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Top 10 Strategies For Hosting A Successful Live Streaming Event

Successful Live Streaming Event

Live streaming events have become an engaging way for businesses to connect with their target audiences. They use it to promote their products and services. Some also host virtual fundraisers nowadays.

But since plenty of global entrepreneurs now host virtual events, attracting webinar attendees has also become more difficult. That is why a live streaming event requires careful planning and execution for it to be successful and effective.

Here are ten tips on how to do just that.

1. Identify Your Audience

The first step to hosting a successful virtual event is determining your intended audience. If you know who your viewers are ahead of time, you can easily decide about your presentation’s content.

2. Choose The Right Platform

Today, there are different virtual event platforms available, each with its pros and cons. Among the most sought-after options are Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

The virtual event platform you choose is crucial for webinar success. Often, the message you want to convey helps you decide which platform is best for your needs. Other factors to consider will include the following:

  • Level of interaction required
  • Size of your audience
  • Type of content

Once you have chosen a platform, explore it and familiarise yourself with how it works!

3. Prepare Your Content

The heart of your virtual event is the message you want to convey. That means expanding on topics or activities that would benefit your target audience.

Aim to keep your attendees engaged. Illustrate your points better with slides, videos, and other visuals.

Moreover, create content that encourages interactivity from attendees. For instance, include polls or Q&A sessions to make the experience more engaging for everyone involved!

4. Get The Necessary Equipment And Test Them

Having the right equipment is vital. Consider investing in decent microphones, cameras, and other audio/visual equipment to create the best experience possible for your viewers. Also, test all of them before the event.

Make sure also that you have a stable and reliable internet connection. You do not want to encounter any technical problems or difficulties while hosting your event.

Additionally, ensure that any guests or speakers attending your event have access to the necessary technology they need. That way, they can participate without any issues arising during the stream itself!

5. Practice Your Presentation

Once you have organized the flow of your event, make sure to practice your delivery as often as you can. Doing so will ensure that you are confident and comfortable during the presentation.

Record yourself and review how you performed to check if you are doing the presentation correctly. Practicing regularly will also help identify any areas you need to improve. When possible, enlist a family member or a friend to give feedback and suggestions.

6. Promote Your Event

Advertising your event will ensure that it is well attended. You can use digital marketing channels like email and social media to reach potential virtual attendees.

Moreover, create an event website or landing page to give more information about your event. Doing so will also encourage registration. To further reach your target audience, you may also use targeted ads.

7. Set the Right Tone

When hosting virtual and hybrid events, you must set the right tone immediately. This means being professional, enthusiastic, and engaging as soon as the event begins.

Moreover, dress appropriately. Ensure also that your background is clean and uncluttered. Most importantly, greet your attendees warmly and make them feel welcome.

8. Record Your Live Event

Recording your live webinar allows you to use it repeatedly. Making online events on-demand offers the following benefits to event organizers or businesses:

  • Allows attendees who could not attend the live event to have access to your content
  • The recorded content can continue to provide value and engage target audiences
  • Serve as a marketing tool to attract new attendees to future events or to showcase your expertise and knowledge
  • Help to increase your return on investment

9. Hire Live Streaming Services

Here are some of the key benefits of getting professional live streaming services:

  • Professional quality — Service providers like Dream Engine have the tools to produce a high-quality stream.
  • Technical expertise — They can handle the complexities of streaming an online event, including audio syncing and buffering.
  • Audience interaction — They can incorporate interactive elements like polls and live chats to encourage audience participation.
  • Customization options — They can create a live stream reflecting your brand and message.
  • Analytics and metrics – Metrics like audience demographics, viewer retention, and viewer engagement will help you measure webinar success.

Professional live streaming services will help you create a great impression on attendees. It will also give your networking events a more professional and polished feel.

10. Have Fun

Hosting live events can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Look into fun virtual event ideas to make it more engaging.

Host a virtual event today and make sure to implement these strategies. Embrace this excellent opportunity to connect with your attendees and expand your network in the virtual space. Share your knowledge and expertise or promote your products and services in an engaging, professional way.

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how to tell your boss you're quitting

How To Tell Your Boss You’re Quitting

How to tell your boss you're quitting?  Before starting, I want to congratulate you on making this decision. No matter what the reason is. I know it is for the greater good.  You might have cracked a better opportunity, or you got admission to your dream college to enhance your qualification, starting a new business, or you want to get some time for yourself; everything will lead to a new life. And…  In order to make life ahead more perfect, following a proper process of resignation is important. At the same time, it is super tough. The last thing you want while leaving an organization is to face the higher management or your manager.  But you have to do it. It's all about your professional ethics.  Do not worry; I am here to lead you the way and guide you at every step.  Okay, Let's Prepare: Tell Your Boss You're Quitting Your journey of "how to tell your boss you're quitting?" should always start with proper preparation. You just can not walk through the door of your manager's cabin and tell that you are leaving. After all, you are almost going to face the anaconda of the Amazon rainforest.  So, it is best to make your arms and armor ready. So, here are the things you need to keep in mind and prepare accordingly before facing your boss.  Play The Growth Mindset Card We all know that change is good; change is growth. When you are quitting it means you have already committed to your growth and are outside of your comfort zone. You have already made the decision; it's just you need to lean on your growth mindset and learn to use that accordingly.  Prepare For The Rapid Fire Round As I said, change is good, but nothing good comes without any hurdles. Here, also, you will learn how to handle the storm of questions when you break the news in front of your boss. So, it is best to keep yourself prepared beforehand. Prepare for all the questions that you think you can encounter.  Make The Script Ready And Practice Be fully prepared with how to tell your boss you're quitting script. Yes, it is no less than any action drama. Maybe your meeting will not have any physical actions, but when you are going to face your boss and tell them that you are quitting, we all can expect a lot of dreams. So, make your script ready and obviously practice with your boss.  Where Are All The Papers?  Once you have given your notice, you will be in a transition period. However, your boss might ask you to wrap up before the period ends to avoid quitting contagion, or they might ask you to stay a little longer for the sake of the project. So ensure you are keeping each and every document handy.  Phew! Go Tell Your Boss You're Quitting Okay, now, it is time to go and face your boss. Well, while entering or planning the final meeting, it is crucial to keep in mind all the things I have mentioned till now about "how to tell your boss you're quitting." Here, I have prepared a step-by-step guide on how you can go for the ultimate one and tell your boss that "I AM LEAVING THIS JOB." So, let's start with the entire process.  Step 1: Sit With Your Boss (A One-O-One Meeting) In most cases, remote working is still on. So, in case you are also one of those, a virtual meeting is the only option. So, set up a one-to-one meeting with your manager to inform them that you are resigning and also serving a notice period from the particular date.  Step 2: BAM! Directly Break The News You can start the meeting with some casual chit-chat and talk a little about the work, and then break the news. Directly telling the scenario is always the best option. So, just state the reason and details why you are resigning from the work. Ensure that your boss is getting what you are trying to say.  Step 3: Tell The Reason For Your Resign As I have mentioned, when you are informing that you are leaving the job, always tell the reason; there is no need to hide; it can be for your personal growth, other facilities, health issues, or any personal issues; always state the reason, and ensure you are presenting it in a way that seems viable.  Step 4: Don't Forget To Express Gratitude And Appreciation You have been working in the organization for some time. It is obvious that you have learned some things, gathered some good experiences, and created some memories. Be humble and express your appreciation and gratitude for the company.  Step 5: Give Them the Appropriate Notice Always remember that serving a notice will always bring you the necessary benefits. Such as, you will get proper clearance from your last organization and also the wage that you deserve. So, always follow the proper process, and let your boss inform you that you are serving notice for a particular period of time.  Step 6: Put Together A Transition Plan Your transition process has to be smooth. I know the last thing you will want is to experience a hectic transition process. So, it is best to talk with your boss beforehand about the entire transition process. The responsibility transfer, the project management. The assigned work status has to be in the proper place.  Step 7: Also, A Formal Letter Of Resignation When you are in the professional world, each and every step has to be in a professional manner. And only sitting with your boss or manager and telling them that you are leaving is not enough. A formal resignation letter or email has to be there. Also, don't forget to keep some people in Cc and Bcc apart from your manager and HR.  Some Tips On "How To Tell Your Boss You're Quitting" Yeah, I know; after going through these articles, you might be thinking that the entry process of "how to tell your boss you're quitting?" is simple and pretty straightforward. However, there are several things that you need to keep in mind: some basic things or protocols.  Here they are.  Ensure you are expressing your gratitude for whatever you have learned during your employment. Be really direct and clear in your communication. Before telling your boss, do not tell your co-workers. Always maintain respect and professionalism. Lead the conversion. Never forget your boundaries, like answering questions you might not feel comfortable with. Consult with your boss about how they would prefer to share the news with team members.  How To Tell Your Boss You're Quitting Examples Like, As I've previously said, serving a formal letter of resignation is a must for each and every company. Here is an example of that type of letter.  Dear (Name),I am really obliged to get your time today. I really appreciate the past (Number of) years or months in this organization (name of the organization). This mail is to inform you that I want to resign from this organization (also state the reason). My last working day at (name of the company) is going to be on (the date and day). I would also like to add that it has been a really great experience to be a part of this organization. I am and will be really grateful for the opportunity to hone my professional skills such as (the skills) and grow as a professional (your designation). I am more than happy to assist you with the transition plan and also can begin putting together a working document. I would appreciate it if you want me to answer any additional questions and offer training and support over these final 2 weeks. All the best. (Your name). Read More: Signs Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It8 Best Practices For Managing Remote TeamsWhat Is an Operating Agreement: Does Your Business Need One?

How to Sell Off Plan Property in Dubai

How To Sell Off Plan Property In Dubai?

Throughout the long term, paying off plan properties Dubai has assembled a ton of consideration. Financial backers are spoilt for decisions with regards to off-plan projects in Dubai. If you have an off plan properties Dubai and want to sell it off, then, at that point, we are here to help you. We have a wide scope of sellers and land designers who are consistently prepared to put resources into off plan properties Dubai. In this way, assuming you additionally need to sell off plan property in Dubai, you have visited the perfect spot. Close by, in case you are confounded that if you should sell your property, or how the selling works then, at that point, relax, we have joined you there also. When Would You Be Able to Sell Off Plan Property? Financial backers can sell off their off plan property Dubai contracts before an undertaking's fulfillment thus it shifts from one designer to another. For instance, before having the option to sell it to another proprietor, Dubai's top designer Emaar Properties requires proprietors or financial backers to have 40% of their off plan property Dubai paid off. Nonetheless, the 40% figure depends on one designer to another, so it's vital to check with the engineer. Purchasers and sellers should concur with cost and terms, sign agreements and apply for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) where the new purchaser is enrolled with the engineer. When the exchange is on the finishing point, the new purchaser will, at last, assume control over every one of the remarkable installments. Point out that the new purchaser is liable for the 4% DLD Transfer Fee even though it has taken payment by the principal purchaser. Benefits To Selling Off Plan Projects In Dubai At the point when you sell off plan projects in Dubai, there are various benefits that you can get: You will turn into a seller, and numerous land engineers might want to manage you. The off plan projects are probably going to be in the hand of buyer sooner in light of the fact that the engineers can roll out their improvements with practically no misfortune. You will get the best incentive for your property. At the point when you will sell off plan properties Dubai with us, you get help for no commission. Market Examination Reliably side by side of components affecting Dubai property costs, one of our counselors will do a market examination on your property and exhortation on reachable deals cost just like the system for selling your property. It is fitting to set a sensible cost. Property Show Introducing your property in the best light won't just assist you with selling your property faster yet will likewise impact offers and profits from speculation. Ensure gardens are flawless, provide your home with a new lick of paint, put blossoms in plain view, and put resources into a profound perfect or intensive clean. Promoting Your Property As one of the biggest worldwide property consultancies, we market your property to the vastest conceivable crowd through advertising channels that include: Professional photography Bespoke video My Dubai Properties site Website postings on significant public and global property entryways Banners Press ads and leaflets Methods For Selling Property The methods for selling property in Dubai are clear generally. Buyer and seller concur with terms A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is marked and a store (normally 10%) is paid. The parties meet at the offices of the designer to apply for a No Objection Certificate ('NOC') to sell the property. The designer will generally give the NOC against the installment of an expense once the engineer is fulfilled that any sum because of the engineer as administration charges has been gotten comfortable full. Once the NOC is given, the gatherings can go to the office of the Dubai Land Department to officially move possession. The Dubai Land Department will demand installment of the price tag being made as a director's look at made payable to the seller on the date of the move. Whenever customs are finished, another title deed will be given for the sake of the purchaser. On the off chance that the purchaser is buying with a home loan, the bank's association will be a requirement. If the seller has a home loan on the property the purchaser should settle the seller's home loan in full before the NOC application. This expands the danger for the purchaser and means the exchange is more convoluted. Archives Required Individual Seller: Original visa Original title deed Corporate Seller: Original title deed unique endorsement of exchange License The legal interpretation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association Original endorsement of Good Standing (not over a half-year-old) Original endorsement of Incumbency (not over a half-year-old) Copy of shareholder(s) passport(s) Original goal supporting the deal or buy (all things considered) The original force of lawyer Attorney's unique visa Cost To Deal And Acquisition Of The Property In Dubai The accompanying expenses will for the most part apply to the deal and acquisition of the property in Dubai: NOC charges – these can go between AED 500 and AED 5,000. And are payable to the engineer, generally by the seller. Certain designers additionally demand a refundable store upon the purchaser. This is possibly after discount when the purchaser presents the new title deed at the engineer's office and their records are new. Real Estate Agent's bonus is 2% of the price tag Transfer expenses – these are determined at 4% of the price tag with an extra sum paid towards Admin charges. Which presently isn't more than AED 5,000 and is payable to the Dubai Land Department. Mortgage enlistment charges (in case of material) are determined at a pace of 0.25% of the enrolled advance sum. And paid to the Dubai Land Department, Developers request their yearly assistance charges to be paid ahead of time. And purchasers ought to subsequently represent their favorable to rate share forthright. Selling Off Plan Property Before Completion There are a few inquiries and questions in regards to selling off plan properties Dubai before their finishing. Which are mentioned just as replied underneath. When Is The Right Time To Sell Off Plan Property In Dubai? Financial backers can sell off plan properties in Dubai, previously. Then after the fact the culmination of the venture. Be that as it may, assuming a financial backer needs to exchange their off-plan property Dubai before its completion, they should meet the conditions and measures set by the engineer. This is to guarantee the soundness and security of interests in the Dubai housing market. How Might I Sell Off-Plan Property In Dubai Before Completion? To have the option to sell the off-plan property in Dubai before its completion, financial backers should meet specific conditions. These rules are generally by the engineer of the off-plan project. Most designers expect proprietors to pay 30-40% of the expense before it tends to be an offer for another proprietor. This worth can shift from one designer to another. So on the off chance that you plan to sell off-plan property in Dubai before fruition, make a point to affirm with the engineer you are working with before making the deal. Qualification to exchange an off-plan property can likewise rely upon different terms set in the agreement by the designer. What's The Process Of Re-Selling Off-Plan Property In Dubai? Whenever you have taken care of the base sum set by the designer and have every one of the essential endorsements to sell your off-plan property in Dubai, you can start the cycle to exchange the off-plan property you own. The course of exchanging off-plan property in Dubai is like selling prepared properties. You should initially discover a purchaser who will buy the property. This purchaser should have to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the engineer. Which enlists the new purchaser with the designer. After the cost and terms are concluded by the two players, agreements will be drafted with the concurred terms. Which should be endorsed by both the purchaser and seller. When the interaction is finished the purchaser will, at last, assume control over every one of the remarkable installments once the exchange is finished. In A Nutshell You can sell your off plan property after you pay a particular level of the property estimation dependent on your SPA with the property designer. For the most part, it is after you pay 30-40% of the property estimation. Remember that your off plan properties Dubai might have a wild contest if the engineer has accessibility since designers run liberal property offers nowadays. Assuming you choose to sell, check the current market costs of your property. Then, at that point, give it to property specialists to sell it for you. Sometimes it merits paying some commission to the property agent to push your property in the housing market. After you get the right purchaser, you go to the designer's office to get NOC from the engineer that expenses around 5,000 AED. Which the purchaser generally pays. From that point forward, you go to the trustee's office with the purchaser and specialist. There you get the selling cost of your portions in the property as a chief check from the purchaser. Also, the purchaser typically pays the exchange expenses that are 5,000AED in the event the property cost more than 500,000AED. And 3,500 AED if the property estimation is under 500,000. The purchaser additionally pays 4% of the all-out property estimation as enrollment charges to Dubai Land Department. Read Also: How To Start A Logistics Company? An Expert Guide Biggest Stock Market Crashes In The World History 10 Best Investment Apps For 2021

how to tell if your boss is sabotaging you

How To Tell If Your Boss Is Sabotaging You

You know what hurts more than a good romantic relationship gone toxic? A charming work environment turned into a nightmare. Constant one-on-one meetings in the conference room, rejecting your leave applications, stealing your credits, and playing favorites with others – such are some acts that make your boss justify their names.  We live in a world where a major portion of employees feels sabotaged by their bosses. It is reported by 75% of employees that their bosses sabotage them. So, it looks like you are not alone. The best way to tackle this is to improve your skill, adapt ( not succumb ) and win over the situation. But let's talk about the problem here.  How To Tell If Your Boss Is Sabotaging You There is no better person than you to tell if your boss is sabotaging you. I am only here to relate. Boss Blames You For His Own Mistakes Your boss is the founder as well as the leader of your organization. A great  leader takes responsibility for his own mistakes. On the other hand, if your boss refuses to take responsibility for your mistakes or his own mistakes then you have to take care of the facts that chances are there your boss is sabotaging you. They might bring the past mistakes to bring the focus on them and on to you. You need to take care of the realities in this regard. The boss who starts to blame his employees for their own mistakes gives a clear indication that your boss is sabotaging you. Your Boss Sucks At Communication How to tell if your boss is sabotaging you? You can tell from how they communicate. You feel like this guy has never held formal communication with straightforward words.  Their emails come off as constant ranting through incomplete words. They want something but are unable to express how and what.  All you hear in the conference room is yelling, shouting, and intimidating buzzwords with little planning to fulfill a vision.  They don't complete their sentences, and by the time you interpret the situation, you are blamed for poor listening skills.  It feels like they want you to read their freaking mind.  Constant Monitoring: Boss, Or The Eye Of Sauron? As if the eyes were not enough. Some sabotaging bosses felt so insecure that they started using monitoring software and webcams. This started around the time of the pandemic. Some of them set rules, forcing employees to give frequent employees like controlling daddies.  If you are still asking how to tell if your boss is sabotaging you, then you should check their eyes and ears.  They are always wide awake like the eye of Sauron from Lord Of The Rings. They keep track of all of your little too-big activities. (like smoke breaks or yawning at the desk). They cannot stand when your monthly performance is one bar down.  Now, how to handle such a boss? For starters, never compromise the quality of your work. Also, give them little room for complaint, and empathize with the pressure they put upon you.  They Belittle Or Make Fun Of You In Front Of Others So, the session is going on, and you asked a simple question. But you never expected them to laugh about it. The only mistake here was your query was not complicated enough. Oh, I have been there. If you feel like you have turned into the office clown, then you can take for sure that your boss is sabotaging you.  The boss assigns you tasks beyond your capability, making you look like a fool in front of everyone. They start to make fun of you even during conversations outside work.  They Don't Give Feedback, Or Space To Speak Out Do you feel like you are sensitive or needy of feedback? They call you inside the conference room and leave you with nothing. No, there is no assessment, no feedback, and no explanation.  All they have to say is, "I am not angry, but disappointed." They won't tell you what they are disappointed about. Was it the weekend date? A dead mosquito in the pizza they ordered? Or your performance report. They don't want to spend words, making you feel like a bad investment. The saddest part is you won't find an opening to say anything in your favor.  They Don't Ask - "How Are You Doing?" How much does your boss know about you? They know that you are you, your age and that you sleep, eat, and work. That's just about it. The same goes for your knowing them since they don't share anything.  Even though they are in a managerial position, it does not hurt to know how their subordinates are doing. They don't ask how you are doing, how's your health ( mental and physical), or if everything is going okay at home. All they talk about is work, like robots. They are just like Grinch with a human face.  They love to wear the Koh-E-Noor of professionalism by being indifferent to the personal life of their employees. It is a clear sign that your boss is sabotaging you.  Your Ideas Get Sabotaged  You took time out of your work to work on the new idea you had. You readied a presentation, and after days and weeks of nagging, they let you pitch your plan only to shoot it down – how does that feel? I know exactly how it feels. It feels like your boss is sabotaging you.  They do it during a one-on-one meeting or during the meeting. They just want to make you and your ideas feel useless. Not accepting some ideas is alright. But, if this is happening regularly, you should know the meaning. You Are Set Up To Fail Most of the time it seems like you show up to the work there will always be fire to put out. You may be assigned to some of the impossible tasks that your boss knows very well that you cannot complete. You need to take care of the reality while you want to reach your goals with a complete process that can make things easier and effective for attaining your business goals. You need to stay vigilant when your boss starts to make your life difficult in the organization. You Are Not Invited To The Meeting You are working at your desk. Your boss calls John, Brad, Samantha, Cynthia, and Kylie to the conference room without giving you any notice. Yes, you have left out the Team Leaders' meeting once again.  It is clear that you need to be in the conference room with them, and you have every right to. But, somehow, they want to leave you out of the picture. They don't want your contribution. They don't encourage your ideas, and you are isolated. Do you really want any more signs after this? Who Eats The Fruit Of Your Hard Labor? Credit Snatchers  You planned the whole project, came out with the idea to generate more revenue for the business, and succeeded. But, when the time of appreciation came, no clap for you in the house. Like you don't even exist. They put their name in the project report. On top of that, you are not even in the project.  This leads to making you feel unappreciated, then frustrated. I know what you are thinking right now. "Should I through the resignation letter at their face?" Goody Two Shoes Boss Plays Favorite Have you ever wondered why Kamila got the better project but not you? Even when your overall performance was better than hers, she gets invited to dinner. But your boss does not even put up a post of appreciation on the company wall. Clearly, he's playing favorites. Wait, is he hitting on her?  All of your hard work and achievements don't get little appreciation when a little of their favorite excites them, like Gollum possessing the ring( LOTR again).  This Is The Third Time In A Month They Threatened To Fire You "You do this or you will lose your job." "Do as I say or I will fire you." They force you to do what they want by constantly threatening to fire you. If you are still not convinced that your boss is sabotaging you, I don't know what will make you understand. It is a clear sign that your boss does not respect you.  Frequently Asked Questions  Here are some more questions that you might be asking. I have provided an answer to make it less difficult for you.  What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Boss? Here are some signs that your boss is a toxic person–⦿ Are the employees resigning continuously from the organization? ⦿ They don't offer any feedback or coaching lessons. ⦿ They are unable to regulate their emotions ⦿ Lack of emotional intelligence or empathy. ⦿ They set unrealistic goals or deadlines. Is My Boss A Narcissist? Your boss might be a narcissist. There are some signs to confirm the same. Here are the signs –⦿ They want more praise than they need. ⦿ Sometimes they seem volatile. ⦿ They ignore your work performance on purpose. ⦿ They are more engrossed in their personal matter than the situation at hand. What Is Passive Aggressive Boss? A passive-aggressive boss appears agreeable and amicable on the surface. But they are devising dark plans inside their head. They manifest their true intent at the worst moment. When Should You Quit Your Job? One must not associate quitting with failure all the time. If the work environment is becoming toxic for you, quitting might be a viable option. Here are some signs that you should quit your job –⦿ When the organization no longer motivates you to complete your work.⦿ You feel like you are burnt out after work or overworked. ⦿ If you want to move beyond your current position or advance your skills. ⦿ If your job does not meet your needs, you should quit your job.  Conclusion  How to tell if your boss is sabotaging you? There could be multiple signs telling you that your boss is sabotaging you. A bad work environment and harsh treatment at every step of your work are some prominent signs. You should not look for signs once you read this article.  Did you find this piece relatable? I would really love to hear what harsh situation you are going through. Please reach down to us in the comment below. I will try to answer and do more than sympathize. Read More: How To Tell Your Boss You’re Quitting Signs Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It What Is an Operating Agreement: Does Your Business Need One?