What Do Energy Jobs Pay? | Must Know In 2023

What do energy jobs pay

What do energy jobs pay? On average, energy jobs pay around $55000 to $62000 per year. You can choose from a varieties of career options in the energy job sector. You can become a transmission system operator, industrial engineer, nuclear engineer, geologist, chemical engineer, power plant operator, etc.

If you manage to work for any top-level company in the energy job sector, you can expect to earn a high salary of $136000 per year. But, if you are landing an entry-level job as a nuclear reactor operator, you can make as much as $25000. 

But, if you check out different jobs in the energy industry, the salary looks promising enough. Here are ten common jobs I have listed from the energy industry. If you are planning to build your career in this direction, this article can be helpful. 

Find Out: What Do Energy Jobs Pay?

Here are the different jobs and their average salary in the energy industry. 

JobAverage SalaryEntry Level Salary90th Percentile Salary
Industrial Engineer$78,000$60,000$100,000
Nuclear Engineer $87,000$58,000$130,000
Environmental Engineer $69,000$52,000$92,000
Chemist $58,000$39,000$86,000
Transmission System Operator $66,000$32,000$136,000
Power Plant Operator $47000$36000$62000
Electrician $53000$38000$75000
Wind Turbine Technician $49000$29000$83000

What Is The Energy Sector? 

What Is The Energy Sector 

The energy sector or the energy field includes several different fields and subfields. This field is only for generating electricity based on wind, coal, solar, nuclear, hydropower, bioenergy, and so much more. Many different types of energies, scientists, managers, and technicians work in this sector. 

Petroleum, coal, bio-based fuel, and other different sources of fuel-based industry employed 900000 people in 2021. Also, a massive number of 2.1 million people work in the energy efficiency sector. In addition, the energy industry employs people in different sectors, including electric, hybrid electric, traditional motor vehicles, and other fields.

So, if you are asking, ‘What do energy jobs pay,’ you should know that most white-collar jobs pay a massive amount to their employees. 

Reasons To Choose A Job In The Energy Field 

Reasons To Choose A Job In The Energy Field

Here are some reasons you should choose a job in the energy field. 

  • Energy sector jobs increased by several 22,279 between 2020 to 2023.
  • Energy sector jobs increased by several 300000 between 2020 to 2021. 
  • 7.8 million people will be working in the energy sector in 2021.
  • What do energy jobs pay? They pay six-figure salaries to petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, and geoscientists.
  • Jobs in the renewable energy sector are increasing every year.
  • Energy sector jobs will increase by 87% in 2023.    
  • In 2031 the job market in the energy sector will inflate at a higher pace. You have to stay vigilant in this regard.
  • It is a developing industry and in the upcoming years the demand for clean energy will rise in the market. You cannot just make your choices out of gray.

Best Paying Jobs In The Energy Sector  

Best Paying Jobs In The Energy Sector

There are several best paying jobs available in the energy sector. You must go through the salary details of the jobs to have a clear insight into it. Some of the key factors to take care here in the energy sector.

  • Architectural engineer or manager can earn up to $152,350 per year.
  • The Aerospace engineer can earn up-to $122,270 per year.
  • The Petroleum Engineer can earn up to $130,850 per year.
  • The chemical engineer can earn up to $105,550 per year.
  • Space and atmospheric scientists can earn up to $96,880 per year.
  • The power-plant operator can earn up to $94,790 per year.
  • The Mechanical engineer can earn up to $95,300 per year.
Best Paying Jobs In The Energy Sector

Hence, these are some of the latest updates from the energy field that you need to know while you want to get the jobs in the energy sector in 2023. You need to get through the details of it to get a better idea into it. You cannot just make your selection in the incorrect end while attaining your career goals in the correct end. You must explore more to get the proper insights about the jobs available in this sector.

What Do Different Types Of Jobs Pay In The Energy Sector? 

Most of the jobs in the energy sector offer a good salary. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in the energy field. 

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are responsible for drilling and working in the oil and gas sector. They plan and create designs for the extraction of oil and gas. Employers across the industry plan to employ around 2100 petroleum engineers between 2020 and 2030. As a petroleum engineer, you can expect a median salary of $130,850.

Chemical Engineer 

Chemical Engineer 

A degree in chemical engineering or a master’s degree can help you get a job in the chemical industry. A chemical engineer earns an annual median salary of $105,550 as of early 2022. 

Civil Engineer 

Civil Engineer 

What do energy jobs pay? If you are working as a civil engineer, then you can earn a yearly salary of $88,050 per year. Civil engineers have varying levels of duties and workloads across different industries. Almost 310,000 civil engineers were employed in 2020. If you have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, you can work in the energy field and earn a good salary.

Wind Farm Site Manager

Wind Farm Site Manager

Wind farms require site managers who would oversee the day-to-day work, ensure the efficiency of the workflow, and maintain the equipment, facilities, and safety protocols. As a wound farm site manager, you can expect to earn around $124,650 per year. 

Solar Project Developer

Solar Project Developer

Solar project developers usually work with investors, government agencies, contractors, and laborers to complete their projects. If you have a bachelor’s degree in engineering you can apply for the job of a solar project developer. You can expect a yearly salary of $72,010. 

Power Plant Operator

Power Plant Operator 

Another good job opportunity in the energy field is the role of the power plant operator. All you need is a high school diploma, and on-site experience to get a job as a power plant operator. The salary in this job role is also fulfilling. You can expect a salary of $94,790. 



As a geoscientist, you have to work both outdoors and indoors. Working with different samples and locating oil and gas is one of many responsibilities they have working in the energy industry. You can expect a salary of $83,680 per year.

Current Job Openings In The Energy Sector

Today, there are 37000+ job openings are available in the energy sector in the USA as per the latest Linkdin reports. You can go through this link to get the latest job updates in the energy sector. It will help you to build your career in the right direction.

On the other hand, as per the latest Indeed reports there are 32000 job openings available in the USA right now in the energy sector. You have to explore the job portals to get a clear insight to it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some popular questions that I have offered answers to–

Q1. Are Energy Engineers Paid Well?

Ans: If you have worked for more than 5 years, you can expect a six-figure salary in the energy sector job. Especially jobs like industrial engineer and transmission system operator earn a good salary with a minimum of 5 years of experience. 

Q2. How Do I Get Into The Energy Industry?

Ans: If you want to get into the energy industry you need to follow these steps –
⦿ Choose a career in the energy industry.
⦿ Earn credentials and degrees required for the job. 
⦿ Join a professional group.
⦿ Look for internships and entry-level opportunities.

Q3. Is Energy A Good Career?

Ans: The energy industry is a good career path. You can earn a good salary and create a stable career in the energy sector. There are some good job opportunities in this sector, allowing employees to earn a six-figure salary. Also, the world will not run without energy, so it is an indispensable field to build your career.

Final Words 

The demand for energy sector employees is increasing in the US and across the world. So, if you are planning to start a career, then this is indeed a good direction to go. This sector grew by 2.8% in 2021, and it is expected to grow even more in the coming year.

So, if you are asking What do energy jobs pay, I think you have got your answer. For more similar queries, you can leave your question below.

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