SUIC Stock – Present Price, Forecast, Statistics – Should You Invest In It In 2022?


Investment in the stock market is lucrative enough, only and only if you research hard. Lack of proper analysis and research can lead to the loss of your hard-earned money. I am sure you are here today because you are looking for a perfect review before investing in SUIC Stock. So, yes, you are at the right place today.

We have got everything about SUIC Stock covered here including present price, forecast, statistics, news, and much more. Stay tuned with us and read till the end to get the final verdict, – Should you invest in it or not?

What Is SUIC Stock? The Background


The question we are going to address here is what is SUIC Stock?

SUIC Stock comes from Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. Sino provides venture financing, investment in public and private sectors, research and development, etc. The organization predominantly focuses on blockchain-related businesses like blockchain application technology, professional consultancy for ICOs, financial technology services, and others.

Current Price Of SUIC Stock

The current SUIC stock price on April 19, 2022, is USD $ 0.550.

Prediction Of SUIC Stock Price


Below I have presented a full SUIC stock forecast considering both the historical and future data. Take a quick look:

1. Historical Data 

DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price
2022-04-14Open: 0.510Close: 0.580Low: 0.470High: 0.580
2022-04-13Open: 0.5075Close: 0.550Low: 0.465High: 0.550
2022-04-12Open: 0.5010Close: 0.550Low: 0.5010High: 0.550
2022-04-11Open: 0.510Close: 0.510Low: 0.510High: 0.620
2022-04-08Open: 0.452Close: 0.452Low: 0.452High: 0.570
2022-04-07Open: 0.550Close: 0.538Low: 0.529High: 0.550
2022-04-06Open: 0.540Close: 0.550Low: 0.490High: 0.550
2022-04-05Open: 0.450Close: 0.490Low: 0.450High: 0.530
2022-04-04Open: 0.570Close: 0.577Low: 0.550High: 0.577
2022-04-01Open: 0.460Close: 0.460Low: 0.460High: 0.460
2022-03-31Open: 0.450Close: 0.450Low: 0.450High: 0.450
2022-03-30Open: 0.450Close: 0.450Low: 0.450High: 0.450
2022-03-29Open: 0.450Close: 0.465Low: 0.450High: 0.480
2022-03-28Open: 0.451Close: 0.480Low: 0.451High: 0.481

Analysis: You can see the full historical stock price from 28th March 2022 to 14th April 2022, from the above dataset of SUIC stock price. As you can see, the prices have an upward rising trend within this time span which indicates long-term profitability.

2. Predicted Future Data 

2022-04-19Price: 0.518Min: 0.484Max: 0.554
2022-04-20Price: 0.524Min: 0.488Max: 0.558
2022-04-21Price: 0.525Min: 0.489Max: 0.558
2022-04-22Price: 0.518Min: 0.482Max: 0.556
2022-04-25Price: 0.556Min: 0.522Max: 0.591
2022-04-26Price: 0.524Min: 0.487Max: 0.559
2022-04-27Price: 0.529Min: 0.493Max: 0.563
2022-04-28Price: 0.531Min: 0.495Max: 0.566

Analysis: The projected future dataset shows that from 19th April to 28th April, the minimum, maximum and the closing price of SUIC Stock would rise. As a result, long-term profitability can be sensed.

52 Week High And Low Of SUIC Stock Price

Below, the historical and predicted 52 Week H and L values of SUIC stock are given. It will help you understand the highest and lowest price at which the stock has traded during one year.

1. Historical Data 

52 Week High52 Week Low

2. Predicted Future Data 

52 Week High52 Week Low

Is SUIC Stock Bullish Or Bearish?

Analysis: Bullishness or bearishness denotes the health of a stock and how well its price would rise in the market. The diagram above shows that SUIC Stock at present has a bearish trend. However, as per the recent SUIC stock news, its potential is expected to push it towards the bullish side by the end of 2022.

How SUIC Stock Is Going To Perform By 2027



Analysis: It’s evident from the above graph that SUIC Stock Forecast 2025, 2026, and 2027 will perform. Not only this but also the SUIC stock forecast graph indicates the downward movement. Only in 2023, the price potential is expected to be higher and positive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Is The SUIC Stock Price Today?

Ans: The current SUIC Stock price that is on April 19th, 2022 is USD $0.550

Q2. Will SUIC Stock Price Go Up?

Yes, as per the SUIC stock forecast, the SUIC Stock price would go up from USD $ 0.550 to USD $ 1.112 in a single year.

Q3. Is It Profitable To Invest In SUIC Stock?

According to SUIC stock news, it’s profitable to invest in this stock. It has a long-term earning potential of +102.27% in a single year.

Q4. What Will Be SUIC Stock Price In 5 Years?

In 5 years, SUIC stock’s future price is expected to be USD $ 0.842. The

Is SUIC Stock A Good Buy?

The final question: is SUIC stock a good buy? Analyzing the dataset and conducting thorough market research, it’s possible to state that SUIC Stock is a good buy for 2022. It’s also a feasible choice for 2023 but after 2024, the feasibility is under question.

For more reviews on stocks, stay tuned with us.

See you in the comments section.

Disclaimer: Respected Readers, the SUIC Stock price facts, and the data we presented above are all assumptions. All the data refers to those present on the leading cryptomarket websites. The actual values might be different on the basis of the market situation. Please note that share/stock prices are subject to market risks. Read all the documents and examine them carefully before investing.

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