NetReputation Reviews: Is It Good For Your Business?


NetReputation is an online reputation management company. The company stands out as a reputed one and offers a wide range of services, expertise, and customer support. Whether you are an individual or a business, it is important for you to ensure your reputation online. NetReputation improves your online reputation and also helps you gain back your lost reputation on online platforms.

In this article, you will learn about NetReputation, which is an online reputation management company, and how it works. Next up, we will give you details regarding NetReputation’s market presence and its legitimacy. Furthermore, you will learn about the services of this company and how it can ensure you have a good online reputation. Finally, you will learn about some of the essential pros and cons of NetReputation. 

What Is NetReputation?

What Is NetReputation

According to NetReputation’s official website,

“NetReputation was founded in 2014 by Adam Petrilli, a results-driven leader dedicated to empowering individual and business success on the web. Our award-winning process and team of online reputation management specialists allow us to remove, suppress, repair, and monitor your online presence. Within our first two years, we were recognized by some of the world’s leading business publications for our company growth.”

Currently, the company has offices in Florida and Missouri and also in London, United Kingdom. The goal of the company is to provide top-end online reputation management services to clients (businesses or individuals). The company uses different technology systems and processes to ensure the online reputation of clients.

NetReputation makes use of a variety of processes and methods to create, improve, or restore the online reputation of clients. They work on almost all social media platforms, search engines, and other news websites to ensure a business’s reputation is well-maintained.

Is NetReputation Legit?

Is NetReputation Legit

Yes, NetReputation is a legitimate and recognized company. It does not use unethical methods to monitor, manage, or improve a business’s online reputation. Hence, if you are looking to avail of their services, you do not need to worry about the company’s legitimacy. Clients of the company also reviewed it well on various reviewing and social platforms.

According to,

“It’s in your best interest to avoid reputation management companies that use shady or unethical techniques to improve your online reputation. Those strategies could come back to haunt you if you’re not careful and ultimately do more harm than good. For example, some companies might coerce reviews with a certain sentiment or threaten users who leave negative reviews—that’s not what you want.”

NetReputation makes use of a simple and transparent reputation management system. The company basically wants to create positive content for your brand and ensure better control of the audience’s perception online regarding your brand. They do not attack other brands and do not make use of shady practices to make the most of the faults of search engines. It is always better if an online reputation management company follows this approach

How Does NetReputation Help With Online Reputation?

How Does NetReputation Help With Online Reputation

NetReputation claims on its official website –

“ is a high-growth technology company that provides high-class online reputation management services for individuals and businesses. From Content Removal and Review Management to Brand Serp Monitoring (Reputation Monitoring) along with SEO and PPC Advertising, this team does everything they can to help your brand shine on Google.”

Even websites like and rated NetReputation as one of the best online management services in 2022 and 2023. 

The company basically monitors customer reviews, social media platforms, as well as search engine results to get an understanding of the possibility of your brand’s reputation. By understanding how much content is required and of what types, the company then generates positive content on your brand and its offerings for almost every media channel where your target audiences are present.

The following are the major services that NetReputation offers:

Reputation Management:

This includes controlling your brand’s digital narrative and improving your online visibility. They also help your brand build trust with the use of reputation management solutions that are designed for all types of businesses.

Reputation Monitoring:

Here, the company finds out problems that can harm your online business. They offer this service 24/7 based on your needs.

Content Removal:

This includes removing harmful content that can damage your brand’s reputation and put the brand image on negative terms.

Review Management:

NetReputation helps your brand earn more positive reviews online so that your brand gains more trust. They also remove those unnecessary reviews that interfere with your business’ reputation. Here, they make use of unique review management solutions.

Crisis Management:

This includes finding and getting a full knowledge of current and emerging threats so as to remain prepared. They also help streamline communications and help your brand recover faster.


Here, NetReputation helps your business to develop your brand and make it visible, influential, and authoritative. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of NetReputation?

The following are some of the major pros and cons of NetReputation’s services:

Pros Of NetReputation

Here are the major pros of NetReputation that will benefit you:

  • They offer services mostly for small businesses and individuals.
  • They will help you eliminate your brand’s negative search results.
  • You will be able to protect and repair your online reputation.
  • You will get free reputation analysis.
  • They will send you customer brand alerts.

Cons Of NetReputation

Here are a few cons of NetReputation, which you must be aware of:

  • It can take months to get your hands on results related to your brand.
  • For small businesses, the costs can be high.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of NetReputation, and how it works. It is a popular online reputation management company that offers services for both businesses and individuals. The company offers a wide range of services like negative content removal, review management, crisis management, public relations, reputation monitoring, and more.

NetReputation can help you in all cases, whether you are looking to build a positive brand reputation or repair your damaged reputation. To start working with NetReputation, go to their website and get a free quote. Do you have any more information to add regarding NetReputation? Share with us in the comments section below.

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