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Entrepreneurship In Economics: What Role Do Entrepreneurs Play In Economics?

what role do entrepreneurs play in economics?

What role do entrepreneurs play in economics? – Entrepreneurs play a variety of important roles in the economy to ensure economic growth. However, this growth comes as a result of entrepreneurs looking for wealth creation. Great entrepreneurs make use of market opportunities to create better solutions for the economy and profit resultantly. Take, for example, Dean Graziosi, who, through his revolutionary entrepreneurship, has changed the business realm. Check out Drip Digital to know more about him.

In this article, you will learn some of the essential details about the importance of entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurs in economic growth. Here, we will go through various points explaining all the ways through which entrepreneurs contribute wholly to the economy. Hence, to find out more, read on through to the end of the article.

What Is Entrepreneurship?

What Is Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a term that associates with the starting of a business. According to Investopedia,

Entrepreneurship is often cited as a major engine of economic growth, particularly in the United States. But the actual picture is more complicated. Here’s what leading scholars have to say about the importance of entrepreneurship around the world.

Under the right conditions, good entrepreneurs help to fuel the growth of the economy. However, it is only possible if everything goes the right way. Hence, in less developed economies, entrepreneurs struggle for growth. On the contrary, having good entrepreneurs can help an economy to grow faster too. Entrepreneurs bring in more innovation by understanding the market, seizing opportunities, by delivering better products and services.

What Role Do Entrepreneurs Play In Economics?

What Role Do Entrepreneurs Play In Economics

The following are the major ways through which entrepreneurs play an important role in the economy:

1. Ensures Formation Of Capital

Entrepreneurs make use of public savings to resolve the issues of industrial securities. As public savings are utilized productively in national resources, there is an increased capital formation.

This capital formation is important for the economic growth of the country. This is how entrepreneurs help in creating wealth for the economy.

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2. Enhances The Living Standard

Entrepreneurs help a lot in community development by promoting economic growth and providing access to goods and services to all sections of society. By providing better job opportunities, entrepreneurs also help in poverty elimination.

They set up industries in society to remove the scarcity of resources and essential commodities. Furthermore, with better solutions, they promote new and innovative products and services. The living standard for common people improves with the mass production and manufacture of necessities.

3. Generates More Employment

With self-employment, an entrepreneur creates an independent and honourable life for the self. However, with the formation of businesses and firms, entrepreneurs offer jobs and livelihood opportunities to average citizens.

Hence, allowing entrepreneurs to operate independently in the economy is a great step to lower the rate of unemployment to minimal levels. People get more opportunities to work as the standard of living in the economy gets better.

4. Helps To Make The Economy Independent

Entrepreneurs like to work independently and create an independent path for themselves, which also makes the country’s economy more independent. Entrepreneurs help in creating such an economic environment where the needs of the economy are manufactured in the country itself.

This helps the economy by lowering imports and helps to promote a culture of self-reliance. However, in this case, help from the government is also needed, where the government promotes the growth of businesses and the creation of jobs. In some cases, the government also provides tax concessions too.

5. Builds New Businesses By Identifying Opportunities

Builds New Businesses By Identifying Opportunities

Great entrepreneurs have the knack and the ability to identify various needs and demands of the market and develop solutions regarding the same accordingly. These entrepreneurs start new businesses and firms and hence play a major role in shaping the level of economic growth.

They strive to create a diverse and dynamic business landscape while promoting innovation and better solutions. They also help the market to become more competitive for new and improved products and services, which further helps in economic growth.

6. Helps To Remove Regional Disparities

According to Emeritus.org,

Many entrepreneurs also make a positive impact on their communities and improve their well-being by catering to underserved areas and developing environment-friendly products. Their work can help build stronger, more vibrant communities and promote social and economic development.”

Various regional disparities exist in the economy, and ensuring their removal helps the economy to develop better. By setting up industries and firms in backward areas, entrepreneurs create job opportunities. However, in this case, too, they avail different subsidies and concessions from the state. 

7. Effective Utilization Of Resources

One of the best things about entrepreneurs is that they easily identify the existing opportunities in the market and know how to allocate resources in an effective manner. With the help of these skills, entrepreneurs are able to understand market needs and are able to develop innovative products and services.

As entrepreneurs create top-end innovative products and services that cater to the needs and demands of customers, they help in creating more demand in the market. This helps in creating a continuous demand-supply chain.

8. Helps To Increase GNP And Per Capita Income

Economic growth depends a lot on the Gross National Product (GNP) and Per Capita Income of the country. Entrepreneurs, by increasing the economic output of their respective firms, increase the economic output of the country as a whole.

As the GNP of the economy increases, this leads to a higher PCI, which is nothing but the average income of every person in the economy. By contributing to GNP, entrepreneurship helps to create new businesses and industries. This further helps in job creation, as already discussed in point 3.

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Final Thoughts

What role do entrepreneurs play in economics? – Hope you have found the answer to your question. You can see the variety of roles that entrepreneurs play in the economy, which include seizing opportunities and delivering as per needs.

Entrepreneurs help in driving the economy forward by contributing to the nation’s GNP and increasing the per capita income of the country. What else do you think entrepreneurs do to help the economy? Share your answers with us in the comments section below.

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Risk in entrepreneurship is unavoidable and is actually an essential part of it. Every successful entrepreneur is a risk-taker and knows how to deal with risks at the right time. This makes entrepreneurs naturally risk-takers as they calculate the risks with the right vision for taking the business forward. However, at the personal level as well, entrepreneurs take the risk of leaving their jobs for business. In this article, you will generally learn about what are the major types of risks that are present in entrepreneurship. However, apart from that, we will also share with you what risk means in the context of entrepreneurship and what its importance is to the entrepreneur. Hence, to learn more about risk in entrepreneurship read on through to the end of the article. What Is A Risk In The Context Of Entrepreneurship? An entrepreneur’s life is full of risk. Actually, it starts when the individual decides to build a business from the ground up. 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Read More: How To Become An Entrepreneur? – Steps To Follow Importance Of Risk In Entrepreneurship According to FirstRepublic.com, “Successful entrepreneurs tend to be willing to take chances, as pursuing a new business venture often involves taking calculated risks based on extensive research. Such research takes a great deal of time and energy but allows potential business owners to better understand several types of entrepreneurial risks.” Being an entrepreneur is in itself a risk. Despite having a dream of running a business, most people never become an entrepreneur just because they do not want to risk losing their job. In addition to that, 70% of startups fail within the first year itself, as they fail to take risks at the right time or are unable to deal with the risks in front of them. Because of the significant risks involved, entrepreneurs can strategize as per the method of their work. This might be a method that no one took advantage of. If the entrepreneur is successful in this new method, then it will be a discovery of a new strategy. This is how the entrepreneur creates a niche for the business, and hence the business works without any competitors for some time. The main thing about entrepreneurs is that they are not afraid of trying new things. However, they can do that since they look at problems differently, as they see them as opportunities to cash in on. They have a knack for exploring those unexplored avenues. Risk In Entrepreneurship - Major Risks For Entrepreneurs The following are the major types of risks in entrepreneurship: 1. Financial Risk According to Investopedia, “Any new business should have a financial plan within the overall business plan showing income projections, how much cash will be required to break even, and the expected return for investors in the first five-year timeframe.” Hence, the entrepreneur needs to put the finances properly into the business. For this to happen, proper planning and risk assessment is required. Failure to plan properly can lead to bankruptcy and losing all finances. Therefore, you must hire a lawyer in your company with complete knowledge of chapter 13 bankruptcy and other related fields. 2. Strategic Risk If the business is planned properly, it will attract investors surely. However, a strategy might get outdated as the world is becoming more fast-paced and dynamic. With market changes and changing business environments, a strategy can be proved wrong pretty quickly. The company might thus fail to reach its targets. 3. Technological Risk With the constant change of technological forces and with emerging new technologies, there are several risks for the entrepreneur on this front. Some of these technologies are called “paradigm shifts” or “disruptive” technologies. To stay relevant in business and to cater to changing demands, entrepreneurs need to invest heavily in new tech systems and processes. 4. Market Risk The market is unpredictable and always poses a risk for the entrepreneur. A certain product that is popular now can get outdated after a few months. This becomes more once a competitor launches a similar item at a lower price. Hence, analyzing and researching the market is important for the entrepreneur. 5. Risk Of Competition Talking about competition in the market, having full awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors is extremely important for the entrepreneur. Furthermore, if you have come up with a new idea or innovation, you must protect that with patents too. 6. Risks Of Reputation To stay in the market for the long run, a business needs to protect its reputation at all costs. This is especially true for new businesses, where they need to fight judgments and preconceived notions in the market as well. 7. Economic, Political, And Environmental Risks These are unavoidable problems, and hence entrepreneurs need to be fully prepared in this regard with the right insurance. Read More: What Is Indemnity Insurance ? And Its Different Types – Let’s Discover Way Forward Any risk in entrepreneurship is important, and it is important for entrepreneurs to improve their risk-taking capability. If you want to become successful with your entrepreneurial venture, you will need to have a strong risk-assessment framework. This will allow you to identify your risks better and come up with the best mitigation methods of the same. The best way to start is to take small risks and build a culture in the business where smart risk-taking is praised. Do you have any better recommendations on how to handle risk in entrepreneurship? Share your views with us in the comments section below. 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Who Is The Richest Person In The World?

Even though there are so many great businessmen globally, it is not too hard to find out who is the richest man. Why? Because the internet makes the process of finding it easier. The World's Billionaire List that The Forbes Magazine releases every year lists the richest persons in the world. As of 2022, Elon Musk stands at the top as the richest person in the world. He is the founder and owner of several big international companies like Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, Open Ai, etc. If you want to know the richest person, you need to read the following article. Which Habits Makes A Person Rich? There's no guaranteed set of habits that guarantee wealth, but certain behaviors and mindsets can contribute to financial success over time: 1. Consistent Saving & Investing Cultivating a habit of regular saving and smart investing, whether in stocks, real estate, retirement accounts, or other vehicles, can build wealth steadily. You need to be well aware of the situations while attaining your needs with complete ease. Once you make the correct choices, things can become easier for you. 2. Living Below Means Spending less than what you earn and avoiding unnecessary debt enables individuals to accumulate savings and invest in future opportunities. Debt-free living can help you to live below the means. You must not make your selection and choices incorrectly. 3. Continuous Learning & Adaptability Being open to learning, improving skills, and adapting to market changes or new opportunities fosters growth and better financial decisions. Continuous learning is essential for your personal growth. It can boost the chances of your brand value to the next level. 4. Goal Setting & Planning Setting clear financial goals and creating a roadmap to achieve them helps individuals stay focused and motivated in their wealth-building efforts. Understanding personal finance, investments, and economic trends enables better decision-making and maximizes opportunities for wealth accumulation. 5. Risk Management & Diversification Balancing risk and reward by diversifying investments and having a risk management strategy can safeguard wealth against market fluctuations. 6. Entrepreneurial Mind Set Having an entrepreneurial spirit, whether in business or career, often leads to innovation, finding new opportunities, and creating value, which can translate into financial success. Remember, while these habits are associated with financial success, individual circumstances, opportunities, and external factors play significant roles in wealth accumulation. Additionally, being "rich" can mean different things to different people—financial wealth is just one aspect of a fulfilling life. Who Is The Richest Person In The World? Forbes releases the list of billionaires every year in March. In this list, Forbes reveals the name of the richest people on earth. As of 2022, Elon Musk is the richest person on earth. Elon Musk has a net worth of $290 billion. Elon Musk's wealth has increased due to his share in the car manufacturing company Tesla. But, He did not stop with Tesla alone. Elon Musk started several of his business ventures after Tesla. He is the owner of the zero-profit space research company SpaceX; he owns SolarCity, the Boring Company, Neuralink, Open Ai, and more. The recent addition to his plethora of big businesses is Twitter which he acquired in 2022 May for $40 billion. Elon Musk Business Acumen Elon Musk started his car manufacturing business with Tesla in 2004. The company was established in 2003, and Elon Musk entered the company back in 2004, investing 6. 3 million dollars in Tesla stock. He leads all the product design and manufactures the electric vehicles that the company produces. He took Tesla to the peak of success and enjoyed it. Musk owns 175 or 176b million Tesla stock shares. In 2010, Tesla's stock surged by 20000%, making him a billionaire. Later he started his nonprofit space company SpaceX. In 2006, he invested $100 million in SpaceX starting up the company. He made revolutionary changes to the space industry by relanding the rocket on the ground. SpaceX is currently worth $35 billion. Elon Musk also invested in an AI company named Open AI. His company Neuralink is in the process of integrating the human brain with technology. Tesla Solar Energy, a company by Elon Musk, is making new solar technology to revolutionize the solar industry. They have invented a solar roof to offer solar energy to the house integrated with it. Elon musk has also acquired twitter very recently. His wealth increases with his intent to expand his business. The competition between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos has been very tough for the past few years. The Amazon founder also dethroned the Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates, becoming the richest person in the world. Jeff Bezos Business Acumen Jeff Bezos has also been the richest man in the world for his shares in the biggest eCommerce company in the world. He started Amazon as an online store for books. He first took the idea to a famous company related to books named D.E Shaw. But, his idea was rejected. Jeff took a risk and started his eCommerce venture back in 1994, and his company Amazon is now the largest eCommerce platform in the world. In addition, Bezos accumulated his wealth and created his space company Blue Origin. He is also the owner of a big newspaper company named the Washington post. Before Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, the throne of the richest person in the world only belonged to Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.  Bill Gates Business Acumen Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen formed the largest software company in the world, Microsoft. He owned 2.06 billion shares of the company, and he became the richest man on earth in September 1998. He stayed as the richest person in the world until 2017. Later, Jeff Bezos took his throne, which was also replaced by Elon musk. Frequently Asked Question!! (FAQs): The question "who is the richest person in the world" is answered through the previous sections of this article. However, you may follow the questions and their answers below for further inquiry. 1. Who Is The No. 1 Richest Person In The World? Ans: Among the list of people that Forbes ranks as the rich people globally, Elon Musk ranks at the top. Here is a list of people who ranks as rich businessmen in the world –i. Elon Musk.ii. Bernard Arnault.iii. Jeff Bezos.iv. Bill Gates.v. Gautam Adani.vi. Warren Buffett.vii. Larry Ellison 2. Who Is The Richest Man In The World 2022? Ans: According to Forbes, Elon Musk is the richest man on earth, and he has an immense wealth of $229 billion. He is the owner of several big companies like Tesla, SolarCity, Tesla Energy, and The Boring Company. Elon Musk has also acquired Twitter recently. 3. Who Is The Top 10 Richest Person? Ans: The ten richest people on earth are –i. Bernard Arnault.ii. Bill Gates.iii. Warren Buffet.iv. Larry Page.v. Sergey Brin.vi. Larry Ellison.vii. Steve Ballmer.viii. Mukesh Ambani.Elon Musk is at the top of all of them, and he is the richest person in the world. 4. Who Is The Richest Man In The World 2020? Ans: Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of the biggest ECommerce company Amazon is the richest person on earth. At that time, he had a wealth of $194 billion. Bezos also owns the space research company named Blue Origin. He is also the owner of The Washington Post. Bottom Line So, who is the richest person in the world? As of 2022, the answer still is Elon Musk. But, the answer may change depending on the yearly calculation of a certain businessman. The rank has been shifting from Jeff Bezos to Elon Musk frequently over the last few years. I hope you got your answer related to the richest person in the world. If you have any further questions related to the same topic, you can ask us in the comment section below. Read Also: Top 20 Richest Person In The World Importance Of Capital Goods – What Role Does It Play In The Industry? How To Run A Social Media Campaign At A Low Budget For An Aspiring Entrepreneur?

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How Do Entrepreneurs Make Money? – The Secrets You Should Know

In today's day of age, if you are selling any product or service online, if you are taking a risk to provide any service or product solution to an audience, you are something of an entrepreneur yourself. But how do entrepreneurs make money? An entrepreneur knows better. If you want to start your entrepreneurial journey and are looking for an avenue for generating wealth, then this article is for you. While most business owners follow a tried and tested way of creating a source of income, an entrepreneur breaks the norm. They created their own market and built their own new empire. Here are a few interesting ways an entrepreneur makes money – Selling Products & Service Online If you are one risk taker and have some product or service of your own, then you can capitalize on it and make money. You can have your own products that you created using your skills and sell them online.  These products can be anything from DIY products to specific day-to-day use products. You can also buy products that you sell for a profit. This type of money requires entrepreneurs to spend more time online. Here are some common things you need to keep in mind.  Selling Courses Entrepreneurs can also sell courses on their skills. If you are an expert at something, you can teach it to a certain audience who are looking for a way to learn it. You can create a course and upload them on your website for selling them. These skills can be about anything like – language, fitness, music, art, or skills related to using any tool. Read More: Importance Of Entrepreneurship: Types, Features & Benefits Make Stock Investment Entrepreneurs do not only create opportunities for earning money, but they also multiply what they have by investing. One of the most common ways of earning money is through stock investment. There are many applications related to stocks, and you can download them and check your profit simultaneously. Thanks to the internet and various fintech applications, it is easier to invest in stocks nowadays. You can take short courses related to the stock market and start learning from different course providers and coaches online. This will get you started in your stock investment journey as an entrepreneur. If you are asking how entrepreneurs make money, you cannot really avoid this particular example.  Event Management How do entrepreneurs make money, you asked? Well, there are ample opportunities if you look around. Have you ever thought of starting an event planning business? An entrepreneur can make thousands of dollars in months by planning a few local events here and there.  When you are good at arranging an event, you can make money from it.  A good event planner can save money on arrangements and earn from the different event plans they get assigned for. It will take you a few trial and error at first. But once you manage a few events, you will gain experience. It is wise to do vlogs of different events you plan and manage. Posting them on your social media or website will get you more gigs as an event manager. Write A Book In today's time, no one is trying to become Shakespeare. But if you find any scope to add value to this world, then you can put it into words and publish it as a book. Entrepreneurs can provide the value a specific audience is looking for through their books.  YOu can write a fiction or a nonfiction book and get it published. Yes, it is a time-consuming process. But, if you are paying attention to different ads on Facebook, you will see some seasoned corporate employees or solopreneurs coming out with their self-written books. It can be a fiction or a nonfiction. But, if you have any idea that you can take out in the world, a book is still a renowned means for an entrepreneur.  Draw & Design Logos We all have smartphones now, but that did not make professional photographers a thing of the dinosaurs' age. They are thriving in their career, and some of them are making million-dollar businesses as well. Similarly, you can become a logo designer or a professional illustrator. It is one of the most feasible sources of income for anyone in today's time. If you have skills in this department and know how to use tools like Photoshop and different AI tools for logo design, you will make your logo design career a success. You can make it a part-time job and pursue logo design as a full-time career.  Blogging Mashum Mollah is a successful entrepreneur who made his passion for blogging into a million-dollar business. When you have skills and knowledge in a specific industry, you can spread it through blogs and monetize your blogging website. All you need is a blog-creating platform and start your blog. Once the website is up and running, you can start creating industry-specific content that people want to read. You will become successful in blogging if you are – Updating content regularly.  Optimizing your website for relevant traffic.  Coupling your content writing effort with successful social media marketing.  When you are taking care of all these, you can come up with different ways of monetizing your blog. How do entrepreneurs make money? An entrepreneur like Mashum Mollah would suggest you – Become an affiliate. Sell advertising space.  Starting a subscription business after getting a significant number of followers. Create a course or webinar people want to sign up for.  Offer Content Writing Services A content writing service provider helps with creating blog posts, articles, press releases, and more. Even a freelance content writer doing it on a large scale can become an entrepreneur. In today's time, there is a high demand for good-quality content.  So, if you are well-versed in content creation, you can make a career out of it. You have to set up your profile on a freelancing platform, and according to your expertise and skills, you can even charge your clients $50 per hour. Read More: Entrepreneurship Skills – Types, Importance & Examples Bottom Line Aside from the option mentioned, you can also offer personal loans, utilize previous assets, and provide property rentals to make money. You can create an entrepreneur with the right knowledge, insight, and passion for something out of the box. If you were looking for suggestions, this article should provide valuable insight.  Please let us know about your feedback on this article. Thank you for reading. Read Also: What Is a Franchise, And How Does It Work? – Examples, Benefits & More What Is A Venture Capitalist, And What Are Their Functions? Private Equity Vs. Venture Capital: Key Differences

importance of entrepreneurship

Importance Of Entrepreneurship: Types, Features & Benefits

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important aspects of society, as it helps in developing products and services in the economy by turning a new concept. Entrepreneurs have a better understanding of the market forces in play, and they understand how to find an existing need in society and turn it into a profit-earning opportunity. Let's understand the importance of enterpreneurship in details. In this article, you will learn about entrepreneurship and its importance in society and the economy. Here, we shall discuss every important feature of entrepreneurship and how they benefit an economy as a whole. Then, we will discuss each of these major characteristics of entrepreneurship for better understanding. Hence, to find out more, read on through to the end of the article. What Is Entrepreneurship? According to a definition in Investopedia, “An entrepreneur is an individual who starts and runs a business with limited resources and planning and is responsible for all the risks and rewards of their business venture. The business idea usually encompasses a new product or service rather than an existing business model.” One of the most important things of an entrepreneur is the capability to deal with risks. Entrepreneurs have the capability to risk their careers and financial security to build a venture. They even do not shy out from spending time and capital on something uncertain. Furthermore, entrepreneurs know how to make the best arrangement for necessary capital, resources, raw material, locations, and human resources. Furthermore, successful entrepreneurs also have the capability of making strong networks and focusing on sales and marketing techniques to make their ventures strong. What Is The Importance Of Entrepreneurship? If you want to understand the importance of entrepreneurship, you will need to understand what an entrepreneur does in society. The term entrepreneur comes from the French word ‘entreprendre’, which means ‘to undertake.’  An entrepreneur is an individual who undertakes or plans for every risk and responsibility that accompany new businesses that are created to make profits. The following are some of the major factors that make entrepreneurship important: 1. Creating Better Job Opportunities The major importance of entrepreneurship in the economy lies in job creation for the people. Entrepreneurs that start new businesses mostly have the opportunity to work for themselves while they provide support to other businesses and grow their own businesses accordingly. By starting new businesses, entrepreneurs earn profits for themselves and employ others in the business as well. This is how entrepreneurship helps in creating new job opportunities at all levels of society. 2. Reduction Of Socio-Economic Problems As entrepreneurs start new businesses, they help to promote new industries, which in turn, helps to create employment in society. Entrepreneurship involves better utilization of resources and offering products and services at competitive costs.  With the help of all these factors, entrepreneurs help to reduce social problems like poverty. Job creation helps to eradicate crime, violence, lower-level living standards, child labor, etc. Entrepreneurship also helps to provide equal opportunities to all sections of society when it comes to work. 3. Creating New Businesses According to Indeed.com, “The entrepreneurs can run the vast majority of these enterprises entirely by themselves. They assemble and coordinate their operational processes that support other business ventures. It is a sector in which a person might start a business idea that could grow into a large corporation.” Basically, entrepreneurs, in general, are people that own businesses individually. They start small in the market but have the capability to find out opportunities faster and deliver accordingly. In all economies, entrepreneurship involves a diverse range of initiatives through which businesses are created. 4. Helps In Wealth Creation The primary role of an entrepreneur is to create and accumulate capital by making profits. As entrepreneurs generate more wealth and pay their taxes, they contribute to the national economy of the country. This helps in adding to the Gross Domestic Product of the economy.  In addition to that, entrepreneurs not only invest their own capital but also draws them from the market. Then they use these capital resources to bring new solutions in the form of products and services to create new markets. These factors help a lot in the growth of the economy. 5. Brings A Culture Of Innovation By bringing in various resources, ideas, and human resources, entrepreneurs bring in a culture of innovation. This positively affects not only the business or an established form but also government agencies. With this process, they either generate new wealth-creating resources or enhance the existing resources’ potential to create more revenue. With the help of such a process, entrepreneurs create new product lines and improve the quality of products with new innovative techniques, ideas, and technologies. This, in turn, helps in creating life better for all. 6. Helps To Harness Resources Better The major factors of production are land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. Without these four factors of production, no entrepreneurial activity can be put into place. The fourth one is important since it helps in putting the first three into effect. The major aspect of entrepreneurship is to make resources work better and produce better results which would otherwise not be possible. Entrepreneurs know how to use the right amount of resources at the right place at the right time to produce effective results, which is good for the business. This helps the economy too. 7. Eliminates Poverty With Community Development According to an article in Borgen Magazine, “Instead of giving clothes to children in impoverished communities, employment created through entrepreneurship allows parents to buy clothes for their children themselves. Instead of short-term healthcare initiatives that provide healthcare for a few months at a time, employment allows members of the community to provide healthcare all year round.” Entrepreneurship also promotes industries and creates employment in society. Thus, better income and savings in the economy help in better capital formation and eases living standards. Bottom Line Hope this article was helpful for you to get an idea of the importance of entrepreneurship. You can see that there are various roles played by entrepreneurs which help in eliminating many social and economic problems.  The best thing an entrepreneur can do is find market opportunities and provide solutions. This helps in creating more economic capital and jobs. How do you think entrepreneurs help the economy? Share your views in the comments section below. Read More: Malpractice Vs Negligence – Let’s Find Out The Difference Is Startup Business Insurance Necessary For New Businesses? What Is Commercial Insurance? And Its Different Types – Let’s Discuss