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Beyond Stickies: Innovative Note-Taking Apps For Mac Enthusiasts

Apple’s humble Stickies application has served Mac users well. It has allowed users to quickly record an idea, save essential details, create a reminder, or keep critical information visible on the screen while they work. Although it does the job, the Stickies app may feel clumsy because it is a decade-old application that hasn’t received any significant updates in recent years. Therefore, it is natural for Mac users to feel they deserve more, and they do.

Fortunately, there’s a vibrant ecosystem of note-taking applications waiting to be explored. You don’t have to singularly rely on Stickies to ignite your creativity and streamline your workflow. Let’s take a look into a world beyond Stickies.



Do you want a personal productivity sidekick? Unclutter comes to mind. It lends a hand without getting in the way. You can stick the notes above the desktop and access them whenever you want with a single gesture. If you need to revisit something you had copied a while ago, you can dip into the Clipboard History.

With Unclutter’s Quick Notes, you can instantly jot down something that is going on in your mind or something you heard during a meeting without opening a full-fledged text editor. There’s also the File Hub for all those random files that keep multiplying on your desktop. Hence, you don’t have to frantically search for them anymore.


Post-It is another popular sticky notes application that gives competition to Apple’s Stickies. This software has got your back, whether you are great at collaboration and teamwork or need a push for your to-dos. With this application, you can maintain your momentum while working or distance learning as a student.

The software is capable of generating ideas with coworkers or organizing homework for your teachers. You can even create eye-catching, vibrant calendars and give them to your friends. To make the note interactive, you can add photos.

When it comes to sharing, this software gets along with everyone. You can export all your notes without a fuss to your preferred cloud services or third-party programs, such as iCloud, Trello, Miro, etc.



Do you love the elegance of plain text but want richer formatting? This is where Bear comes to the rescue. This is a stunning application that harnesses the power of Markdown. It allows users to style their notes with simple, effortless keystrokes. You can create nested lists, drag and drop pictures, and even embed code snippets with a lot of ease.

The user-friendly, minimalist interface and dark theme of Bear offer a distraction-free zone for crafting code, prose, or anything that comes to your mind. Whether you are a programmer conjuring algorithms or a novelist weaving intricate thoughts and worlds, Bear can be your trusted sidekick.


Are you a long-form writing enthusiast? When it comes to crafting prose, Ulysses is your best friend. This is a user-friendly, elegant application offering distraction-free writing modes. It provides focus goals so you can stay on track. Also, the app comes packed with organizational tools so you can structure your next magnum opus.

Sheets is a fascinating feature of Ulysses that helps break down one’s writing into easily readable, manageable chunks. There’s the goal board that keeps the vision front and center so users never feel lost in their mission.

With Ulysses, you can instantly say goodbye to all the clunky word processors and enjoy the minimalist beauty of this application. Allow your words to flow freely!


Does Evernote need an introduction? This has become one of the most widely used note-taking applications in recent years. The latest iteration of the application deserves a standing ovation because it has reinvented itself by offering robust organizational tools and a sleek interface. The app even allows for cross-platform syncing. Within the expansive world of Evernote, you can create to-do lists, capture audio notes, scan documents, and clip web pages. The application is ideal for professionals, students, and anyone juggling several projects simultaneously.

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Obsidian is more than a note-taking application

Obsidian is more than a note-taking application. It is a knowledge palace that is waiting to be built. The mind-blowing application leverages linking notes to create a web of interconnected ideas.

Although each note has a separate identity, they can be seamlessly connected to each other through bi-directional links. The links can be discovered visually.

The application is ideal for students, researchers, and anyone who loves mapping out complicated ideas and forging intellectual connections.


Notability is another excellent application for Mac users. But it is not merely a note-taking application. The tool captures the entire thought process. It seamlessly blends typed text, sketches, handwritten notes, pictures, and even audio recordings in a single note. Users can unleash their creative side by importing web pages, annotating PDFs, and doodle diagrams.


So, these are some popular note-taking applications you can consider if you are seeking something better than Stickies.

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QuickBase is a great software platform that allows you to streamline the work related to business management, lead management, and resource management for better work processes. This software platform is a no-code platform where you can empower your business teams to create, modify, and customize applications despite not having major programming skills. In this article, you will learn some basic details about QuickBase, which you need to be aware of if you try to purchase the software for your business. In addition to the pricing of the software, you will also learn about the major features of the software platform, which you can find after your QuickBase Login. Hence, you shall find out whether this software is a good option for your business or not. Finally, we will discuss some of the major pros and cons of the software. Hence, to learn more about the software, read on through to the end of the article. QuickBase – What Is It All About? In the year 2022, Inc. 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Oil Storage Tank

Measurement And Monitoring Solution Of Oil Storage Tank

Just recently, there were only a few ways of measuring the levels of oil storage tanks, such as visual checks and by use of a dipstick. Nevertheless, these procedures were slow, inaccurate, and not in real-time. The era has changed with the advent of liquid-level transmitters to monitor oil storage tanks. Oil storage tanks have been hugely impacted by the emergence of liquid-level transmitters. These devices present real-time data that is both accurate and dependable. Furthermore, it has become possible to remotely determine whether oil levels are appropriate as well as detect leakage points. They have increased efficiency in operations, minimized human errors, and enhanced safety at oil storage facilities. Advise Measuring And Monitoring Solutions For Oil Storage Tanks There are many considerations you need to make before deciding on which level sensor to use for your tank filled with petroleum fuel: accuracy, reliability, longevity, and conformance with industry standards. But let’s move on; how do you optimize them? 1.Ensure Correct Installation: However, when one wants to maximize the performance over these devices as well as increase the accuracy levels, it is good to strictly adhere to what the manufacturers say during installation. 2.Calibration and Maintenance: Regular calibration of the liquid level transmitter is done to ensure accuracy is maintained. Also, routine maintenance checks are carried out to ascertain that the device is functioning smoothly and prevent potential issues. 3.Monitoring System Integration: Integrate the liquid-level transmitter with a comprehensive monitoring system for real-time data monitoring, alarms, and alerts. This will enable proactive decision-making, prevention maintenance, and enhanced general efficiency. 4. Consider External Factors: While choosing a liquid-level transmitter, consider external factors like temperature, pressure, environmental conditions, and hazardous zone requirements. Ensure it can withstand and operate effectively within your oil storage facility’s specific conditions. Solutions For Measuring And Monitoring Of Oil Storage Tank Now, let us discuss three highly recommended liquid-level transmitters for measuring and monitoring solutions for oil storage tanks: MPM489W Liquid Level Transmitter The Microsensor MPM489W Level Transmitter is a highly advanced and adaptable instrument designed for several industrial applications. It has an integrated structure which means no further adjustments are needed, streamlining field service and automation control. The transmitter has certifications for intrinsic safety type (Ex ia IIC T6 Ga) and explosion-proof type (Ex d IIC T6 Gb) to ensure safe operation in dangerous environments. The MPM489W is a fully sealed submersible design that makes it durable and hence suitable for use in high strength stainless steel housing with liquids compatible with the same. It also ensures long-term sensor service given its tight seal between the cable and housing. Additionally, it has a dedicated circuit together with a piezoresistive sensing element that is known for their stability and reliability thus contributing to product accuracy and repeatable performance. The transmitter covers an extensive measurement range from 0mH2O to 200mH2O, with overpressure protection up to 2 times FS. Accuracy specifications are quite impressive as they range from ±1%FS at lower pressure values (0mH2O – 1mH2O) to ±0.25%FS at higher pressure values (10mH2O – 200 mH2O). Also, it meets the test standard of GB/T 17614.1-2015/IEC60770-1:2010, which reflects its commitment to quality. The operating temperature range of the MPM489W allows it to be used in different environments: -10℃ to 60℃ (intrinsic safe type), -20℃ to 70℃ (cable material: PE, PVC) and –20℃ to 80℃ (cable material: PUR). It has a storage temperature range of -20℃ to 85℃, a vibration resistance rating of 10g(55Hz~2000Hz), and a shock resistance rating of 100g for an impulse duration of 11ms. This MPM489W has an IP68 protection rating that ensures its resilience against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for use in challenging industrial environments. The thermal drift specifications are outstanding, with small values implying minimal influence on accuracy at different temperatures. It also has various output signal options like 4mA20mA, 1V5V DC, 0V5V DC, 0V10V DC, which can be used in a wider range of control systems. Read Also: The Evolution Of IT: Understanding The Role Of Managed Support In London MPM426W Series Submersible Level Transmitters  The MPM426W series submersible level transmitters are designed to be versatile and reliable for various applications by incorporating a sturdy construction and extensive features. The transmitters come with a fully welded body that guarantees their endurance in severe working conditions, including those requiring high resistance to wear and tear, or even explosive zones. They also consume less power, thus leading to energy saving while having a large temperature range of operation which enables them to adapt to different environmental conditions. What makes these transmitters unique is their ability to measure levels in diverse categories of storage tanks such as processing oils like gasoline and diesel among other chemicals like methanol, ethanol, DEF, etc. This feature is complemented by integrated temperature measurement which makes them appropriate for situations where varying degrees of heat are important. In addition, there are multiple output signals and a magnetic end cap for movable tanks that make them much more flexible and user-friendly. The MPM426W series accuracy floor is well pronounced going by the pressure types/ range which ranges from ±0.25%FS TO ±1%FS. They are fitted with IP68 rated protection making them resistant against water and dust hence they can be used as submersibles. Moreover, due to their approval for use in hazardous areas, it is clear that they prioritize safety. In general, the MPM426W series is a reliable and versatile solution for level monitoring across industries as well as its precision, durability and adaptability in harsh operational environments. Conclusion So that’s all about the measurement and monitoring solution of the oil storage tank. Anything involving fluids or oils needs to be taken seriously. That is, in terms of safety, efficiency, and reliability. All the transmitters we discussed above are key to enhancing these aspects. Even so, they work best when used in consideration of the tips discussed earlier. 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2-Player Games Technology

2-Player Games Technology: Revolutionizing The Gaming Industry

Solo games have become exhausting, and playing with a bot seems like a crazy idea! Do you want to challenge your friends to a game like the old days? You're lucky because 2-player game technology is revolutionizing the gaming industry. From online sites with games for children to companies that develop online games, there are plenty of options. You can even enter contests related to online games, go on trips to popular online gaming places, or purchase paraphernalia and clothing for fun online. If you're a music fan, you'll be happy to know that popular online games often have catchy soundtracks you can listen to on repeat. So what are you waiting for? Get your game face on and challenge your friends to a 2-player game today. And for more online gaming options, check out Friv5Online. The History Of 2-Player Games With games created to test the first mainframe computers and networks as they developed, online gaming has a long history. Early video games featured two players, including shooters like Spacewar! and Pong from 1972, sports games like Tennis For Two, and racing games like Astro Race. Islands of Kesmai, the first professionally produced multiplayer online role-playing game, was released by CompuServe in 1984. The user interface is regarded as a roguelike, and it draws maps of player locations and motion using scrolling text (ASCII graphics). Games were created and tested as computers and the internet advanced, with two-player games among the earliest. The New-Age 2-Player Games Since checkers, backgammon, and Battleship, two-player games have advanced significantly, and they are now as intricate and captivating as any group game. The ideal tabletop experience for a couple is a well-designed two-player board game that fosters camaraderie, cooperation, and competition. Everyone can find something to enjoy on this list of the top potential two-player games. Other games are approachable for newer players with simple rule sets and understandable gameplay mechanics, while some games are adventurous, healthy, or exciting. For instance, Nintendo released the Nintendo Classic Mini and Nintendo Switch consoles recently. These allow users to play classic Nintendo video games, capitalizing on the nostalgia of two-player games. This has become a reliable source of income for businesses active in the industry's early stages. Many of these games are user-friendly for beginners and are excellent for exploring huge ruins, creating blankets, or leading troops in combat. Read Also: Virtual Reality Sydney: Immerse Yourself In The Future Why Is The 2-Player Gaming Technology Blooming? Due to their social interaction, rivalry, and challenge, 2-player games, such as first-person shooters, strategy games, and sports simulations, have become increasingly popular. Finding meaningful interactions is difficult in the modern digital environment. These games provide a fun and engaging way to connect with loved ones, distant relatives, or strangers. Players can push themselves and excel by competing in these games. For gamers, 2-player games provide an immersive experience that can help them unwind after a long day. Furthermore, there is frequently a strong sense of community and player support in 2-player games. There are numerous online communities and forums where gamers can interact, exchange advice, and chat. Those who experience isolation or disconnection daily find this sense of community especially appealing. Challenges Of 2-Player Games Technology Multiplayer or 2-player games can have certain issues in their developmental processes. These include— 1. Complex Design And Technology An extensive amount of time, money, and effort must be put into a multiplayer game's technological and creative development. Game designers must understand the best multiplayer game mechanics to incorporate them into the project. It is more than coming up with a cool idea or converting a single-player game into a multiplayer project. 2. Lack Of Content When playing with friends or strangers, multiplayer games need more content to keep players interested because they allow them to create and customize their characters. Having various game styles available also contributes to lengthening gameplay. 3. There Can Be Hurdles In The Long Run Games with multiple players require more time to develop and are more complex, which causes more issues. The project's scope expands the range of potential issues, such as undiscovered bugs that demand additional testing and development time. The success of the project as a whole is impacted by the schedule, budget, and return on investment during the development phase. However, if you can fix these issues and make a long-term plan for your games, your 2-player games can positively impact the gaming industry! What’s In The Future? Since the early days of computer games and the original Nintendo and Atari consoles, video games have developed significantly. The development of video games has become more complex as technology has advanced, raising the cost of production. Today's games can cost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, putting the production and marketing costs of games into the realm of Hollywood movies. The video game industry is enormous, bigger than the combined size of the film and music industries, and it's only expanding. Video games continue to entertain both kids and adults, with over two billion gamers worldwide, or 26% of the world's population. Here are some major fields in the online gaming industry that one must know— 1. Involving Tech Companies In The Gaming Industries To make video game streaming as commonplace as music or movies, nontraditional gaming companies like Apple, Meta and Google are foraying into the gaming market. Project xCloud, which Microsoft unveiled in 2019, enables users to stream Xbox games to PCs and other devices. In 2016, Google launched Stadia, a cloud gaming service that enables users to stream video games in high definition, and Meta created a gaming platform with Unity Technologies. As physical games become less common, subscription streaming services are the future for video game developers like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. Unlike customary purchases during holidays and significant events, these services reduce manufacturing, shipping, and storage costs, benefiting the company by generating year-long revenue. 2. Gaming Merchandise Industry Like Hollywood, the video game industry must profit more from its intellectual property. Merchandise, books, comics, television shows, and movies can all help with this. Both Assassin's Creed and Sonic the Hedgehog have showcased video games' potential. These popular video game franchises have also been successful at transitioning into movies. This strategy might be popular in upcoming video game series. 3. The Changing Demography Of Gaming The video game industry is growing due to changing demographics, with nearly equal numbers of people of all ages and genders playing games. As a result of their increased visibility in eSports leagues, top gamers are now eligible to apply for professional athlete visas in the United States. The widespread popularity of video games has led to players streaming videos of themselves playing them at home, which generates income and adds to the industry's revenue generation. The Ending Note Innovators are expected to introduce new technology, controls, and experiences in the video game industry. Streaming services and playing mobile phone games will become significant revenue sources as mobile phone usage rises. Large tech firms will take advantage of their current infrastructure to participate. The industry's future will also be significantly affected by the growing demographics of gamers, increasing demand for immersive entertainment, and making games easier to access. Read Also: breaking down barriers: the role of technology in providing equitable assessments and exams real estate mobile app development: detailed manual elon musk announces new ai start-up

The Importance Of Tech Support For Your Small Business

The Importance Of Tech Support For Your Small Business

Tech support is an integral business process for operational efficiency and business continuity. This is especially true now as customer expectations are at an all-time high. For 75% of customers, a fast response time defines their experience. For 52% of customers, interacting with knowledgeable staff is essential. These numbers indicate businesses need tech support for a positive customer experience. But does this hold for small businesses as well? Is a tech support team worth the investment when dealing with limited resources? We would say yes. A tech support team helps resolve technical issues for your employees and customers. Quick resolution can improve customer experience and retain them in the long run. If you do not have the resources for an in-house support team, you can outsource the department to a skilled third party. This can be cost-effective for small businesses. This article will go through tech support and how it can help your small business grow. An Overview Of Tech Support Tech support is the team that specializes in the technical side of the product or service. They are skilled and trained to resolve hardware, software, security, and network issues. They are the bridge between users and developers of technology and tools. Their area of focus is to identify the technical issue, find its root cause, and provide the appropriate fix. If it is a significant issue, it needs to be tagged as a bug and transferred to the development team. You can look at tech support as your second line of defense. For example, a customer first reaches out to the customer service team. If it is a minor issue, the CS team will resolve it; if not, it will be transferred to the tech team. So, both teams work towards improving customer experience, but they differ in terms of their expertise. The Importance Of Tech Support For Your Small Business Whether it is a big or a small business, it is customers who drive demand and growth. If you have reservations about investing in a tech support team, the below benefits could help you decide. Resolve Technical Issues Quicker 'Your account is locked,' 'Service is unavailable,' 'Please try again later' - these error messages can frustrate any user. They could be a result of minor account-related issues or major code issues. The tech support team can identify these issues quickly and help resolve them as soon as possible. They can also proactively involve the development team to avoid impacting a larger customer base. Enhanced Security According to a report by Identity Theft Resource Center, 73% of small businesses reported facing cyberattacks in 2023. Small businesses remain attractive targets as they lack security practices and infrastructure. Cybercriminals going after the big players are a myth. Your tech support team can help identify and fix technical issues that could be a possible system vulnerability. They can keep your systems updated and ensure security practices are implemented all across the board. Improved Employee Productivity If your employees cannot access their accounts, tools, and features, it can hinder them from performing their jobs. Such repetitive issues can affect their productivity. Employees must be able to use technology to its full capability to serve customers better. With a mix of proactive monitoring and quick resolution, your tech support team can keep the downtime to a minimum and help employees work better. Superior Customer Experience Customers are spoiled for choices. If retention is a priority, your business must differentiate itself with the quality of support it provides. If customers feel their issues are not resolved quickly and empathetically, they will not hesitate to take their business elsewhere. A tech support team can help your small business meet the growing customer demands. Customers who have a positive experience with your support team will likely do business with you again. Cost-Efficiency Investing in a tech support team can provide good returns in the long run. For example, you identify and fix issues before they become a company-wide problem. Major issues are escalated to the development team. So, you are not waiting for issues to occur but taking a more proactive approach. The team can help safeguard your system against cyberattacks and potential losses. They can also help improve your customer satisfaction and retention metrics. Summary Small businesses should make the most of the available tools and technology. A tech support team can help you do so. It could be the differentiator that sets you apart in the market A tech support team provides benefits like quick resolution of technical issues, improved security, employee productivity, and customer experience. These are some of the key business benefits of IT services that every small business can leverage. You can build a tech support team in-house or outsource your requirements. But do consider investing in a dedicated team to help your small business grow. Read Also: How Does Lean Manufacturing Work? How Blockchain Infrastructure Is Revolutionizing Businesses 6 Tips For Growing Your Small Business And Boosting Your Bottom Line