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What Is An Endowment? – Working, Purpose, Types, And More

What Is An Endowment

What is an endowment? – Large non-profit organizations need donation capital from time to time in order to fund their operations on a daily basis. Hence, these large organizations make use of endowments as financial tools. With this tool, various non-profit organizations can manage a set of financial assets to generate investment returns. They use these investment returns to fund the operations and further grow the endowment.

In this article, you will learn about endowments in general and how it works. Apart from that, we will also take a look at its major features and purpose. Furthermore, we will give you an idea of the different types of endowments. Finally, we will look at the major pros and cons of endowments. Hence, to learn more about endowments, read on through to the end of the article.

What Is An Endowment?

What Is An Endowment

According to Investopedia,

“An endowment is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organization, which uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose. An endowment can also refer to the total of a nonprofit institution’s investable assets, also known as its “principal” or “corpus,” which is meant to be used for operations or programs that are consistent with the wishes of the donor(s).”

Mainly, large non-profit organizations design endowments to ensure that their principal amount is intact. At the same time, these organizations use the investment income for charitable efforts. They also ensure that the organized endowments are a trust, private foundation, or public charity.

The organizations that administer endowments include educational institutions, service-oriented organizations, and educational institutions. They manage their endowments with the goal that when donors provide funds for the purpose of the organization, there are sufficient resources to support that purpose.

How Does Endowment Work And What Are Its Purpose?

How Does Endowment Work And What Are Its Purpose

According to Wall Street Mojo,

“The endowment funds are funded mainly by way of donations. The funds have specific policies concerning investments, withdrawal as well as usage of the funds. Normally the policies allow that the initial investment, known as the principal, shall remain untouched, and only the investment income can be withdrawn for use in the operations of the non-profit organization.”

Organizations use endowments as a trust, private foundations, or public charities. In general, educational institutions like universities and colleges administer endowments. On the other hand, there are other types of endowments too. Bodies like cultural institutions and service-oriented organizations manage these types of endowments.Indexed Universal Life Insurance: What Are They And How Do They Work?

In some cases, the organization can also use a certain percentage of endowment assets. Hence, the amount that the organization withdraws mostly consists of a combination of principal and interest income. Based on the prevailing market rates, the ratio of principal to income of the organization will change on a yearly basis.

Another important aspect of endowments is their management. It is a discipline unto itself, and managers have to deal with the push and pull of interests to use assets. They set objectives, assess business risks, develop policies of payout, build asset allocation policies, select managers, define responsibilities, and cut costs.

What Are The Types Of Endowment?

What Are The Types Of Endowment

The following are the major types of endowments:

1. Unrestricted Endowment

It consists of assets that the organization can spend, save, invest, and distribute. This endowment is at the discretion of the organization.

2. Term Endowment

As per this method, the organization can expend the principal only after a certain event or a period of time. However, after the time limitation that the donor had imposed is over, the organization can freely utilize the fund.

3. Quasi Endowment

This is an endowment donation that the organization receives from an individual or an institution. The individual or the institution gave the fund for a specific purpose. The organization that receives the fund retains the principal and extends or distributes the earnings as per the instruction of the donor. Institutions that benefit from such endowments start this through internal transfers.

4. Restricted Endowment

In this system, the organization holds the principal in perpetuity. At the same time, the organization expends the earnings of the invested assets as per the specifications of the donor.

When it comes to donation size, The Corporate Finance Institute states –

“The typical donation size of an endowment is generally much larger when compared to other charitable donations. It is because donors realize that large donations to an endowment are a way to fund the organization and support a cause they believe in for many years in the future, and hence their legacy as a donor is also kept alive.”

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Endowment?

The following are some of the major pros and cons of endowment:

Pros Of Endowment

Here are the major pros of endowment:

  • Organizations are in a better position to attain their objectives as the funds act as financial support.
  • Professional managers manage the fund and take due care to ensure its protection.
  • These funds act as a regular source of income for the organization or institution.
  • The organization gets additional support for the annual fund of the organization.
  • The organization can also utilize the funds’ proceeds for various programs.

Cons Of Endowment

Here are the major cons of endowment that you need to be aware of:

  • The organization can use certain contributions for limited purposes only. These include the ones that are for specific purposes.
  • The organization can also face restrictions while withdrawing funds. This can lead to hampering of operations.

Summing Up

Hope you have an understanding of what is an endowment and how it works in general. In the United States and also in other parts of the Western world, you will find endowments with academic institutions. The size of the endowment of an academic institution shows how well-off the institution is. This shows that the institution can fund its operating costs.However, the organization that is receiving endowments cannot violate the terms of endowments. If an institution has gone bankrupt but still has assets in endowments, then a court can issue a “cy pres doctrine.” This allows the institution to use endowment assets for better health. If you have more information to add, share it with us in the comments below.

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how to tell if your married boss likes you romantically

How To Tell If Your Married Boss Likes You Romantically?

It is usually not that uncommon for your married boss to notice the employees, but when it gets more than just noticing becomes something more, what then? It is important to know the right amount of balance between personal and professional relationships, especially between a married boss and their employee.  But when it comes to your boss showing some extra attention to you, the signs are pretty clear, but how to tell if your married boss like you romantically? That’s a whole new ball game. How To Tell If Your Married Boss Likes You Romantically?  There are many different signs suggesting that your married boss likes you in a romantic way. If you are not aware of such signs yet, then you should definitely start paying attention more than you normally do.  So keep on reading to know “how to tell if your married boss likes you romantically.”  1. They Want To See You Outside Of Work Do you and your boss meet outside of the workplace? If so, then things are no longer in a professional environment. Suppose your boss asks you for a drink or to grab dinner; then it is a huge clue that you should look for.  And more so when they are hanging out with you alone and not even inviting other employees, then it’s possible that your boss may like you. 2. Your Boss Makes Excuses To See You When At Work When your boss has a crush on you, then they would do anything to see you more, even at the office, and to spend time alone with you. Silly excuses like sudden face-to-face meetings may even come up to your desk to check up on you. Then there are definite signs that they might like you beyond just the employer and employee relationship.  Read more: 10 Signs Your Boss Is Testing You 3. They Make Your Job Easier Suppose your boss shows favoritism or liking towards you, then they would try to make your life easier at the office. Such behaviors as helping you to complete your work, valuing you over other employees, and excusing your mistakes.  This kind of behavior from a boss is very partial and something that should not happen, but if they probably like you, then you can receive such treatment.  4. They Strike Up A Personal Conversation Suppose your married boss is looking forward to now you more than just in a professional way, then they will talk to you more auto personal things.  This doesn’t have to mean that your boss likes you, but they are definitely trying to know you more on a personal level. Your boss might ask you about your hobbies and your other likings in order to know you more.  5. They Don’t Mention Their Spouse A big sign of whether your married boss has feelings for you or not is they talk of their spouse in your presence. If they are into you, then they are totally gonna the avoid the topic of their spouse or fiance when you are present. They might hide the wedding ring or hang up on the call of their spouse when you are around and even act abnormally when they are near. Read more: 10 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Leave  6. They Show Interest In Your Personal Life When your married boss is talking to you about personal things, then observe properly whether they are showing any interest in your personal life or not. Suppose your boss likes you, then they are definitely going to ask you about your love life in a sly manner.  And if you are in a relationship, then wait and see your boss’s expression, whether you can see a tinge of jealousy or not. If they quickly change the topic, then they are a bit jealous, knowing that you are in a relationship.  7. They Add You On Social Media Social media is a very “non-professional” platform, so let’s just say you're married boss is showing interest in you; they surely wanna know more about you and your life outside the office. And what better way to know about you than to follow you on social media? This way, they can even keep tabs on your whereabouts and your likes and dislikes.  8. They Send Messages To You For No Reason Trying to establish a more personal connection with you, your boss might text you when outside the office. They might be about “How are you doing?” or maybe “Have you reached home properly?”  Even if these texts seem quite normal, if they suddenly start sending you suggestive texts that they might like you, then there can't be a clear enough sign.  9. They’re Subtly Flirty With You Suppose you think your boss might be flirting with you, then you can easily recognize the signs of subtle flirting if you are an expert.  Things like lightly touching you after a joke or making eye contact with you and making suggestive comments to you. The signs are clear that your boss likes you, forgetting the fact that they are married.  Read more: 10 Signs Your Boss Cares About You 10. They Get Physically Touchy With You Is your boss too touchy with you? Such as hugging you or maybe touching you unnecessarily? In a workplace, handshakes and the occasional patting the back is acceptable.  But anything more than that is definitely a sign that your boss might like you, and you don’t have to know any more signs of how to tell your married boss likes you romantically. How Can Romanticism In The Workplace Hurt Your Career? Romance in the workplace can lead to a higher level of distraction. It can ruin your concentration level and prevent you from achieving your set goals. If your Boss becomes flirty with you in workplace, there is a high chance that you are in high-risk zone.   1. Your Professional & Personal Life Can Be At Stake Your professional and personal life can be at stake. There are high chances of distraction and fewer chances of growth. This will offer you short-term happiness and long-term sadness. However, if you like this romanticism of your boss for a longer period, there is a high chance you lose your self-esteem and confidence soon.   2. Growth Opportunities Will Become Less You will become distracted from the path of your career growth due to the romanticism in the workplace with your boss. This can lead to less search for better career opportunities for you in the future. Most importantly, you will be stuck in one place. Your career will be trapped in the mud of stagnancy.   3. You May Be Confused Of Your Boss Mood Swings Romantic employees take care of the boss's mood, not his or her work. Ultimately, this can lead to short-term gains and long-term losses. There is a high chance that you miss out on some happy moments with your family and friends out of an illusionary relationship that ceases to exist. The human mind is not very predictable. So if you have a women boss then the challenge will become 10x times more difficult for you to keep your boss happy all the time.   4. Better To Leave The Job Now, every problem in this world comes with a solution. So, here also have no exception to this matter. If you get signals from your boss that they try to carry a romantic relationship with you immediately leave the job for your own betterment. Don’t enjoy this relationship longer as initially, it will make you smile, but ultimately it will make you cry.   5. Skill Enhancement Chances Will Be Less Your skill Enhancement chances will be less due to your romantic boss. You will receive your next best job based on your skills, not your present boss's reference. Keep this thing in mind and then enter into a romantic relationship with your boss. There is a fundamental rule of thumb: “ Love your work” As companies seize to exist. Frequently Asked Questions !! (FAQs): Here are some popular questions you might want to get an answer to – Q1. How Do You Know If Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It? Ans: Did your boss just tell you to stay late for a meeting after work? Well, this might be one of those tell-tale signs that he/she is into you. These bosses usually try to persuade their favorite employees to stay after work so that they can spend time together. This is one of many signs that they like you secretly but are still hiding it. Q2. Do Bosses Have Crushes On Employees? Ans: Although the office is a professional platform, that does not mean we leave our personal feelings behind at home when we head to work. It is possible for any human being to be attracted to others despite their differences in the employment hierarchy. Office romances and work spouses are very common in many countries, and it is quite normal for bosses to develop feelings for their employees. Q3. How Do You Know If Your Boss Admires You? Ans: Here are some common signs that your boss might have some feelings for you –• They may challenge you occasionally. • When your boss relies on you too much, it means that they secretly admire you. • They can leave key assignments and clients to you and feel no worry. • They make you feel respected at work. • They are often willingly recognizing and admiring your work. Wrapping Up! Now that you know all the ways to know how to tell your married boss likes you romantically, then you can do something about it now.  If you are uncomfortable with it, then ask for advice from someone trustworthy on how to deal with it. Then skillfully and professionally deal with the situation. So if you find this article helpful, then leave a like and comment below to get more similar content from us. Read Also: 10 Signs Your Boss Likes You 10 Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You 10 Signs Your Boss Is Impressed By You


CFR Vs CIF: What Are The Differences Between These Shipping Terms?

CFR vs CIF: What is the difference between the terms? – You will find both terms standard in shipping and transport, and both are part of international trade rules. CFR is a trade term that means the seller will transport goods by sea to the destination port. On the other hand, CIF means that the seller pays to cover the cost of shipping and insurance to ensure there is no potential damage or loss for the buyer. In this article, you will learn about two popular terms in shipping: CIF and CFR. First, we will get a general overview of both the terms. Then, we will discuss the function of the seller in both cases. Finally, we will examine the differences between the two terms. Hence, to learn more about the two terms, read on to the end of the article. CFR Vs CIF: An Overview Of The Terms One of the interesting things about both terms is that they are known as incoterms. According to Indeed.com, “Incoterms are common trade rules developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers while participating in international trade. CIF is an Incoterm specifically meant for shipping across oceans or international waters. There are other internationally recognized Incoterm that buyers and sellers can use when delivering products.” Furthermore, both are part of the larger group of international trade rules. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) devised the rules. The first version of the rules came out in 1936. both terms consist of guidelines for traders. Basically, CFR and CIF are similar terms. However, in CIF, the seller will also need to pay for the marine insurance to offer protection against loss, destruction, and damage to the order. What Is Cost And Freight (CFR)? As per Investopedia’s definition, “Cost and freight (CFR) is a legal term used in foreign trade contracts. In a contract specifying that a sale is cost and freight, the seller is required to arrange for the carriage of goods by sea to a port of destination and provide the buyer with the documents necessary to obtain them from the carrier.” This term strictly finds its use in cases of cargo transport through sea or inland waterways. However, in this case, the seller does not have the responsibility of procuring marine insurance, as is the case with CIF. The insurance is to provide protection against the risk of loss or damage to the product during transit. What Is Cost, Insurance, And Freight (CIF)? On the other hand, CIF (cost, insurance, and freight) gives responsibilities to both buyers and sellers. This is also the case in the case of deliveries through transport through seas or inland waterways. The term gives information about who will merchandise the shipment and when. If you follow the rules of a CIF agreement, you will be able to divide your shipping costs. Apart from that, you will also have a basic understanding of when you have responsibility for the shipment in the shipping process. With the CIF agreement, you are transferring both your costs and your risks, but at different times. Here, as a seller, you are transferring the cost when the financial responsibility of the product shifts from the seller to the buyer. Generally, the cost transfer occurs when the product reaches the destination port. Here, you will have to take responsibility for any merchandise cost before that. The risk transfer happens when the responsibility for the lost or damaged item shifts from the seller to the buyer. In this agreement, this risk transfer happens after the goods are loaded onto the ship. Hence, while the goods are traveling, the seller is responsible for handling shipping costs. However, the buyer will be responsible for the damages to the merchandise or in case of loss. CFR Vs CIF: What Are The Differences? According to Investopedia, “Each term refers to an agreement governing the responsibilities of shipping that fall respectively to buyers and sellers in an international trade transaction. This system of agreements aids in an orderly process of international trade by making contract models available that are easy to identify and understand in all languages.” However, there are some primary differences between the two agreements. The major difference lies in one additional responsibility for the seller (shipper). In the case of CIF, the seller must also provide a minimum amount of marine insurance on the shipped goods. Here, the buyer and seller agree on the insurance amount beforehand. Apart from that, the seller of the product takes up the responsibility for additional costs related to the transportation of the product. In addition to that, the seller also pays for paperworks, custom inspections, rerouting, etc., that might occur during the transport of the product. However, the buyer here has to take responsibility for any damage to goods or even loss during transit. CFR Vs CIF: Understanding The Difference With Example You can understand the difference between CFR and CIF easily with the help of this example. Let’s say Seller X sells a particular good from Spain to Buyer Y in the United States. Here, Seller X pays for the shipping from Spain to the US. Also, the seller is responsible for the shipment until the goods are loaded on the shipping vessel. After the loading of the vessel, Buyer Y takes over the responsibility for the goods. This agreement is the same for both CFR and CIF. However, under CIF, there are additional responsibilities for Seller X. Here, Seller X needs to buy insurance for the transfer of goods. With the insurance, the seller will need to cover the loss or damage to the goods at the time of shipment. Eventually, after the goods reach the destination port, the seller does not have any responsibility. Wrapping Up CFR vs CIF – Hope you have found an understanding of both the terms and the differences between them. You can see from the article that both are quite similar agreements. However, in the case of CIF, the seller bears an additional responsibility. Do you have more information to add? Consider sharing them with us in the comments section below. Find More About Business By Clicking Below!! Equity Theory: A Balancing Act for Modern Workplaces What Is A Distribution Channel? Essential Things To Know About It How Does The Procurement Process Work? Essential Things To Know About It

signs your boss cares about you

10 Signs Your Boss Cares About You

Working in an office environment where your work culture is good, with healthy communication with other employees, and your boss cares about your needs.  But wait! How would you know whether your boss cares for you or not? Are there any signs your boss cares about you? There sure is, and today we are going to talk about those signs exactly.  Signs Your Boss Cares About You If you are wondering about the signs of whether your boss cares about you or not then, then you don’t need to stress about that. Here are 10 signs your boss cares about you. 1. Make You Believe Like An Important Member Of The Team To know that your boss really cares about you is if they value your work and also compliment you about being a valuable member of the team. Certain behavior of the boss might make you think they really care about you, such as.  Ask for you when an important project comes up. Ask you to go to certain client meetings and conferences.  2. They Reach Out To You Often If the boss comes to you more often than anyone else, then it is a sign your boss cares about you. You can also take advantage of this situation by letting them know about certain things they are in the unknown.  You will get to know that your seniors are reaching out to you if they show certain behaviors.  Comes to you for a certain task other than sending someone else.  Greets you whenever they pass your cabin or cubicle.  3. Listens To Everything You Say, Rather Than Pretending Other than just pretending that they are listening to your suggestions and opinions, they actually listen to you. This is a clear sign your boss cares about you and your expertise. You will see this genuine action when. Your boss gives you good feedback. Appreciates your great ideas. 4. Gives Credit For Your Work A sure sign your boss cares about you is when they show appreciation towards you when you do good work. They can take it one step up by praising you in front of everyone. This will definitely give you a confidence boost.  You will see your boss give you credit when he.  Takes your name, particularly during important meetings. Praise and appreciates you front of everyone.  5. Never Intentionally Embarrass You It is important to see what your boss does when you make a mistake, whether they embarrass you in front of the whole team or help you rectify the mistake without making a huge deal out of it.  The signs that your boss doesn’t embarrass you but rather encourages you. Include you in meetings that are important. They always recommend you in important cases.  6. Apologizes To You When Required It is possible that, either unknowingly or knowingly, your boss might have hurt your feelings, and instead of hesitating, they apologize to you right on the spot. This is because your boss cares for you and respects you.  So if they did something wrong to you, and because of that, you are feeling low and down, then your boss will definitely apologize to you. And would make sure you are feeling good enough in the workplace.  If your boss is ready to apologize to you at once, then. They will never let you feel down. They will make sure you feel better.  They will even try to cheer you up in the workplace.  7. They Help You To Face The Challenges And Ace Them The most obvious green flag as a sign your boss cares about you is if you see that your boss is helping with the problems and challenges that you are facing in the workplace.  They will help you with resources and offer you certain training as well. Your boss will want you to become the strongest employee who is able to face any challenge or problem quite efficiently.  To see whether your boss helps you with certain challenges, see the signs. Your boss will push you harder to face any challenge with confidence.  Your boss will help you with any problem you may face.  8. Values And Respect Your Time A great boss is known to value and respect their employees. If you see your boss is very respectful towards you, then it is signs your boss cares about you. They will value your opinion and expertise.  Your boss will even invite and ask you to attend certain meetings and sessions. They will also be respectful towards your work pressure and won’t give you too much work in a limited time.  To know whether your boss respects you and values you, see these signs.  Never give you a heavy workload in a short amount of time. Your boss will value your time and schedule your work accordingly. 9. Helps In Developing New Skills In The Office A caring and good boss will always make sure their employees are of the highest quality of expertise. So if you see signs your boss cares about you, then they will want you to develop your skills and help you in that as well.  Your boss will make sure that you get the best training possible in order to develop your skills and expertise.  Your boss will help you develop new skills with the best resources.  If you have any dormant skills, then your boss will help you grow and develop that skill set.  10. Never Makes You Feel Left out Because Of Your Weakness If you see genuine signs your boss cares about you, then they are never gonna make you feel low because of your certain weaknesses.  But on the other hand, a caring boss would help you with your shortcomings and weaknesses. So to see signs your boss cares about you, see for the signs.  Your boss helps you to gain knowledge. They will provide you with all the resources to make you gain knowledge. Signs Your Boss Positive Attitude Towards You Makes Your Collegues Jealous There are some simple signs that clearly indicate that your colleagues are jealous of your success. Some of the core factors that you need to take care here are as follows:- Your colleagues will start to flatter you of your success. They will start to underestimate your achievements. Your colleagues will start to celebrate your failure. Considers you as your biggest competitor. Starts to spread negative word of mouth behind you. If you find the above mentioned things happening against you in the workplace then you must stay away from those people as much as possible. You need to stay cautious about these kinds of people so that you can take the corrective actions within a specific point in time. Signs Your Boss Is Happy With Your Performance   There are some of the signs your boss will display on your that clearly show that your boss is happy with your performance. You need to find out those areas where your boss shows gratitude towards your performance. Your boss will offer you tough love. They will give you feedback for your work and will focus on your improvement. You need to get through the process to improve your performance in the workplace. If your boss asks for your inputs in the meeting then it is a clear sign that your boss is happy with your performance. They will try to understand your thought process and will implement your ideas. They do not always come up with the compliments rather your boss will offer you some valuable advice as well.  It will improve your performance in the workplace.   If your boss defers you and says other employees to seek guidance from you to perform better in the workplace. It is a clear indication your boss is happy with your performance. Your superior will ask you to teach others. It is a clear indication that your boss is highly impressed with your performance. You need to identify the reasons that can make things easier and effective for your career in the long run. Your boss will ask for your favour to manage the teams and to take some extra responsibilities. It will ensure growth in your career in the long run. You cannot just make things happen suddenly. You need to get through the complete process that can make things easier for you in attaining your needs with clarity. Wrapping Up! As I have said earlier, a good boss will always make sure that their employees are in good spirits and work with good energy. So they will make sure all the employees are taken care of.  But if you are not sure about the signs your boss cares about you, then this article will definitely help you in noticing the signs.  So if you liked this article, then leave a like and comment down below if you think your boss cares for you as well. 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