Main Types Of Logos: Why Is It Needed?

Main Types Of Logos

The logo of a company is the singular most important aspect of brand image. Branding itself in its root form is about establishing an image or a trademark that differentiates things from other things. When creating a logo, you should look into different logo designs and choose the one that suits your business the best. There are different types of logos, and these are best for different types of businesses under different circumstances.

Logo design research is something that every entrepreneur and business does at some point in time. If your team is brainstorming on logo designs, definitely you need to read this information if you are interested in this topic. There are multiple styles of the logo to use but choosing the right one is vital so that clutter is avoided.

In this article, we discuss the different types of logo designs, their characteristics and when you need them the most. Read on to find out more about logo designs and how to make a difference in the design.


Different types of logo designs and their importance in branding

The classic and pure form of a logo that is very simple is a wordmark-style logo. The wordmark style uses text only in its representation. The use of wordmarks can be seen in many popular companies in the present scenario. The wordmark style is often called the logotype, and it simply writes the company name in a creative way. The major elements of the logo are text, typography and font play.

The use of simple text can invoke emotions and values of the company in the customers and help people recognise the brand. The use of particular fonts has been very popular among all companies. For example, most fortune 500 companies use Sans Serif to create their wordmark logo. The use of the wordmark logo is a fail-safe option and can be applied across multiple mediums of marketing. The use of this type of logo helps create consistency for your brand easily. Sometimes, brands create the compact form of their wordmark logo with the use of a monogram.


The use of a Monogram logo design is another simple way of representing your brand. Monograms can be used even to represent your initials for your personal brand. If the company name is very long, you can simplify the logo with a monogram design. The monogram leaves a very strong imprint on the customer’s mind when it is designed in detail and very cleverly.

A monogram is very easy to incorporate in branding, merchandise design and packaging so that there is consistency in branding and logo placement. The monogram can be very eye-catching when it is meaningful and intriguing. The best way to use a monogram is a capitalised letter designed with a stylish font and framed well. Textual designs of logos like monograms and wordmarks are very popular.

In fact, more than half of the companies have capitalised letters in the form of monograms and wordmarks. Monograms can be used in digital space as well as physical aspects. For example, you can print the monogram on the back of your visiting cards, or you can use the monogram as the loading button of your website or the front of your business app.

Combination logos are styles that incorporate both visual elements and textual elements. Combination logos are very popular among many companies. The logo design usually includes a symbol and a letter mark to create a combination.

The benefit of a combination logo is that you can use all the elements together or the visual symbol when you want. You can also use the letter mark when necessary. Combination logos give more space for creativity and collaboration. The combination logo can be a meaningful image or only a letter out of the name.

The symbol can be incorporated into the letter mark so that it can create one logo with a smart design. The symbol should be well linked with the letter mark so that the customer registers all the aspects and remembers the whole logo. Combination logos are great for new companies that need to create new identities for the brand. However, once brand awareness is created, it is important to rethink the logo and simplify it for better impact. Moreover, a combination logo is the most popular design style among all companies.

Pictorial mark

There are many different logos and pictorial marks, or simply the visual element is one of them. The standalone image is also called the brand mark logo. The brand mark logo only has the pictorial mark and does not include the textual part or the company name.

By only using the pictorial mark; the brand takes a huge risk. However, with the right kind of approach and the right selection, it can leave a huge impact on the minds of the customer. Pictorial marks are very easy to visualise and remember. However, pictorial marks are mostly chosen when the brand is already established and recognised.

Most brands that remodel their logo or rebrand use pictorial marks. The use of the pictorial mark is one step ahead of the combination mark. Start with using the combination mark and then slowly move toward the pictorial mark once the brand is well recognised. The transition from the combination mark to the pictorial mark should be very smooth.

The use of an emblem logo has been very common and is the oldest form of branding. Emblem logos are usually vintage style and can even include the company name inside a symbolic image. The use of emblems can be incorporated into the use of badges, cups, seals and other merchandise.


The use of a logo drives brand recognition for your brand. However, you need to use the right kind of logo design based on the phase of branding your business. There are multiple styles to use, and you can even choose a combination of styles. However, the rule is to keep everything simple and appealing. The use of creativity and different elements can be very refreshing and unique for the creation of the logo.

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