10 Signs Your Boss Is Impressed By You


If you have been working in an office for some time, you might think about whether your boss likes you. Liking doesn’t have to be romantic; it can be a plutonic liking between a boss and the employee.

Having a good relationship with your boss is important as that relationship depends on your promotion, appraisal, or any other growth in the workplace.

But if the relationship is negligible or negative, your future can be quite unstable and uncertain in the hands of your boss. 

Thinking About Your Boss: 10 Signs Your Boss Is Impressed By You

Thinking About Your Boss 10 Signs Your Boss Is Impressed By You

You and your boss must have a very good relationship and get along great in the workplace. Being impressed by your work ethic and performance, your boss has a liking for you. 

But if you are oblivious to your boss liking you more than any other employee, here are a few signs you can look for. So keep on scrolling to know the signs that you should see.

1. They Give You Tough Love

They Give You Tough Love

You might think that your boss is being rude toward you by showing you tough love and pushing you more and more. 

But you should know that your boss is only showing you, tough love, because they see potential in you, and to enhance that potential, pushing you is needed. 

Always praising you won’t help in your personal growth and development. So tough love is needed to help you grow. 

2. Challenges You

Challenges You

There may be times when you feel overwhelmed with work pressure and load, and this is because your boss has given you tons of work than you can handle. 

But this is not because they do this intentionally to pressure you. On the contrary, by giving you this pressure, they are testing your potential; it has nothing to do with punishing you in any way. 

3. Have Similar Priorities

Have Similar Priorities

A way to know whether your boss is impressed by you or not is if you prioritize the projects and assignments important to them a priority of yours. Then, when your boss sees you working hard on the projects important to them, you will surely impress them. 

4. Respect Is Mutual

Respect Is Mutual

The only thing you should know at the end of the day is that “Likability is highly overrated.” So don’t spend your precious time making your boss like you and always be impressed by you. 

The important thing in the workplace is whether your boss respects you. If you see the respect you give your boss as equal to what they give you back, that is much more important. 

5. They Ask For Your Input

They Ask For Your Input

If you see that your boss is asking for your input and opinions in one-on-one meetings or team meetings, it is a good sign that your boss respects your thoughts. 

But these signs are challenging to achieve; you need to prove first that you are someone with good and helpful opinions. 

6. Not Always Forthcoming With Compliments

Not Always Forthcoming With Compliments

You might see that your boss or manager often doesn’t praise you or even compliment you for a job well done. Other than going down the rabbit hole by overthinking, the explanation can be quite simple.

They might think you already know your worth and don’t require constant praise for every achievement. Or it is also possible they forgot to compliment you as you are already good at so many things. 

But even if your boss is not complimenting each achievement, you should keep tabs on all your achievements so that you can report them later. 

7. They Give You More Responsibility

They Give You More Responsibility

You will know the signs your boss is impressed by you when they give you more responsibility and duties. Usually, managers pick their most trusted and hard-working employees for added responsibilities and roles for important projects

8. Checks In On You

Checks In On You

We know a boss has to look after all their employees, but signs your boss is impressed by you is when they go out of their way to check on your well-being. 

When they check on your happiness or why you want to leave the company and even persuade you to stay, it shows that they are impressed by you.

They take this step as they think you are an important asset for the company and want to retain you in any way possible. 

9. Asks You To Mentor Others

Asks You To Mentor Others

If you see that your boss is constantly asking you to guide and help others, then that would mean that they are impressed by the work you are doing so far and want you to teach others.

There is no point in thinking that these are just extra work thrown in your direction. Your boss respects your expertise and wants you to impart your skills to newcomers and colleagues. 

10. They Defer To You

They Defer To You

Another sign your boss is impressed by you is when other employees face any problem with certain work; your manager tends to send them all to you. 

This is a sign that your boss thinks that your guidance and expertise will be helpful to others, and that is a good sign for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

If you have any more queries regarding the topic at hand, then here are some questions that others have asked.

Q1. What Are The 5 Subtle Signs That You Are Impressing Your Boss?

Ans: Here are a few signs that you are impressing your boss.
⦿ You’re receiving extra work.
⦿ You’re asked for your ideas.
⦿ You’re brought into meetings.
⦿ You’re given fewer directions yet more responsibilities.
⦿ Boss chats about business with you.

Q2. What Are The Signs Your Boss Sees You As A Leader?

Ans: Here are the signs that tell you that your boss sees you as a leader.
⦿ You’re asked to do weird jobs.
⦿ People come to you for help.
⦿ You’re sent to help others.
⦿ You’re invited to brainstorming sessions.
⦿ You get direct, critical, and precise feedback. 

Wrapping Up!

Even if there are clear signs your boss is impressed by you, that should not be your only motivation to work. You are working for your own personal gain and growth, not to impress your boss. 

But in the process, if your boss is impressed by your work, then that is just an added bonus and a chance for appraisal and promotion.

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