and because of this, the demand for its original product starts to decline. This leads to the business experiencing losses not only in sales but also in revenue and market share. Hence, due to this fear, many companies hesitate to develop new products. In this article, you will also learn about market cannibalization, how it works for businesses, and the ways in which it affects a business’s market as well as its product line. We will take a look at the phenomenon with the help of a simple example. Finally, we will provide you with tried-and-tested steps to prevent market cannibalization in business. Hence, to learn more, read on through to the end of the article. What Is Market Cannibalization? According to Investopedia, “Market cannibalization is a loss in sales caused by a company's introduction of a new product that displaces one of its own older products. The cannibalization of existing products leads to no increase in the company's market share despite sales growth for the new product.” It works in most cases where the earlier product, as well as the new product of the business, share a common base of customers. It can also happen when a fast food outlet or chain store loses its customers after a store of the same brand starts operating nearby. It also happens when the new product is almost the same as the product that is already existing. Both these products have the same target audience. However, the introduction of the new product in the market puts the existing products of the business out of the market. This, in turn, affects the business a lot, as the business faces stagnant growth in the market despite an increase in sales of the new product it launched. Despite enticing new customers with the new products, the phenomenon results in attracting the already existing customers towards the new product as well. As an outcome, the sales and growth of the company get a major hit. Read More: Market Orientation – What Is It, And How Does It Work? How Does Market Cannibalization Work? According to, “Even with a detailed marketing plan, cannibalization may occur depending on how the general customer base reacts to the new product. Whether or not the products are competitive, customers may prefer the new one. A common reason why this happens is that two products may be too similar.” Let’s say a technology company sells smartphones. And they introduce a new one which is similar to the old one. The customers that were attracted to the old one now start liking the new one and purchase it. Hence, the new product was sold at the cost of the sales of the old one.  Therefore, although the new product got major sales, the sales of the old product were affected. Hence, there is no increase in sales of the company. In fact, considering a new product was launched, the sales actually got affected. In various marketing campaigns, companies unintentionally, however, discourage their existing customers from using previous products. The tone of the marketing here suggests that the product has become obsolete as compared to the new one. Example Of Market Cannibalization Corporate Finance Institute gives a simple explanation of market cannibalization -  “There are certain situations where market cannibalization cannot be avoided. For example, we now see tons of department stores that operate as online businesses as well. The store owners already understand the risk that its online sales can jeopardize those of its brick-and-mortar stores.” Let’s take an example of a well-known company - Apple Inc. When Apple releases a new iPhone with new features, it never shies away from explaining why the product is better than before. Furthermore, the company also ensures that the new iPhone reaches all Apple stores throughout the world. Hence, many people are attracted to the new one since they know that the latest one is better than the previous one, despite it being more expensive. As a result, the sales of the older iPhones start dropping.  However, Apple makes up for this loss amazingly. It increases the price of the new one and also captures the current customers of its competitors. This helps in increasing Apple’s customer base. How To Prevent Market Cannibalization? - Steps To Follow The following are some of the major steps that you will need to take if you want to prevent market cannibalization in your company: 1. Determine Your Market Goals Before launching a product, have a clear idea of what are your goals with that. What do you want to achieve - customer loyalty? eliminate competition? filling a market-gap? - Find out through research. 2. Analyze Your Market Never ever launch a product without properly understanding your customers’ behavior and market dynamics. Always research the performance of your existing products and how much do customers like them. 3. Test Your Customers Before Extending The Product Find out your potential customers, and test the product beforehand. Ask for genuine feedback from the customers. You can do so by surveys, interviews, experiments, etc. Validate your assumptions based on results. 4. Monitor The Product’s Performance Monitor the performance of the product after its initial launch. You can use various metrics like - customer satisfaction, market share, profit, sales, etc., to evaluate the product’s extension. 5. Focus On Innovation Constant innovation and differentiation are required for your products if you want to avoid cannibalization. Keeping up with the needs and demands of customers might help. Read More: Matrix Organizational Structure – What Are Its Pros And Cons? Summing Up Hope this article was helpful for you in understanding the phenomenon of market cannibalization and how it affects businesses. In many cases, companies use it as a deliberate strategy to blow out competition, while sometimes, it results in the failure of the company itself to reach its target market. To stop market cannibalization from happening, consider following the aforementioned steps in the previous section. What is your opinion on market cannibalization, and do you have any recommendations to stop the same? Share your insights on the matter with us in the comments section below. Read Also: Matrix Organizational Structure – What Are Its Pros And Cons? Business Continuity Plan – What Is It, And How Does It Work? What Is Continuity In Business, And Why Is It Important?