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FlexSalary: Information, Eligibility Criteria, Interest Rates, Review & More


The FlexSalary App is a loan app that is run by an Indian NBFC named Vivify India Finance Pvt. Ltd. The company is registered with the Reserve Bank of India. However, there are not many good reviews regarding the app. However, the app and the company seem legit. Hence, we have dived deep and reviewed the app in this article for you.

This article will consist of a review of FlexSalary, which claim to be one of the “Best instant loan app in India without salary slip.” Furthermore, we will also give you details about the interest rates, eligibility, and other loan-related information. Finally, we have also added some useful customer reviews regarding Flex Salary. Hence, to get fully informed about FlexSalary, read on through to the end of the article.

FlexSalary – What Does It Offer?

FlexSalary – What Does It Offer

FlexSalary is an app where you can get a loan if you are a salaried individual. According to the official website of the company,

FlexSalary is an instant salary advance credit line that covers emergency needs of Indians before they get paid. It aims to aid all individuals who face a mid-month crisis by providing short-term lines of credit loans until they receive their salaries. We offer instant loans from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 with flexible repayment terms.”

It basically offers a personal line of credit. Even if you do not have a credit history, you will be eligible to get a loan from FlexSalary. If there are people who cannot find any other way to get financing, FlexSalary offers an unsecured line of credit.

Loan AspectsWhat FlexSalary Offers You?
Loan Amount₹ 4000 – ₹ 2,00,000
Loan Tenure10 months to 36 months (Based on the loan applied for)
Rate Of Interest On loans10% to 12% per annum
Loan Processing Fees₹ 650 only (One-time payable only upon Loan Disbursement)
Collateral Or MortgageNo collateral required
Loan Review TimeDepending upon the amount of the loan (may take from 5 minutes to 7 days)
Late Payment Of The LoanUp to 5 %, depending on the type of loan applied for.
Loan RepaymentLoan repayment is made automatically from the provided bank details as per the approved schedule. Repayment should be made through the mobile app of FlexSalary.
FlexSalary Customer Care Number+91-40-4617-5151+919908935151+919100038349
CIN NumberCIN U65923TG2016PTC110767
AddressUnit A, 9th Floor, MJR Magnifique, Survey No 75 & 76, Khajaguda X Roads, Raidurgam, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500008.

Is FlexSalary Safe?

Is FlexSalary Safe

Yes. FlexSalary is fully legit and safe. The website is also safe to use as it is HTTPS-secured and SSL certified as well. However, regarding the customer service of the company, many borrowers of loans have complained. Despite that, as per our experience, we think the app works quite well and is legit. Furthermore, the company has a CIN number, and it is registered through the Reserve Bank of India.

When Can Flex Salary Comes To Rescue?

There are certain circumstances where flex salary comes to the rescue. You need to get through the possible solutions that can make things easier for you. You need to follow certain steps that can make things easier for you to attain your requirements with ease.

1. Don’t Have Collateral 

Flex salary will offer you unsecured lines of credit loans. You do not have to pledge to your assets if the collateral gets approved for your loan. You need to get through the complete process that can develop things in perfect order.

2. If Your CIBIL Score Is Low

Flexsalary will not focus on your CIBIL score to provide you with the loan you need in times of crisis. If you have a low CIBIL score then you must go through the best flex salary options to meet your requirements with ease.

3. Need An Emergency Cash  

If you are facing a medical emergency and you need the loan on an immediate basis, then you must consider using Flex salary. You need to identify the perfect solution that can make things lucid for your business development.

4. Loan Is Rejected By Banks 

If you have low income, bad credit history, and banks have rejected your loans, then Flex salary can be the best option for you. Flex salary will offer you loans at times of crisis. You do not have to pay any kind of interest to get these loans.

5. Don’t Want To Pay Excess Interest  

If you are afraid of bearing the higher interest rates on your loan, then Flex interest loan amounts can be one of the best options for you. If you do not use money, you do not have to pay the interest.

6. If You Need A Loan For A Lifetime

Flex salary personal line of credit you can receive for a lifetime. Your credit limit gets filled up once you pay back the withdrawn amount. It works almost like that of a credit card. You need to identify the perfect solution that can make things easier for you.

Can You Get An Instant Personal Loan For Your Marriage From Flex Salary?

Yes!! You can receive an instant personal loan for your marriage when you opt for the flex salary. If you have an urgent need for cash in order to meet your marriage-related expenses, then Flex salary can be of great help to you.

You will get the help for money within a few hours. It can help you to get the desired amount of money for a personal loan when you need it the most from your endpoints.

How To Do FlexSalary Login? – Steps To Follow

How To Do FlexSalary Login_ – Steps To Follow

The following are the steps through which you can apply for a loan through FlexSalary:

Step 1: Visit their official website and click on “Apply for an Instant Loan.”

Step 2: You will get a form on the next page, which you will need to fill out and add information into. Add all the documents required to get a loan from the FlexSalary platform.

Step 3: There are various verification processes available. You can either apply for Net Banking Verification or you can upload the documents on your own.

Once you upload the documents, they will verify your credentials and will tell you what you are eligible for. Through the app, it is almost the same. All you need here is to download the app and register your account with it.

FlexSalary – Eligibility Of The Loan

Loan RequirementsEligibility
Age Of the Borrower22 to 60
FlexSalary Credit ScoreDepends on the type of loan applied for.
Type of EmploymentSalaried professionals only.
Minimum Monthly Income₹ 8000 (However, it can change depending on the loan amount applied for)
Work ExperienceWork experience requirements depend on loan terms and amounts. 
Required Documents1. Salaried Employees- Identity Proof (Aadhaar / Driving License / Passport / Voter ID) – PAN card – Address Proof (Driving License / Utility Bills / Aadhaar / Passport / Bank Statements / Voter ID) – Last three months Pay Slips – Photo with the applicant’s face clearly visible. (The applicant will be prompted to take a selfie or upload a photo while applying for a loan through the FlexSalary mobile app) – Net banking verification to validate the bank account and salary information of the applicant 
2. Self-Employed Individuals- No loan is allowed for self-employed- The applicant must have an employment

FlexSalary Reviews From Customers

FlexSalary Reviews From Customers

The following are some of the useful customer reviews regarding FlexSalary that you can benefit from:

Syed Abrar:

I’m very happy much satisfied with the service Uma Maheshwari are very nice she was helped me through out the process I got the loan amount as soon as the documents were collected best app.”

Manjeera Dhfm:

My credit limit was activated in 1day. But I was not able to withdraw amount,due to my account issue, then customer support team interacted with me continuously and solved the problem. Thank you team. They are well mannered employee’s who have patience to listen the issue and resolve it quickly.”

Selva Raj:

Last month urgently required some amount, one of my friend referred me Flexsalary and they had treat me as a friend and pay me the amount with very minimum documents. Thank you Flexsalary very fast, very effective good customer service really appreciate your overall performance.”

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of the FlexSalary platform. If you are hoping to get a loan from this platform, you need to download the app and register your account. Furthermore, you need to upload all the necessary documents. They will verify and give you the loan within one to five days if you are eligible for it. Do you know of any better loan app, which is registered by the Reserve Bank of India, and offers instant personal loans? Share some of them with us in the comments section below.

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Dhani Loans & Services Limited – Background And Services

When it comes to providing the best loans and other financial services to people, Dhani is one of the leading financial companies in India. They give people some of the best in class loans and financial assistance, along with having its own e-commerce shopping center rivaling the likes of Amazon for the Indian public. But how big is this company in 2023, and how many services do they provide? If you wish to learn more about this company, read this post until the end. Dhani - Overview Dhani was initially known as Indiabulls Ventures Limited since its inception in 1995 by Sameer Gehlaut. Soon, it established itself as a significant FinTech (Financial Technology) player in the Indian market as a financial software developer for various clients. Over time, it broadened its product and service portfolio when it launched a subsidiary named Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited in 2017. This app-based India Bull personal loan money lending service targets the personal loans market in India. At the same time, it also launched another subsidiary named Indiabulls Securities Limited to become a major player in the Indian Stock Market. This subsidiary targeted India's stock trading consultation market, which was slowly rising. In 2020, Indiabnulls rebranded itself to Dhani. This changed the names of its subsidiaries as well. Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited became Dhani Loans & Services Limited. In addition, Indiabulls Securities Limited became Dhani Stocks Limited. After this rebranding, the company dabbled into providing healthcare e-commerce services in the form of Dhani Healthcare Limited. This health tech (healthcare technology) subsidiary started selling medicines and healthcare consultancy online amidst the rise of the pandemic. This subsidiary soon extended its services to provide a full-fledged e-commerce platform where you can buy various products online, including food products, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and more. Benefits Of Dhani Loans And Services There are several types of Dhani Loans and services that you must know at your end. You must be well aware of the reality that can make things easier for you to reach your goals with ease. Some of the key factors that you must know at your end are as follows:- 1. Instant Personal Loans Dhani provides instant personal loans online, allowing quick access to funds for various purposes, such as medical emergencies, travel, or debt consolidation. It will help you to meet your goals with complete ease. Some of the crucial facts that you must know at your end to get the loans on time. 2. Digital Process The loan application and approval process is entirely digital, making it convenient for users to apply for loans from anywhere using their mobile devices. You need to get through the complete process that can make things perfect for you in reaching your goals with complete ease. Some of the core that can affect you are mentioned here. 3. Quick Disbursement Once approved, Dhani disburses the loan amount swiftly, often within minutes, directly into the borrower's bank account. You need to get through the complete process that can make things easier for you to attain your goals with ease. 4. Competitive Interest Rates Dhani offers competitive interest rates on its personal loans, making them more affordable for borrowers. Once you follow the correct solution, it can make things easier for you to reach your goals with complete ease. 5. Flexible Loan Amount Borrowers can typically access a range of loan amounts based on their eligibility and requirements. Once you follow the correct choices, things can become easier for you to attain your requirements with complete ease. 6. No Hidden Charges Dhani aims for transparency in its services, ensuring borrowers are aware of all associated fees and charges upfront. Dhani also provides a line of credit facility where borrowers can use funds as per their needs and pay interest only on the amount utilized. It's crucial to note that while these benefits make Dhani loans and services attractive, borrowers should review the terms and conditions, interest rates, fees, and repayment options before availing of any financial product or service to ensure it aligns with their financial goals and capabilities. Dhani Loans & Services Dhani Loans and Services has been popularized using Dhani OneFreedom. When you register for this service, you will receive a Dhani Freedom Card. With this card, you can avail various benefits like: Instant Money: With this application, you can apply for personal loans up to ₹5 lacs (around $6000) with no interest. All you need to do is be a verified user and connect your online banking account with Dhani OneFreedom Digital card. In addition, you also need to verify using your Aadhar Card. Three Interest-Free Payments: This app makes it very easy to pay back your loans. No matter how much money you take as a loan, you must pay it back in three installments without additional interest. Bank Mandate Not Required: Since a bank mandate is unnecessary for this service, Dhani will never directly debit the money from your bank account. Therefore, there is no need to fear your money being debited without your consent! Dhani Store Offers: Once you become a member of Dhani OneFreedom, you can get your Dhani Physical Card for ₹99. You can use this card to avail various special offers with many partnered stores. In addition, you can also get discounts of up to 20% on groceries and household items from the Dhani Online Store. You also become eligible to receive 2% cash back on all purchases made from the online store! Plus, no extra processing fees are added to your purchases as well! Online Healthcare: With the Dhani Card, you can get online consultations from doctors through various online portals 24x7. Dhani Online Shopping Store Dhani has its own shopping store from where you can buy various products. While they initially started out as a provider of pharmaceutical products, they soon expanded to provide products like: Groceries Pharmaceutical Products Electronics Home and kitchen equipment Household products Personal care and beauty care products Baby care products Books and stationery items Healthcare products Pet care products Clothes and fashion accessories Toys and games Sports and fitness products Jewelry and fashion accessories Footwear Dhani Stocks Limited With Dhani Stocks Limited, you get access to stock trading on the Indian Stock market in the easiest way possible! There are various benefits of joining and trading in stocks using this platform. The most significant benefits are: Real-Time Stock Quotations: If you wish to buy stocks of a specific firm, you will get real-time updates regarding their stock prices. In-Depth Stock Market Analysis: Members will get various reports that will show metrics regarding the condition of the market and get predictions about rises and falls in stock prices of multiple companies. Customizable Watchlists: If you are interested in buying stocks of specific companies, you can create a watchlist to receive real-time stock price updates and news about them, tailor-made specifically for you! Trading Consultancy: If you are new to stock trading and want to invest most profitably, you can get trading consultancy using this app. Mobile Trading Platform: With the Dhani app, you get a platform to trade stocks from various platforms, which you can access anywhere, anytime. You can trade stocks using the app, website, and direct calls. Dhani Services Share Prices If you wish to invest in this company by buying Dhani shares, the current share price as of April 2023 is ₹67.75. Here is a share chart showing its fluctuating share prices in the last few months: Image Dhani Controversies In 2023, every company is flawed, even if they look to be. Every company faces its own set of issues, affecting customers and creating controversies. In this regard, Dhani has faced several controversies in the last few years. Some of the most prominent controversies that Dhani loan has faced so far are: The former non-executive Director of the company came close to doing so in 2019. That year, she and her husband possessed unpublished business information, which they used as part of an “insider trading plan” to raise Dhani stock prices. After being caught in this act, they were impounded for ₹87,20,000 ($106,781) by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The company expressed an “inability to make a formal statement” when several women doctors were sexually harassed on their online doctor consultation forums amidst the Covid lockdowns of December 2020. A detailed report of this incident was published by the Times of India newspaper. A glitch in the Dhani Loan app confused many users when they received a message to pay for loans they had never taken in April 2021. The company issued a formal apology for this inconvenience later on. Dhani was accused of several data breaches and misuse of personal financial information by many users in February 2022. Here, users claimed that their personal account numbers were used by unknown third parties to get loans in their names. This act was done without the consent and permission of the users. Moreover, this caused the people's credit scores to significantly drop, for loans they never took as a defaulter. Conclusion Dhani is a well-established fintech and health tech company previously known as Indiabulls. It has become a significant presence in the Indian stock market, providing various services like a personal loan service and an e-commerce store. Explore More: HYIP Projects: Features Becoming A Landlord – What Should You Include In Your Budget? IPOE Stock – Present Price, Forecast, Statistics – Should You Invest In It

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Inventory Reserve: What Is It, How It Works, Purpose, and Usage

Whether it is a big company or a small one, a successful company or a not-so-successful one, all face a situation where all the inventories are not sold. Some percentages of the inventory go bad or become obsolete for all. The inventory reserve of the business is and accounting technique and is also the estimate of the percentage of inventory that is unsold. The inventory reserve plays a big role in correctly valuing the inventory of the company. Hence, this also helps present a full picture of the company’s health, financial worth, and flexibility. In this article, you will learn about inventory reserve and how it works in the process of accounting. Apart from that, we will also explain the use of inventory reserve in accounting. Finally, we will show you the process of accounting for the inventory reserve of a business. What Is An Inventory Reserve? According to Investopedia, “An inventory reserve is a contra asset account on a company's balance sheet made in anticipation of inventory that will not be able to be sold. Every year, a company has an inventory that will not be able to be sold for various reasons. It may spoil, fall out of fashion, or become technologically obsolete. In anticipation of this, the company will create an entry on the balance sheet called inventory reserve.” The inventory reserve portion in the balance sheet consists of the company’s prediction of the inventory that will not be sold that year. While the company counts its inventory as an asset, it considers its inventory reserve as a contra asset. This is because the latter reduces the net amount of inventory assets of the company. The company creates the inventory reserve as an estimate of the company’s future inventory spoilage. The company brings out this estimation based on its past experiences. Furthermore, once the company identifies an inventory that it's unable to sell, it writes it down as an official recognition of the loss. Business managers of an organization use these data from previous years' inventory information. Hence, based on this, they make a judgment and decide on the size of the inventory reserve. What Is The Use Of An Inventory Reserve In Accounting? In general, businesses want to get an accurate picture of their inventory position. Hence, they try to estimate the amount of inventory that is not to be sold from the end of the company. This inventory which the company has written off is called the inventory reserve of the company. The accountant includes this data in the balance sheet. According to, “Companies own raw materials, partially completed products, and finished goods. These items are all included in a company’s gross inventory. Business managers know that not all of their raw materials will be used, and not all of their finished goods will be sold. That reserve is deducted from the value of gross inventories to arrive at the company’s net inventory position. Net inventory is typically what appears on a company’s balance sheet.” During the accounting process, the business considers its inventory reserve as a “contra” asset in its balance sheet. This is because this amount actually reduces the gross inventory value to arrive at the company’s net inventory value. Since inventory accounts come naturally with a debit balance, as debit increases in the balance sheet, the inventory account value increases. On the other hand, inventory reserves, like contra-asset accounts, come with natural credit balances. Hence, the latter serves to reduce the value of the assets. How Does An Inventory Reserve Work? explains – “An inventory reserve in accounting is an entry on a business's balance sheet that anticipates the company's unsold inventory. Accountants consider inventory as an asset on their balance sheet. An asset is any item or resource that a company owns and has the potential to generate economic value, such as revenue.” Inventory also falls under this asset category. Also, as per the need for good accounting principles, businesses need to report their assets in such a way that they are close to their actual value. Hence, if a business wants to calculate the net value of its inventory, it needs to account for the loss of inventory and make it an estimate. As per Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), an inventory reserve is a part of inventory accounting. If a business wants to track its inventory reserve, it will thus be able to make an accurate representation of its assets on the balance sheet. The usefulness of an asset is only when it has a future value to the business. There is always a part of the inventory of a company that remains unsold every year. Hence, the company decides not to include the entire inventory amount as an asset on the balance sheet. To create an accurate value, the company subtracts the inventory contra asset account value from the inventory asset entry. The resulting value is the estimate that the company will sell to create value for the business. If the company does not include the inventory reserve entry, the company will end up overstating the value of its assets. Accounting For Inventory Reserves: Special Considerations According to GAAP standards (which is the industry standard for accounting), inventory reserve is a conservative methodology for entry. This is because the company's attempt, in this case, is to predict the losses for the inventory even before the company has confirmed the loss. In general, inventories consist of goods with future value for the company. Hence, these goods are called assets. However, according to conservative accounting principles, it is important to report assets close to their current value. Hence, it gets easier for the company to make estimations. Summing Up Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better understanding of how an inventory reserve works with accounting. You can see from here that it is important for the company to consider inventory reserve as a contra asset. This helps the company to get an accurate representation of the assets that it will sell in the future. Do you have more information to add regarding inventory reserve? Consider sharing with us in the comments section below. Enrich Youself With More Financial Article By Clicking Below!! Equity Theory: A Balancing Act for Modern Workplaces Supply Chain Risk Management: Effective Strategies To Reduce It What Is A Distribution Channel? Essential Things To Know About It


Wings Of Luxury: Exploring The World Of Jet Charter Within Your Budget

Commercial airlines have seen their service and reputation worsen in recent years. Nearly every week has seen more and more news stories about passengers being stranded at an airport or airline companies refusing to honor promises they gave their customers. Fliers have become stressed and are questioning their decision to choose to fly in the first place. As a result, private jets are becoming more attractive options for potential flyers. These jets help carry passengers hundreds or thousands of miles in the shortest amount of time possible. They are convenient and often provide much higher levels of customer support than traditional airlines. What determines private jet prices? Private jet flights are priced differently from traditional commercial aircraft. For commercial aircraft, people pay for individual seats on a large plane. Seats are more expensive based on legroom, amenities, and the level of comfort that they provide. So many individual tickets are sold that the various fees associated with maintaining the plane are all lumped into a single price for every flight. In exchange for relatively low costs, flyers have to deal with a wide variety of issues related to customer service, on-time flights, and a generally stressful flying experience. All of these factors are considerably different from private planes. The costs associated with private planes are more closely tied to the actual operations of the plane itself. Unlike commercial flyers, individual flyers have to worry directly about the airport they are headed to and the location of their flight crew. Planes taking off without conveniently located flight crews may have to pay an extra fee to bring in-flight crews from other locations. Private fliers also have to pay for basic airplane maintenance and treatments such as deicing. On the other hand, private fliers do not have to endure many of the indignities of commercial airplane travel. They are able to fly into smaller airports that often have shorter wait times than the nation's biggest airports. More locations may be available to them as they choose where they want to fly. All of the seats on a private jet are also the same and offer the same level of service in most instances. There is no discrepancy between different types of passengers. How to reduce costs The best way to reduce costs for a private jet flight is to be as flexible as possible. Changing times, dates, and airports can all impact the potential cost of a flight. A group of people can structure a flight to take the smallest possible jet and the smallest number of flights. Potential flyers can work with the owner of the plane to find a situation that is the most cost-effective for everyone involved. They can also set up frequent-flyer or share-buying programs for planes. These programs can reduce costs by securing flights and revenue for the plane owner. Use Of private jet cost estimator Anyone who is interested in reducing their private jet prices needs to see all of their options and all of the companies they may want to fly with. A private jet cost estimator can help with this process. They need to look at their finances and the wide variety of investments they may want to make in private flights. People with a large number of assets and a need to fly frequently should certainly consider the possibility of buying shares in a plane. Buying shares in a plane can result in lower costs per flight. There is also the potential for even making money in a handful of plane-sharing arrangements if the plane is rented out to other people when its owners are not using it. Finally, those interested in private flights need to contact a number of professionals in this field who have years of experience working with a wide variety of private flyers. There are some agents and other flyers who are happy to provide tips, advice, and suggestions for how to cut down on private flight costs. These people make up an exuberant community of private fliers who are happy to spread tips and ideas about this approach to flying. By taking these steps, potential private flyers can save as much money as possible on their flights. Read Also: International Flights Likely To Get Cheaper As India Signs Pact With 116 Countries What Training Courses Are Available For Boeing Aircraft? Profitable Business Ideas To Start In UAE